~~Logan's suite~~

Mac grabs a can of drink from the table that abuts the back of the couch. Logan is pacing with his notes. Dick is observing.

"So, look-wise, you're thinking bright, fun, simple," Mac says and sits in front of her laptop.

"Well, accessible. Quick loading to maximize click-through," Logan adds.

"Don't put the best asses at the top. Make people hunt for 'em," Dick says.

Logan takes a seat next to Mac.

"I compiled studies of browsing behaviours and drew up ratios of-"

"But you don't want them too hidden. If you can't find the good ones, you'll feel cheated," Dick continues and nods at his words.

Mac looks at Logan and asks, "And his role in this enterprise?"

"Consultant. I'm an ass expert," Dick proudly states.

"Yes, except for the expert part," Logan retorts.

Mac smirks at that while Dick says, "I'm an ass? Who would you ask for advice about lions, a lion or a gerbil? Gerbil, you say? No, you would ask a lion, because by virtue of being a lion, a lion is an expert on lions. So..."

Having glanced at each other in bemusement, they stare at him.

"What are you guys having a stare competition?" Veronica asks as she watches the three with a lifted eyebrow.

"Ronnie!" Dick exclaims happily and Veronica looks at him with surprise.

"Why is Dick happier than Logan to see me?" Veronica quizzes and feels as if she's in the twilight zone.

"Do you know what your boyfriend is doing? He's making ass websites with Mac!" Dick says as if he's outing Logan.

"What?" She looks confused and then realises, "Oh your business thing. Can I help?"

Dick's mouth drops open at Veronica's betrayal, she was supposed to side with him not help them because they didn't want his help. "What, you want him to post your ass?" Dick snarks.

"Jealous, he won't post yours?" Veronica grins.

Logan looks at her as if she's crazy, "Like hell your ass is going on the internet."

Veronica shakes her head and kisses Logan the cheek and greets Mac.

"Come on Ronnie, if we walk straight we'll find a party," Dick says and starts to pull Veronica when Logan's voice stops him.

"Dick, if you don't want to lose your fingers like you did your toes, you'll shut up," Logan warns. Mac frowns and wonders what happened to Dick's toes.

"Let them get back to their thing," She intervenes not wanting to disrupt Logan from doing him assignment. "Let's watch a movie," She suggests, trying to get Dick out of their hair and can't help but think that she's an awesome girlfriend because no other girlfriend would put up with Dick as their boyfriends best friend.

Logan gives her a 'Thank you' look. Veronica smiles and pulls Dick by the ear into Logan's room because she absolutely does not want to see what's in Dick's room.

After Veronica forces Dick to watch The South Park Movie, she decides to get something to eat and listens to what Mac and Logan are discussing as she heads to the fridge.

"This is totally modular. You can swap out content whenever," Mac says.

"Like franchisable."

"You want to do boobs, legs, kittens, whatever, you can have a new site up and going instantly."

"And bring your advertisers along. Okay, we'll sell that in the pitch. So the difference between income models would be what?"

"Eh. Not exactly my hacker forte. Information wants to be free."

Veronica has a thought and says, "But I know someone who kind of knows."

Logan and Mac look at her in surprise, they hadn't realised that she was there.

"Well, could we call this someone?" Mac asks while Logan wonders who this person is.

Veronica nods and gets her phone. "Max? Yeah, hi." Veronica says into the phone.

When Veronica ends the call she smiles at them and then her phone rings, when she answers her smile drops.

Veronica sighs and turns to them, "I have to go," Veronica says.

"Can't you wait for your buddy to show up?"

"Logan you know him," Veronica says but she's not sure if he remembers him though it's kind of hard to forget the guy that was making out on your couch with a hooker. Luckily he isn't blonde otherwise Logan might mistake him for Dick. "Your 'idol' is in jail," Veronica is clearly unimpressed but Logan's eyes widen with admiration.

Veronica shakes her head and heads out.

Five minutes later Dick got bored and wondered out, "Dude, where's Ronnie?"

"Sherriff's station," Logan answered dismissively.

Dick's eyes widened and says, "Dude, her dad's the sheriff and she's still going to jail? Damn."

Dick soon became frustrated that no one was paying him any attention, but he really wanted to talk to Mac so he wondered into his room.

About half an hour passed when he came back out and was shocked to see a new dude with them. And the new dude looked like a total geek and he was sitting next to Mac.

"And I make a dollar. See, the point of the internet is to make money off stupid people."

"I like how you think, Max," Logan says.

"That sound you hear is my idealism quietly shattering," Mac remarks.

"That other sound you hear is my cynicism laughing at your idealism shattering."

Dick's mouth drops as he realises that the new douche is flirting with Mac.

"Well, it won't be laughing when I crash your greedy website," Mac retorts.

"I'll be laughing when you try."

"Mackie, you doing an ass website or an action fest nerd-on-nerd website?" Dick glares at Max. He's been trying to get Mac to talk to him forever and this dweeb comes in and tries to steal her? What the hell?

Mac looks at Dick with surprise and then anger, "What did you say?"

Dick's attention goes to Logan, "Dude, this is all your fault!" He glares at his best friend. "I let you spend all weekend with my girl and then you get a guy with all his nerdiness that wants to get in her pants!"

Mac's face depicts shock and frustration but she doesn't get a chance to yell at Dick as he storms out of the room.

Logan gives Mac an apologetic look but she shakes her head.


Veronica sees Dick beside a bench; he kicked down a garbage bin and started yelling at the dirt for messing his shoes.

"What did you do know?" Veronica quizzes the blonde. Dick looks at her in surprise.

"I thought you were in jail."

"Why would I be in jail?" She asks with confusion.

Dick shrugs, "You always do something jail-worthy."

Veronica frowns at him and then sits on the bench. "Casablanca sit your ass down," She calls before he attempts to do more harm to the garbage bin. "What happened?" Veronica sighed tiredly.

"Dude, I said some crappy things to Mac," Dick admits remorsefully.


"There was this dude, he was sitting next to her and they were flirting..."

"Max," Veronica supplied.


"His name is Max, I called him to help out Logan and Mac with the website," She explained.

"Shit, man, I just-"

"You got jealous? And then angry that she was flirting with someone that wasn't you while you were waiting in your room to talk to her instead of going to a party?" Veronica completes all in one breath.

"Yeah," Dick looks at her as if she was a mythical creature that could read his mind.

"Tell her that, Mac's more understanding than you give her credit for."

"But I'm a jackass, I'm surprised that you haven't tasered me yet."

"Well if you really want me to do that," Veronica trailed off and opened her messenger bag.

"NO!" Dick shouted wide eyed.

Veronica laughs. "Come on, you can take me back to the Grande."

When Veronica and Dick get in, no one is there.

Veronica goes into Logan's room and smiles when she sees him asleep on his bed. She leaves her bag on the floor and cuddles up with him. She's really proud of him for trying so hard. He smiles when he feels her hands around his waist.

"Hey," He mumbles and pulls her tightly against him.

"Hey," She smiles and hugs him. She kisses his cheek and tells him to get some sleep. But he lifts his head to give her a proper goodnight kiss before he passes out.

When Dick opens his room door he is happy to see Mac asleep on his bed. He gets a goofy grin and realises that Mac is really an awesome person; she wouldn't be there if she hadn't forgiven him.

But he didn't want to risk it; he grabs a pillow to sleep on the couch but Mac's voice stops him.

"Dick?" She mumbles sleepily.

"Hey," He whispers, "Are you okay?"

She nods and asks, "Where are you going?"

"I was gonna sleep on the couch, I didn't-"

"Come, sleep beside me," She pats and gave him a tired smile.

Dick smiles and lies down next to her and he's surprised when Mac hugs him. "I'm sorry," She mumbles against his chest. "Logan told me why you were angry."

Dick laughs as he realises that Logan must have told Veronica, there was no other way she would have been so knowledgeable!

"What's funny?" She looks at him with confusion.

"Nothing, I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have said that stuff."

"I forgive you," She whispered as she drifted off to sleep. He pressed a kiss onto her hair and for the first time in a long time he went to sleep peacefully.

~~Hearst College Business Class~~

Logan is doing his presentation. He starts with a picture of Dick lounging on his bed.

"The average teen spends sixteen hours a week online and clicks on hundreds of links. And in this day and age, someone is there to make a percentage on each click. What does the average teenager want to see?"

He clicks the remote to bring up the next picture. It's an ass. The class erupts with cheers and whoops, Dick contributing loudly with a "Yeah!" Professor Corrigan, sitting amongst the students and doubts Logan's idea.

"The female posterior. It commands a huge slice of the average surfer's online attention. Our goal is to take that tiny percentage..."

Logan brings up the next image, of the website home page, as Logan continues to explain the professor becomes somewhat interested.

By the end of the presentation the professor is clearly impressed and congratulates Logan on achieving an A.

Logan smiles widely and Dick lets out a cheer and gives him a semi-hug.

~~Sherriff's department~~

"Leo?" She's definitely surprised to see him there but jokes, "Are you under arrest? Because I've got an in with the sheriff."

Leo laughs, "Good to see you again Veronica, actually, I came with Harper, one to drop off Hannah, she had a flight problem so Harper decided to go with her and I decided to go with Harper." He briskly explains. "And second, to invite you guys to my wedding," He gives her a big bright smile.

"Wow!" Veronica's eyes widen and a smile graces her lips. "She said yes! Congrats! I'm so happy for you!" She hugs Leo excitedly.

"Me too," He laughs.

"Guess I got her jealous huh?"

Leo laughs

"Leo," Veronica called from behind with Logan by her side.

"Veronica," He greeted with a smile. "And Logan." He nodded.

"You know each other?" Harper asked with surprise.

"Yeah," Leo said.

"We dated when I was in high school," Veronica supplied as an explanation.

Logan wrapped a protective arm around Veronica and pulled her close while Harper was taken aback by that piece of information.

Leo laughed as if it were an ancient story. "Yeah and she dumped me for the guy she hated, ouch."

"What?" Harper said to herself felt like she was in an alternate universe.

"Well you'd be happy to know that he turned out to be the love of my life; all did not go in vain," Veronica joked and Logan was happier with that statement rather than the one Leo gave.

"Actually it does make me happy," Leo smiled, and for a second they were all silent.

"Congratulations on the sheriff gig; possibly the youngest sheriff ever!" Veronica said enthusiastically.

Harper watched the two with a frown.

"See ya Veronica," Leo says as he heads out.

"How's your rocker friend?" Keith asks.

"On his way to play University of Alaska."

"Good. I don't want to be square, but you keep away from musicians."

"Aww Dad, I was really looking forward to twisting Logan's arm for him to start a band," She pouted and Keith shook his head at her.

Yep I made Logan's professor nicer because Logan worked really hard and the professor was an idiot and completely unprofessional to not take him seriously.

So I was planning on making it AU and bringing in a murder case, let me know what you think about that because I'm not entirely sure about the idea.