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Veronica was beyond pissed off. Dick had really gotten on her nerves. If it wasn't for Logan, she might have just murdered the blonde surfer. And the name 'Ronnie' made her want to burn her ears out. It was the most annoying name she'd ever heard, why? For the past two hours Dick Casablanca has been starting or ending is every sentence with the word 'Ronnie'.


"Dick, shut up!" Veronica yelled her irritation with the taller blonde had overwritten her patience. "I have had enough with your constant need to be informed on my every thought! I have put up with enough of your crap and even-"

"Veronica," Logan interrupted her.

"No, Logan! I've bared with it enough! I know that you're shocked and angry and whatever but so am I! You don't see me being a pest about it, do you?"

"Bond," Mac tried to interrupt her friend.

"Seriously! I tried to be the good champ but you've pushed and pushed and pushed and I can't take it anymore! I don't have a freaking clue about what we're going to do, how we're going to do it and if we even can do anything!" Veronica yelled out all her frustration that she carried on the plane ride to New Orland.

Dick sighed and said, "I was gonna say that we've landed so you can open your eyes now."

Veronica shut her mouth but didn't bother apologising to the blonde boy. She hated that he sounded as if he was doing something sweet for her but he'd being constantly irritating her for the entire plane ride. So excuse her if she was a bit grumpy.

~~The Next Day~~

"Hey," Veronica greeted and appeared with a nervous smile. The lady, she was thin and tall with brownish hair, and was overall pretty, greeted her back and then asked if she could help her. Veronica took out a picture from her bag and looked at the lady with sad eyes. "Do you know this lady?"

The woman glanced at the picture and appeared to recognise who it was. "Can I ask why you're looking for her?" The woman asked.

"Look, I know she lived there," Veronica's eyes grew huge with tears and she portrayed the look of helplessness. "But now it's empty, I have to find her. I just have to." Veronica was now on the verge of crying. The woman looked stunned and didn't know what to do. "Please, can you tell me where she is? She's my mom."

The woman looked at her with concern. "Oh, Rebecca never mentioned having another child."

Veronica's eyes glistened and looked at her with hope. "So you do know her?"

The woman nodded and allowed Veronica to come in. "What's your name sweetie?" She asked.

"Veronica," she let out as if it struggled with words.

"Veronica," the lady smiled. "My name is Anna."

Veronica smiled weakly. Of course Veronica already knew this. She had researched this woman in order to know how to get information from her.

"I-I was adopted. I really just wanna know the person who gave me life," Veronica let a tear fall from her face and Anna softened up. This was the reaction Veronica was hoping for. Veronica knew that Anna was adopted as well.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry I don't know where she's gone," Anna admitted honestly.

"Can you tell me anything, anything about her?" Veronica asked pleadingly.

Anna took a second to collect herself. Veronica assumed that she must have at least been a friend to her mother. "She is a lovely lady; always so kind and polite. She lived with her best friend."

"Best friend?" Veronica asked. That was what Veronica couldn't figure out, who was the lady that her mother lived with?

"Mm hmm," she nodded with a watery smile. "Both were really nice people. They didn't socialise much, and they kept to themselves. I think that's because they were both single mom's."

"What was her name?" Veronica wondered if the name would be fake like her mother's but decided it was best to know what it was either way.

"Billie Taylor, don't let the boyish name fool you, she was the girlies woman I have ever met," she smiled fondly.

"Do you know why she moved?" Veronica quizzed.

"Not a clue," there was a bit of bitterness in her voice. "One day they were there and the next they were gone."

"Can you tell me a little bit more about them? I mean what were they like?" It was best that she had more information. You never know how important a piece of information can be.

The bitterness disappeared and a she gave a heartily smile as she remember them. "Billie had her own garden, she sold flowers, I tell ya, she really loved her garden, always saw her outside and her flowers were the most beautiful ever." She let out a laugh and Veronica felt as if she'd missed the joke. "Rebecca had a mini bakery; she made a ton of biscuits one evening and sent them over. They were delicious, think she called them doodles, something doodles." Anna frowned trying to recall the name.

"Snickerdoodles?" Veronica asked and in that moment had no doubt that Rebecca was Lianne.

Anna's smile came back. "Yeah, that's what they were called, how'd you know?"

"I bake them," Veronica admitted.

"Oh I guess that runs in the genes then huh?"

Veronica nodded. "I guess so. They both had small businesses, that couldn't have earned them a lot of income, how did they get by? Especially with two kids, living in an area like this," Veronica asked feigning concern.

"Inheritance was what Rebecca said."

"They were rich?" Veronica frowned, who was rich and would help her mother? Jake Kane was the first person that popped into her mind but she doesn't think that Jake would have helped her considering the baby was Dick Seniors. If her mother had lied Jake would have wanted the baby, that she knows for sure.

"I guess so, why?" Anna asked suddenly suspicious and Veronica realised her tone wasn't of a girl who was looking for her long lost mother.

Veronica bit her lip as if holding back her tears, "Oh, I was just wondering, if she was rich, why did she give me up? Why would she leave me?"

Anna's expression changed to sympathy. "Oh sweetie, your momma must regret her decision deeply, you're such a sweet girl. There must be a good reason; Rebecca is such a lovely woman."

Veronica nodded and asked, "Can you tell me about their children?"

Anna let out a sound of joy and her eyes brightened as she remembered the children. "Oh, they were adorable! Rebecca's kid, her name is Bianca; she has the most adorable blue eye's I've ever seen. Kind of like yours. Her hair is blonde like yours too. You'll just love her. Billie's kid, her name is Katharina, Kat for short. She has the brightest brown eyes you could ever seen, cute as a button. Her hair was like light brown. Nothing like her mother's jet black hair. I reckon, those two babies will be best friends like their mommies."

Veronica bit her lip and smiled. "Do you have a picture of them? My mom? Her friend? Their children?"

Anna gave a sad smile. "They never liked taking out pictures. They claimed the camera hated them but I would swear that Billie was a model if I didn't know her."

"Oh," Veronica added thoughtfully.

Anna suddenly brightened. "You know, I think maybe I might have one, I'll be back in a minute, okay sweetie?"

"Thank you, it would mean so much to me," Veronica smiled sincerely.

Anna, true to her word only took a minute. "I told you they never liked taking out pictures," She said when they were almost through the album.

Anna looked closely at the picture. "I think, yeah, there they are." She points to the two women in the back of a group photo. "This was my birthday party, I remember now; it took a lot of convincing to let me get their picture taken."

Veronica's eyes widened at the picture, she couldn't believe it. She was sure that her eyes were deceiving her. She hadn't heard a word that the lady was saying. Her thoughts continued on the lines of how this was impossible.

"Are you okay honey?"

Veronica looked at her and snapped her mouth closed before replying, "Yeah, I just, I'm kinda stunned is all. They look amazing. It must have been a wonderful party."

"Yeah, it was then a few days later they were gone. A man, he came looking for them, do you know him? He said his name was Richard Casablancas?"

Veronica didn't know what to say, should she say yes or no? She didn't know what Dick Senior said. Veronica shook her head.

"Oh, he was looking for your mom; it was the day before that that they left. Didn't even stay long enough to say goodbye," there was sadness in her voice this time.

"I'm sorry," Veronica said. She knew the feeling of having Lianne Reynolds leave without saying goodbye. "Can I have a copy of this, please?"

"Oh honey, of course you can have it, I still have the negatives to make a copy of," Anna assured her.

"Thank you, so much, you have no idea how much you've helped me," Veronica said gratefully.

"I know, I was adopted as well, I searched a long while till I found my mom, I know what it's like."

Veronica gave her a sad smile, "Thank you."

As Veronica was about to leave Anna called out, "Veronica! You should talk to Harold; he took a fancy to Billie. Maybe he can help." Anna assured her, "I'm sure that wherever they are, Rebecca and Billie are together."

Veronica hoped so. "Who's Harold?"

"Oh, silly me, he lives down three doors down, left." Anna pointed to the house and Veronica was relieved that there were more people she could speak to. "I'm sure he'll be happy to help you."

"Thank you," Veronica was truly grateful.

Veronica wondered if she should research this Harold person first and then question him but Anna had said that he would be willing to help. She walked down the street, and all she could think about was the picture that she had seen and how it was impossible but that little fact made everything make sense. Why her mother was on the run, the reason she had become mysteriously rich, how she had gotten away so easily...

When Veronica reached the house of Harold, it seemed as if no one was home. She sighed and decided that maybe she would research him since she didn't get the opportunity to meet him right this moment. She quickly jotted down his address and put it in her bag.


As soon as she pushed the door open she was bombarded by Dick.

"What happened? Did you find her? Do you know where she is? What did you find out?" Dick fired question after question giving the petite blonde no time to reply.

"Slow it before you blow a fuse," Veronica replied with annoyance. Ever since they'd gotten on the plain Dick was becoming more annoying by the second. She had snapped at him but it didn't satisfy her.

He stopped the questions and looked at her expectantly, "Well?"

"I have another person to talk to tomorrow," she provided and then caught his look. "That was not an open invitation," she warns. "You will stay here," she commands him. "You will not follow me." He had almost blown her cover today.

"You see why I wanted to be there? You won't tell me anything!" Dick complained.

"I just entered the room Dick! Geez, let me breathe for a second!" Veronica let out a frustrated groan and dropped her bag on the couch. They booked a hotel room, Dick and Logan absolutely refused to stay in a motel. Mac and Veronica complained that they were spoilt brats and they didn't try to deny it.

For a moment everyone was silent. And then Dick exclaimed, "Your second is up! Now spill!"

Veronica glared at him. "Her name is Bianca," her voice was much more soft and the annoyance was gone.

Dick was confused and so were Mac and Logan. "Who?" Dick wanted to know.

Veronica hesitated but said, "Our sister"

"Bianca, Casablanca?" Dick said as if trying out the name but asking for confirmation as well.

"Most probably Reed. Though I'm pretty sure it'll be something else now."

"What?" Dick wasn't sure what Veronica was referring to.

"She ran from your dad, obviously she's gonna change her name and look."

"What else did you find out?"

"Her friend's name is baby's name is Katharina."

Dick frowned. "How is that important?"

"Every bit of detail is important Dick," annoyance seeped into her voice once again.

"What else did you find out?"

"I told you that I'm talking to someone else tomorrow!" Veronica blew out frustrated.

"You didn't find anything useful! It's like you're not even trying! Don't you want to save our sister? Or do you not give a crap? You know what you've always been alone, you've never had a sibling, you don't know what it's like to lose one!" Dick yelled, his voice angry, his eyes piercing, his face red and his body tense.

How dare he? Had he forgotten that she had lost Lilly? Lilly, who was more than a sister to Veronica. And Veronica was much more close to Lilly than Dick was ever to Cassidy. "Get. Out." Veronica gritted through her teeth in a low pitched voice that sounded much more dangerous than her normal yells. Logan swallowed hard he knew that Veronica was really mad. Mac looked at blondes with wide eyes and concern.

"What?" Dick asked with disbelief.

"Leave," Veronica's eyes pierced him with a death glare as she tried to control her anger.

"I paid for the room. I'm not going anywhere," he refused.

"I swear to God if you don't get out of my sight right this instant you will regret it."

Veronica's anger brought Dick back to reality and he gulped. He debated on whether or not to leave but then he remembered how malicious Veronica can be. He decided it was best if he did leave. He turned around and slammed the door.

Logan and Mac were shocked at the conversation between the blondes they wanted to intervene but were kind of afraid to get in the middle especially with Veronica being so angry.

Mac decided that it was best if she didn't let Dick wonder off by himself and followed after him. Logan watched as Veronica tried to calm herself. He handed her a bottled water and her head snapped up to meet his gaze as if just realising he was in the room. Her eyes started to tear and Logan didn't understand why but he pulled her into a hug.

As soon as she fell in his arms the tears starting flowing as she hugged him back. He whispered calming words in her ear and she tried to pull herself together.

After a few minutes she pulled away.

"What's wrong?" He asked with concern. "Is it because of what Dick said?"

She shook her head. "I-I don't know why I started crying. I just felt so frustrated, angry and annoyed." She wasn't sure why but recently she'd been more annoyed with Dick than she had been in high school. "I know he's an emotional mess right now." She had never seen him as emotional as he was now. She knew that he had a break down after Cassidy but she hadn't seen it. "He's never been so concerned about anything."

Logan held her hand and was amazed at how understanding she has become.

Suddenly she turned to face him. "Logan, I have to tell you something."

Her tone made Logan's inside twist. This voice was not a good voice. He swallowed hard before nodding for her to continue.

"I..." She didn't know how to put it into words. "You know there was a lady that lived with my mother?"

Confusion plastered his face. He didn't understand why she had that voice when she was talking about someone who he didn't even know but he nodded.

"She's-" Veronica looked into his eyes and she couldn't say the words. "You were right."

"About what?" His confusion only grew.

"In high school, you were right," she desperately wanted him to read her thoughts.

"I never thought I heard you say that," he joked, "But could you be more specific?"

"Remember why you even spoke to me in the first place?"

"Because you looked hot in your soccer uniform?"

"When you hated me," she clarified He had gone six years too far.

"I didn't hate you," he frowned.

"Logan-" Before she could tell him that she didn't mean it like that but it was easier than explaining their complex emotions that they had during high school

"I always spoke to you Veronica, I never ignored you," he stated. And that was the truth. He always spoke to her even when she really didn't want him too.

She knew that it would be easier if she just said it. But the words got stuck in her mouth.

"Logan..." She tried to say it. "Your..." She knew that he'd be hopeful. She hated that she had to make him hopeful without having her here physically.

"My what? Veronica, come on you can tell me anything," he encouraged her to speak.

"Your zipper is open," she blurted out.

"What?" Logan looked down to find that he wasn't wearing jeans but a track pants with draw strings.

Veronica realised and gave a fake chuckle. "Made you look."

Logan was not amused. "What did you really want to say? It's gotta be something big, if you're this hesitant."

"Logan, I just... I don't know why but the words just won't come out," she pouted.

"You want to write it or something?" He suggested.

"No, I have to tell you. You need to hear it from me."

"Come on Veronica, you've fessed up to a lot of things."


"Please, just tell me?"

"The woman with my mother..." She trailed off again, gaining courage

"I know her?" He guessed.

"Yeah," she nodded, she wondered if he'd be able to guess it and she figured that he would but that seemed so harsh. No, she had to tell him.

Logan was thinking about another question to ask that will get him to figure out who it was.

"You don't have to guess," Veronica assured him. "I should be the one to tell you."

Logan nodded, encouraging her to speak.

"The woman," Veronica reached for her bag and pulled out a picture. "You were right about her. You were right. The woman, she went by the name Billie Taylor, the only Billie we're familiar with-"

"The only Billie I knew was the one from Days Of Our Lives," he remarked, he didn't realise that was actually what Veronica was referring to so when she nodded Logan grew confused. He was being snarky, he wasn't guessing.

"Played by Lynn Echolls. The woman, is your mother, Logan, your mother's alive," Veronica finally let him know and Logan looked at her with wide eyes and his mouth agape with disbelief.