"Sins of the fathers, burdens of the sons"

An Alphas fan-fic, set shortly after the end of Season 1. I didn't mean for it to, but this may turn into a mild crossover fic whether I like it or not.

Disclaimer: I am not Zak Penn or Michael Karnow, I do not own "Alphas", and I do not make money from these stories.

Rating: K+ to T (just to be on the safe side); LR/OFC; CH/NT.

A/N: Dr. Lee Rosen is still dealing with the reunion of sorts with his daughter Danielle Sofia, an Alpha with empathic contagion (a touch empathy). He has gone against every instinct of his own self-preservation to go public with the existence of Alphas, but at what price? When will Stanton Parish exact revenge upon him and his team? Further complications arise for him when he meets a young, undiagnosed Alpha from a small town in Maine.

Chapter 2/?

Everybody loves pancakes, right?

He awoke in a warm tangle of naked limbs and bed sheets, and was momentarily disoriented, still dwelling in the twilight of not quite awake, yet no longer deeply asleep. As he opened his eyes and slowly took inventory of somewhat sore muscles throughout his body that told of pleasant extra-curricular nighttime activities, Lee Rosen realized that he was indeed, nude in his own bed and that he was not alone. He looked slightly to his right, and was greeted by a sleepy smile as filtered autumn morning sunlight streamed in through the window.

"Doctor Livingstone, I presume?" Adele asked with a cheeky grin and a deep sigh of contentment, kissing the tip of his nose and rubbing her forehead against his. She brushed back a thick lock of hair, tucking it neatly behind her ear.

Rosen chuckled softly and reached back with his left hand to find the glasses he had carefully placed on the nightstand. He blinked owlishly and smiled at her when his vision cleared. "And Nurse Nightingale, I presume? Please tell me I haven't been sleeping with H.M. Stanley. He's really not my type, madam."

She pinched his bare thigh, laughing quietly at his corny joke. "Interesting suggestion for a threesome, but no, I think I would have a very difficult time sharing you with him. Good morning, Lee." Adele rolled gracefully out of bed and pulled on his soft cotton blue robe, wondering yet again why he liked such a short garment; it barely covered anything.

Lee stretched both arms way over his head, grabbing the headboard, and then he too sat up in bed. The sheet tangled around his waist when he moved so he took an extra moment or two to actually get to his feet. He stood naked for a moment to get his bearings, and since his bathrobe was already occupied, he pulled on the loose-fitting shorts and "Johns Hopkins" sweatshirt that he'd worn for a few hours the night before. He padded over to where she was investigating the contents of her small rolling suitcase, leaning down to kiss the back of her neck.

"Adele, thank you for being here," Rosen said sincerely as he caressed her bare arm. "I know you weren't expecting an extra pair of houseguests this weekend."

"I'm sure you weren't either, babe," she answered warmly, standing with her clothing selection and a small hairbrush. "But you know that I can't fault you for your kindness to stray kittens and lost kids." When Adele had arrived the night before, letting herself in with her spare key, she'd found him asleep in his favorite reading chair, an American Psychiatrist Association journal opened across his chest.

"Speaking of," said Lee as he slipped around the bedroom door, preparing to close it behind him. "I'll go check on Jonathan; no need for him to overdo it on that sprained ankle. Take your time, my dear. We'll head downstairs to see what we can put together for breakfast too." More often than not, he knew that she preferred to shower in the morning and it gave him a momentary twinge of disappointment that he could not join her. Perhaps later.

Rosen moved quietly along the upstairs hallway in his bare feet. He knocked softly on the spare bedroom's door and was greeted with an immediate reply.

"Come in, Dr. Rosen. I'm awake," said the boy, sitting up in bed with his longish brown hair in total disarray from the pillows. His hair stuck out here and there, but at least now it was clean. He looked even younger in amongst the blankets that surrounded him like a nest. This image was compounded since Jonathan was wearing one of Lee's t-shirts that was several sizes too big for him; his own clothes, including those in the backpack, were filthy after his travels south from Maine and had practically made their own way into the laundry room.

"Did you sleep well, my friend?" Lee came closer and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I think so, yes. It was comfortable in here," replied Jonathan. "Thank you, Dr. Rosen."

Rosen nodded, smiling at the youngster's pleasant manners. "You are welcome. How is your ankle feeling? I'm not sure if we should wrap it for support today or not."

He was looking forward to his usual morning swim and made a mental note to ask the boy if he knew how to swim; the non-impact exercise would be good for the healing process. Rosen tried to get in a total of two miles each day as part of his daily exercise regimen.

With a few seconds of squirming around as he was rolled up in the bedclothes, Bouvin finally got his injured ankle exposed for the doctor to examine.

"I think you are well on the mend, young man," Rosen told him. "Here, I found some sweatpants but they will be a little baggy on you."

Jonathan laughed. "I don't care. They feel nice." He reached up to take Rosen's hand, helping him out of bed but taking care not to step down too abruptly once he'd pulled on the grey sweatpants.

Together, they made their way down to the kitchen, and Lee offered several choices of something to drink. "I usually have a special morning blend, but it's an acquired taste if you'd like to try it. We also have tea, milk or cocoa." Rosen stopped on his way to the pantry to let the dog in from the garage. Hindquarters waggling, Chief made his way over to Jonathan, yipping a morning greeting.

As Dr. Rosen busied himself in the kitchen, Bouvin got down on the floor to sit with his dog. Lee shook his head fondly, acknowledging the fact that both were very young. In the previous night's brief conversation, he'd learned that Jonathan would be ten years old on his next birthday, January 26th; the same date as Rosen's birthday.

"You'll likely be very hungry today, Jonathan," Rosen commented. "I'm sure Chief is too."

"I have some money left," Jonathan replied between licks to his face. "Is there a store close by… for dog food, I mean?"

Lee had to laugh at the enthusiastic greeting the boy was getting from his puppy. "Yes, there is, not far. We'll head over in a few minutes if you like. He seems very happy to see you this morning."

"Mmff, yes sir," said Bouvin, gently pushing the wet tongue away. "He told me it was scary at first last night, but later he found my dirty shirt to sleep on."

Rosen's interest was piqued. "He told you?" This was an Alpha-ability he'd never encountered before, beyond books and movies along the lines of "Doctor Doolittle" from the 1960s.

Jonathan smiled a little shyly, getting up to wash his face and hands at the kitchen sink before he sat back down; his ankle was much improved after a good night's rest and he hardly limped on it. "Of course. And he says thank you for helping us. Oh, and when we go to the store, can we pick up some teething treats? Chief says his baby teeth are getting itchy."

Lee put a mug of cocoa on the bar, and poured his own warm wheat grass and barley infusion to sit next to the youngster. He too received a greeting from the friendly puppy and then the Goldie waddled toward his water bowl.

"I am curious," Lee began conversationally, his clinical mind churning and processing details. "Do you only talk to your dog, or is it possible for you to interact with other animals?" He wondered how much of this potential ability was a normal, imaginative child, and how much might be characteristic of an un-diagnosed Alpha.

Jonathan tasted his hot chocolate, and wiped the little mustache off of his upper lip with his fingers. "Oh, all animals; it's easy. Plants too, but I really, really have to listen carefully. They're super quiet around here in a city. I can hear them much better up in the woods where there's not so much noise and stuff." The boy shrugged and spoke rather nonchalantly. Rosen noticed right away that he spoke of his ability as being "easy".

"Is this what you meant last night when you said the other children at school called you 'weird'? I for one think it's an interesting ability you have."

Bouvin sighed but Rosen was glad to see that the boy no longer looked away from him, embarrassed. "Yes sir, that's part of it. My dad doesn't like it because I wouldn't hunt or fish with him… not because it's gross or whatever, I just don't want to hurt something that wants to talk to me." He shrugged again, thinking of how best to explain to the doctor.

Rosen was about to ask another question when he saw the boy's jaw drop open as he looked past the doctor's shoulder. Coming into the kitchen at that moment was Adele, carrying her small glass and polished stainless steel French coffee press under one arm. Lee was constantly amused that she had tried his Ayurvedic grain infusion exactly one time, and then insisted that she needed her "proper coffee, forever hereafter thank you" when she visited his house. The two of them were mature enough to appreciate both their similarities and their differences.

"Ah, Jonathan, let me introduce you," Lee said, rising as she came over to the breakfast bar. "This is my very good friend Adele Tanner. Adele, I'd like you to meet our guest Jonathan Bouvin."

Adele smiled indulgently when she realized the boy was blushing as he stood to shake her hand. "Hi Jonathan, it's nice to meet you. Coffee?" She leaned in to kiss Rosen on the cheek.

Jonathan grinned at her humor. "I already have hot chocolate, thank you ma'am."

Lee winked at her over the rim of his mug as she pulled a package of coffee grounds from the freezer. As soon as her back was turned though, Jonathan leaned over and whispered in Rosen's ear: "She's beautiful, Dr. Rosen!"

Rosen had to grin as he whispered back: "Very, very". He was touched by the easy way Jonathan reacted, and by his honesty. They clinked their mugs together in solidarity.

"I don't know about you two gentlemen, but I am starving this morning," said Adele, rummaging in the crisper drawers of the refrigerator. She held up a pint of blueberries; it was about half full. "Oatmeal and fresh fruit?"

Jonathan and Rosen looked at each other, the boy crinkling up his nose. "No thank you, ma'am. We had oatmeal for dinner last night," he said.

Adele laughed, rolling her eyes at Rosen as she found the whole-wheat flour on the nearby pantry shelf. "Blueberry pancakes it is, then. Excellent with tofurkey bacon."

Jonathan raised both arms victoriously, which made Adele grin even more broadly. "Yeah! Wait, what kind of bacon did you say, ma'am?"


Lee lay back into the pillows that were propped against the headboard, eyes closed, catching his breath and feeling his heartbeat slowly return to normal. Adele cradled languidly into his side and shoulder, and he was vaguely aware of her teasing fingers winding their way in his chest hair. He sighed as they both stretched out sore legs, letting the ceiling fan cool their naked bodies.

"You're wonderful," he whispered into her forehead, placing a gentle kiss. "How do I deserve such good fortune?"

Rosen felt and heard a soft chuckle in reply, but the fingers did not stop their random movements on his chest. He actually shivered under her touch, gooseflesh rising. "I was just going to ask you the same thing." Adele rose up on one elbow, and kissed him deeply for several moments.

"Basketball and swimming are his sports, by the way," she said when she came up for air, chewing gently on the inside of her lower lip.

Rosen was confused but then he saw the subtle sly smile on her face. He shook his head. "I'm sorry, whose sports?"

Adele smiled widened, her eyes twinkling at him. "Jonathan's. Our young houseguest's chosen sports; basketball in the fall and winter, then swimming in the summer… that was the last coherent question you managed to ask me anyway, before we came upstairs for our nap after lunch."

"I did?"

"Yes, you did, doctor, before you ravished me completely and had your wicked way with my body," she continued, delighted that he was going along. "You have a very interesting idea when it comes to 'playing doctor' by the way, and a very stimulating bedside manner." He grinned back at her and shifted to one side, now embracing the woman with his arms and legs.

"Oh, yes, I do recall now that I had to remove quite a bit of your clothing prior to examining you," he whispered between kisses, finding new bare spots on her shoulders and neck to caress with his lips. "Thank you for reminding me." As ever, Lee was astonished at the softness of her skin, and the intoxicating feel of her body as they made love. Adele responded quickly and Rosen actually growled in mild frustration when her cell phone rang on the nightstand beside them.

She checked the number before clicking the receiver tab. "I'm sorry babe, I should take this. Hello, Nathan, yeah, thank you for getting back to me so quickly..." Adele had told Lee about her cousin up in Maine, a detective in the Haven Police Department.

Lee pulled the sheet up as a light cover and he lay back quietly, listening to one side of the conversation as Adele shared details about Jonathan Bouvin with her cousin.


"There you go," said Adele as she shook out the towel from around his neck and shoulders. She held a mirror for him as the youngster rubbed one ear; a small nick had bled from the scissors, but it was only a minor cut. "I'm sorry about that."

"It's okay," said the boy cheerfully, shading his eyes against the sunset's glare. "It doesn't even hurt." He chuckled as he looked at his reflection, the new short haircut revealing a pale neckline. "Yes, I like it. Thank you, ma'am!"

Adele smiled down at him as he got to his feet. "It's my pleasure. You needed it, didn't you?"

Jonathan nodded, hopping gingerly from the chair and easing toward the steps of the pool. A few seconds later, he was gliding along the bottom of the pool as a goggled Lee Rosen swam past. Adele gathered up the towel, scissors and comb, and stepped into the kitchen to check on the vegetable casserole. A waft of cooking herb and onion aromas rose around her as she closed the sliding glass door.

None of them noticed the shadowy figure watching them from a balcony on the building across the street. The end of his cigarette glowed bright red as he shook his head and adjusted the compact video camera he held.