Explanations 1

A Transformers Prime Fanfiction

"Uh, Mom? I think I might need to go the emergency room." June Darby was enjoying the hot Nevada sun in her back yard on a rare day off, but jumped out of the battered lawn chair at the sound of the pain in her son's voice and tried to take a calming breath. Her heart lurched for a beat then settled down into a more normal rhythm. Fear, then annoyance, then chagrin flicked through her mind as she surveyed the scene, all finally gave way to the skills and instincts of an experienced trauma nurse and mother.

Jackson Darby stood clutching his right shoulder with his left hand. Blue/grey eyes tight with pain and black hair damp he hunched over his right arm cradled protectively against his chest. The sleeve was missing along with a good portion of his shirt, some looked scorched and some looked cut away. A rapidly drying towel was wrapped around the arm, which June could see was badly burnt.

"Jack, get in the house and run your arm under the shower. Cold water. Don't worry about getting the rest of your clothes wet and don't take the towel off. How are you feeling?" The woman gently but firmly steered her son toward the back door while continuing her diagnosis. There were a few red spots on the boy's face, the hair on the side of his head was singed, and his entire right side showed signs of being wet recently but was drying in the hot desert air. She stood him under the shower head and turned on a gentle flow of cool water over the burned areas. The pain in his face relaxed as the water flowed over him. June carefully considered her next words before she spoke.

"Jack," she looked him straight in the eyes, "Was anyone else hurt?" His face never flickered when he answered no. The mother let out a silent sigh of relief.

"Now that the towel is soaked let's see what's under it. Gently now." She carefully unwrapped the soaked cloth and examined her son's arm. First and second degree burns wrapped completely around his forearm and reached up toward his shoulder. She frowned, the burns were odd. As a trauma nurse she had seen more burns than any human should have to, but she and never seen a pattern quite like this. From the first she had suspected illegal fireworks. With the 4th fast approaching the burn ward was more often than not full, but there was no smell of gun power on the boy, and these certainly weren't powder burns. But first things first.

"Yep, you need to go the E.R. all right." She smiled wryly, "but I think you'll be fine except for some possible scaring."

"I'm so sorry Mom. It's your day off." Guilt swept across Jack's face. June shook her head and turned to go. "It's fine Jack, as long as you're safe. Leave your arm under the water while I go start the car and get things ready. Come out when I honk." June walked to the garage. Jack's blue motorcycle was leaning against the house wall, 'Almost like it's worried about Jack and listening in,' the woman thought with a smile but dismissed the fantasy.

When the car horn sounded Jack turned off the water and headed out to the driveway. He murmured, "I'll be fine. See you when I get home later tonight," as he passed Arcee. The Autobot gently nudged his thigh in support as he walked by. He climbed into the car and carefully buckled the lap belt. His mother handed him a spritzer bottle of cool water.

"Keep your arm damp as we go," she instructed. With a sigh she pulled out of the driveway. "Jack, how did this happen?" Jack felt relieved when the question finally came. Over the past months he had told his Mom more lies than he had in his life. One of the few good things about this situation was that as long as he was careful, the truth would do just fine.