The sun began to peek through my eyelids, the first sign that the day was starting. Even though I wished to sleep more, I knew I couldn't stay in one place for too long.

I barely touched my legs with the tip of my fingers, and the burning started again. But yet at the same time I felt nothing at all except the cool blood seeping between my fingers.

If only I hadn't stolen! Mother told me never to steal no matter what the cost, or they would kill me. She was right. I was dying. Maybe if I didn't steal, I could have died of starvation. Slowly, yet peacefully and quietly.

"You there!" a voice shouted with anger. There was a shadow of a man holding something in his left hand. He came closer to me, and pulled me up by my sweaty and tangled hair.

"L-let go of me you bastard." I said in a whisper, slowly losing my voice. My life.

"Put her down." a deep voice commanded from the entrance of the alleyway. He seemed to be very tall, and was cradling two baskets in his left arm.

"This isn't your business boy. Now move along!" I felt the coolness of his blade press against my neck, and only heard my heart racing.

There was a small silence as the boy gulped and strained to let another word out. "You should leave her alone." he coughed and licked his lips.

"And what do you plan to do if I don't? Huh boy?" the merchant tossed me against the wall and walked away. I closed my eyes as I took deep breaths trying to calm myself down.

I heard someone being kicked, and a few moments later someone running away from whoever won the fight. I curled up in a ball as a tall body stood over me. I waited for death to come, but instead, there was only a cold silence.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" I asked not looking up. A warm hand touched my shoulder, as I felt arms picking me up.

"LET GO OF ME! LET GO!" I shrieked. I kicked and bit this stranger that wasn't the merchant, but I couldn't take any chances. When he fell back, I scrambled and crawled, trying to get away.

"No please! I wont hurt you!" he picked me up once more as my head fell back, and I closed my eyes.