The story starts off in a movie theater as some 80's Funk rock was playing as some kids were walking in as two teenagers walked up a boy about 16 wearing a black leather jacket and a girl about 14 wearing a yellow skirt and green top

"Jake why are we at the movies, I have a test tomorrow you know that"

The girl said as Jake hugged her

"Jamie did I mention these tickets were free"

Jake said as they walked to the Ticket booth handing the man their tickets

"Two for "Ghost"

Jake said as the man handed them 2 Ghostface costumes

"What theses for?"

Jamie asked confused

"Souvenirs, The studio sent them out"

"Gee thanks"

Jamie said sarcastically

Pulling out the white mask and plastic knife as she turned it fake blood dripped out from a hidden chamber as Jake slipped the mask over his face as they walked in the room showing the movie as the credits finished the movie started playing showing a house with Uniqua carrying a bowl of popcorn to her room as her phone rang


She responded


A voice on the other side said

"Who's this?"

Uniqua responded

"Who would you like it to be?"

The voice said

"I don't even know you and I hate you already"

Uniqua said

"Do you want to die tonight?"

The voice asked as a flash of lightning showed Ghostface as he disappeared with the flash as the audience jumped and Jamie let out a comment in the room

"Girl just hang up the phone and *69 him"

"Jamie said as the audience turned and shushed at her

"Jake can I have money for some popcorn?"

Jamie asked

"You have money"

He replied

"I have my money I asked for your money"

She said as he gave her a five

"Cheap girl"

He said as she left the room

After she did 2 teen girls left the showing room

"I'm not going back in there"

One of the teens said

"Lexi it's just a movie"

The other teen said

"No Cici it was based off a real story those kids were really stalked in Normville"

Lexi said as the asked for the refunds and left