As the 4 of them left the school they saw cops and the rest of the kids Uniqua figured out they called the cops as News reporters rushed up to her

"Uniqua what is it like to be a hero?"

A reporter asked as Uniqua looked at Donny sighing walking away

"Talk to Donny Lizard he's the guy you want to interview he was the real hero"

Uniqua said as the News rushed up to him

"Donny can you tell us how you rescued Uniqua"

a News reported asked as he stood still

"Guys no one wants to give you the story as much as me but there is a time, a place, and a price for everything"

He said smiling at Uniqua as all the other kids were shocked he was talking

"Come on Donny give us something"

The reporter said as he smiled to him

"Well it will make a good movie"