Summary: The mysterious GFW, whose goal is to change the future, brings James and Lily Potter, Frank and Alice Longbottom, and Regulus Black back from the dead to help destroy Voldemort and bring down Dumbledore's manipulations and tyranny. GFW gathers Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, and Augusta Longbottom to all play their part. The Marauder's Pack lurks in the darkness bringing down their foes, and giving them all another chance at life. New friendships are formed and new enemies are made as the Pack battles their way through the manipulations and traps both Dumbledore and Voldemort set using the Triwizard Tournament.

Format: First arc; angst and drama. Second arc; humor and friendship. Third arc; adventure, friendship, and drama.

Warnings: Dursley abuse, manipulative Dumbledore, Gray main characters, some graphic violence.

Pairings: Lily/James, Frank/Alice, Regulus Black/Emmeline Vance.

Rating: T for suggestive language, bad language, abuse, and mildly graphic fight scenes/gore.

Let the fic commence!



November 2nd, 1981:

Prison Fortress of Azkaban, Block 46, Cell 3B

There was nothing.

Nothing, nothing, nothing. His mind was as black as his name and dark and empty as his former home.

Which one? Sirius pondered. Grimmauld is certainly a freezing hell on earth, and even Hogwarts has its bad memories…and his home…

A high, maniacal laugh shattered the cold air. The sound echoed and bounced off of the grimy cinderblock and down through the filthy corridor and into the cells of the other inmates.

…well, it's not exactly there anymore, is it?

Another laugh rent the air, and several of the oh-so-terrifying Death Eaters screamed. Bellatrix Lestrange's cackles mixed with her own shrieks.

All because of that rat…all because of me…all because of that rat…all because of me…

A strangled cry and laugh rose from his throat andt tears he didn't allow to fall froze in his eyes. The Death Eaters screamed in unison.

"It's him," one whimpered. "The Grim. It's him. Where are they? Where are the others? Mother…Mother, please help me…Mother…"

Sirius wheezed, trying to reclaim his breath. He couldn't smother it; the demented sound clawing, ripping, tearing, at his throat, and gave up. He let out another crazed bark of laughter.

Oh, yes. The Grim, they call me. I'd arrive on the scene, and everyone would flee. Everyone knew that I was death and destruction incarnate. Harbinger of hell…no, hell for them was us, wasn't it? The Marauders. Three faithful Marauders, that is. No one would dare touch our pack…if they did, there would be hell to pay, wouldn't there?

The gleeful chuckle was marred by Sirius's gouging grimace and face set with the deep, ugly lines of a tired soldier. Death Eaters whimpered and muttered, shaking and screaming on their straw pallets.

…but that didn't save James, did it?

And his twisted laugh became a sob.

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In CANNON, Harry wakes up with his scar hurting on Saturday, August 20th, 1994 and they come to get him that day for the World Cup, which is on Monday, August 22nd, 1994. In MY fanfic, Harry wakes up with his scar hurting on Saturday, August 20th, 1994, but the Weasleys come to get him on Friday, August 25th, 1994, for the Cup, on Monday, August 28th, 1994.