A random drabble I've written inspired by a doujinshi I read AGES ago, so long ago, I can't even remember it's name. I hope you enjoy.

He stepped forwards on the raised platform. "It's me, Axel. Don't you remember me?" The red-head asked.

"How could I forget about you Axel." Roxas answered.

"You really remember?" Axel asked, shocked.

"Of course I do!" Axel leaned forwards expectantly. "You...you're my boyfriend!" Axel fell face first on the ground, rolling over and slapping his face. He stood and turned to Naminé.

"You sure like messing with people's heads." He said wearily.

"Who, little old me?" She asked innocently, a halo appearing over her head. Axel facepalmed again.

Yay for random drabbles! I hope you enjoyed.