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It was a bright, sunny day. Rin Ishigani was at a family reunion, the worst place to be, she thought, if you hated family; which she did. And having the reunion in a fancy hotel only to remind the poorer family members of their money didn't help. Her black hair and over casual clothes gave her a reason to avoid the others. She turned the corner to 8-b. Although Rin was one of these poorer family members, she didn't mind terribly. Free room and board. Temporary, but free. Her mother had just told her to find her uncle over a cup of what Rin had assumed was vodka. She never bothered to question her mother's personal habits. "Hey, Uncle…" Rin opened the door to her uncle's room with her usual bored demeanor. She had been told he was most likely to be there. Well, her mother was right. He was there. However, Rin's mother most likely did not know he was dead.

With the killer standing over his corpse.

The murderer looked up at Rin abruptly. He met her gaze squarely, but with a wavering expression on his face. Rin, assessing someone as she usually did stranger, saw his clothes more professional and carefully chosen for precision maneuvering. He quickly grabbed a coat (Rin assumed was his, as her uncle had never owned a practical item in his life) and jumped out of the window. Rin, while this had gone on, had neither screamed nor moved. She slowly closed the door after her and left to call the police.

The police had come almost instantaneously. As Rin had been the first to see the body, she was questioned over and over again. Chief Matsuda walked up to her. "Miss, if you wouldn't mind terribly, I am afraid you have to come down to the police station and describe exactly what you saw." The Chief was in his late thirties with a dedicated attitude towards his life and justice. He, Rin thought, took his job too seriously. She nodded to what he said, and continued to motion as if she was listening. She was worn out from the sight of the corpse and the overall hubbub of the circus it caused. She also knew that half of the family members who had acted as if it was deeply traumatizing and tragic were truly blessing and celebrating this event. Her uncle was not liked, especially as a "richer" member of the family, and had many enemies not only in the family, but outside also. She wondered what she should be feeling; all she felt was exhaustion. She wanted to go home.

The next day, at the hotel, Rin heard the phone ring. Annoyed, she picked up the phone without leaving bed. Still bleary from just haven woken up, Rin had not remembered who would call her, or why. "Miss Rin, I am afraid we have to question you about the murder today…" It was Chief Matsuda. "Ah. Yes," Rin was more awake now. "Yes, I am coming right away." She heard the Sheriff cough politely over the phone. "Oh, and Miss Rin… this is simply protocol, but you are required to sign in at the desk before you sign or come in…safety reasons and all that." "Yes, I understand." How would that help safety? Someone was already dead, was someone to steal the corpse? Rin shook her head, glad he couldn't see. "Well, goodbye Sheriff." Rin looked over at her mother, asleep, or hung over on the couch, she couldn't tell, on her way out. She debated telling her mother as she was leaving. She didn't bother.