Emba, Yuuen has discovered, is a law unto himself. He should have known really, after all, no normal man would have flirted so subtlety, then all of a sudden try to kidnap a boy from his father of the then enemy tribe, disregarding the fact that the boy himself thought the man in question thought he was a girl.

Yuuen giggles, he was so dense both of them were really, in their own ways. Yuuen by not really noticing the fact that Emba never asked his name, or used any sort of pronoun for him, and Emba for not realizing until almost too late that by not letting the object of his affections know that he knew his true gender, and the subsequent mental and emotional anguish he was putting him through.

Though now, watching Emba and Yuuen's fathers hand over control of the two tribes to Yuuen's brother, he thinks that it is a good thing that Emba's thought processes are a little odd. Being with a male and thus unable to produce heirs, Emba may not inherit leadership of his tribe, but his sister and Yuuens brother are quite happily married and reproducing like rabbits.

He sighs and snuggles back into Emba's chest, ignoring the slight tenseness he feels. He knows where it comes from and he tries to silently offer his support. The hand that squeezes his shoulder tells him his efforts are appreciated and he relaxes. There has to be something though, to know that your lover, husband, loves you so much he'd give up his rights as heir to the most powerful and successful clan around, just so he can be with you.

Others in the two tribes may not understand it, and even fear it a little, but so long as Yuuen had his Emba, as bizarre as the man's thought processes were, he would be happy and content.