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A day like this, full of dark clouds and showers expected later, seemed to ruin most kids day. But not for a few favorite, beloved cartoon characters

"come back numbuh four!" screamed Kuki running down the street chasing her best friend, laughing in her girlish way Wally pretended he hated.

"Never!" he shouted, he orange hood flopping in the wind as he rode down the hill on a fancy 2x4 tech scooter, with more swerving action.

"Wally!" Kuki yelled out of breath, hitting the breaks on her scooter. "W-wait"

"I can get him numbuh three" Numbuh 2 said running up behind her, she gave up her scooter and Hoagie chased after him. "Numbuh four give me back my scooter!" he yelled trying to get back his cool new technology.

Way father down the street Hoagie caught up to Wally and took the scooter from him. He handed him Kuki's scooter to ride back up the hill. Wally took the scooter, dropped it on the black street and started walking away

"Are you kidding me!' Kuki exclaimed but Wally didn't turn around, he just kept walking back toward Kuki.

Kuki ran down the hill to get her scooter before some idiot ran it over.

As she neared the scooter, Wally quickly turned around and ran back to the scooter yelling

"I changed my mind!" Kuki froze in shock

Wally stuck his tongue out as he rode past her.

"Wallabee!" she screamed chasing after him, laughing like he was.

"Sorry Kooks" he said speeding up. out of the corner of her eye Kuki spotted Hoagie and ran up to him. He reluctantly agreed to let her use it.

Meanwhile Wally was still riding her scooter laughing his Australian head off

"whoosh!" Kuki flew past him on the high tech scooter. Wally didn't wait a second before starting a full blown chase.

Kuki sped up and turned onto the side walk, Wally followed. He followed every turn she made; he was going to win this game

Without warning Kuki hit the brakes on her scooter to let a family of ants pass on the sidewalk, Wally was temporary blinded by the sun that had broken through the clouds and didn't get enough time to stop. He crashed right into her, sending Kuki flying.

"Kooks!" He yelled as she hit the sidewalk, he ran to her side "Kuki?"

Tears poured down her face as Wally pulled her close, she tried to hide her tears but couldn't.

"I'm okay Wally" she smiled but Wally gasped as she did. "What?"

Wally stood up and coward, waiting for Kuki to scream at him

"your uh…mouth Kuki…"

Kuki felt the inside of her mouth with her tongue

"You knocked out two of my teeth!" she exclaimed hitting him

"Well its not that bad!" Wally yelled "at least they are your baby teeth!"

"At least they are my baby teeth!" Kuki yelled "You have a lot of nerve Beetles"

"What are you gonna do about it, Sanban?" Wally smirked

Kuki jumped on her scooter and yelled

"I'm gonna race ya!"

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