Bellatrix promised herself she would go in with her head up high, but as they climbed higher and higher with more and more dementors, it got harder and harder. The screams got louder and louder. She looked at the high-security cell, one even more secure then hers. But the man, whose face gaunt and blank, was not screaming. She blinked—it didn't make any sense at all.

"Dear, dear, Bella," a voice crooned from inside. She froze, with shock and fear. That was voice that was so chilling and deadly it cut her to her very bones. She was scared, very scared. She didn't realize she was screaming, but she was—screaming, her voice piercing through the night air.

"No need to scream already, Bella. You'll have plenty of time for that later. But you'll fall silent, they all fall silent."

"Who are you?" her voice was ripping out of her mouth. "Why don't you scream?"

"Why, I thought you'd be able to remember me, Trixie." The man crooned with a crooked smile.

A picture came to mind, of the Black brothers, who terrorized her and her sisters. Sirius and Regulus, the best of friends, the haters of the Dark Lord, the huggers of Mudbloods…Sirius and Regulus always hated the fact that they were supposed to be Death Eaters. Sirius always thought that Regulus wanted to, but she knew better, they had dragged him and made him a Death Eater against his will. But before he could do anything useful, he died…

"Sirius?" Bellatrix was confused. Why on earth would Sirius be in Azkaban?

"Ah, realization. Be wary, though, this will be your last lucid thought."

"You said everyone falls silent. What do you mean? Did you scream? Why aren't you screaming? WHAT'S HAPPENING?"

"Oh, Bellatrix," Sirius said, moving closer to the bars. She drew back in fear, he was smiling, grinning, laughing…his face was gaunt and pale and his eyes were dead and empty. "I laughed."

She screamed. "You're mad! You're mad Sirius Black!"

"Don't you know anything?" he laughed. "I always laugh."

She screamed as she was led away into her cell, but in the midst of all the screams and moans she could hear Sirius Black's laugh echoing in the cold night air. The ring of laughs sounded and sounded, replaying itself until she drew away and hid her face from Sirius Black's laughs.

"Mad!" she screamed, whenever his voice would echo off the walls. "Mad!"

"Don't you know anything, Bella?" His laugh echoed itself. "I'm the sane one."