It was a beautiful early morning since the sun hadn't risen yet, so the sky is mostly dark blue with purple and pink tendrils stretching out. It had rained a few hours before so the calming smell of rainfall was still present. A lone figure was out walking enjoying the peace and calmness that this time of day brought to those still awake.

Jasper Cullen sighed, even though he and Alice had mutually agreed to split, it didn't make it an easier. They had been partners for so long that he had come to depend on her but since the move to Forks, they had broken up. Something Alice had seen or wanted and Jasper while he didn't want to let go of his anchor, gave into her reasoning. Which was hard and heartbreaking especially since a week after Alice and Edward were going at it like bunnies.

He didn't want to hear about them being mates and so in love, as it made him feel cheap and a burden. He would have rather walked alone instead of being a stand in. That is what brought him to be out walking around 3 or 4 in the morning enjoying the morning calm. Currently he was walking down Main Street in Forks and kicked a pebble a little too hard.

"Ouch! What did the pebble do to you or what did I do to you that I deserved a pebble to be kicked at?"

Startled Jasper looked up to see a tall, dark but messy hair man with broad shoulders. Even though the tone had been joking and his pose relaxed, Jasper could feel calmness and concern radiating from him. The pose was carefully relaxed as if it was designed to put you at ease but if you were to become a threat, he could take care of you.

Thankful to be a vampire so his embarrassment couldn't be shown, he sheepishly answered, "My apologies. If i had known you were there I wouldn't have kicked it."

"No worries kid, you can make it up to me," the man waved the apology off smiling.

"Of course, how may I assist you?" Jasper replied, thinking it would be nice to stay in this calming presence.

"Ever the gentleman I see, well you can help me with my pastries. I'm Harry by the way," Harry stated as he turned to unlock and open bakery's door.

"Jasper," Jasper returned in kind and followed through the door, shutting it after he was through.

Looking around he saw some amazing foods and candies and cakes. Although it was strange, he didn't remember anything about a bakery opening up and Alice didn't say anything. Then again, it wasn't like she was much more than being intimate with Edward now a days.

"Today is the grand opening of my little bakery, so if you wouldn't mind following me to the back, you can get started on your task," Harry added holding open the doors that lead to the back.

"Okay," Jasper agreed as he walked past Harry, Jasper noticed that the man smelt of earth and sugar; it was calming. It was weird that his emotions were like a balm to Jasper and his scent was soothed him.

"Alright see those trays? I want you to go place them in their correct spots. The trays are labeled and their spots are labeled," he was told as Harry was moving to the other side of the kitchen bringing out dough.

Nodding Jasper grabbed the trays and carried them to the front. As he was putting out the pastries and cookies, he let his mind wander mostly towards Harry. The man was definitely attractive, and he was able to pacify his swirling emotions with just his presence. Something that immediately made Jasper want to be in his company. Normally he could suppress these thoughts as his upbringing would dictate, but he has since learned that they are normal and two he was a taken man, but not anymore, so he let his mind fantasize about the tall man, and his gracefulness. The power that was present in all of his movements.

"Hey, kid, we are opening in twenty," Harry called out to him as his came through door wiping his hands on a towel.

Startled out of his thoughts, Jasper looked to the clock, it was 6:40 am. Had he really been lost in his thoughts that long? For three hours? Looking around he saw that he had completed his task and it looked good. Wow that was quite a bit of food, Harry made if it took three hours.

"Wow, Jas, you did an awesome job. Thank you. Do you want to stay for the opening or do you got somewhere to be?" Harry inquired as moved around the bakery.

Thinking about it, he wasn't dirty and not in the same clothes as yesterday, plus he would be able to stay with Harry for a while longer.

"Sure I'll stay. Can't let you mess up my work," while looking confident, Jasper was dying on the inside from embarrassment.

"Nope can't let that happen," Harry agreed with a wink, making Jasper even more grateful for being a vampire.

For a grand opening of a small town bakery, they were busy. They had a constant stream of customers for two hours. The customers kept commenting on how they smelt fresh donuts and pastries and they had to know where it was coming from.

It was 9:30 when Harry and Jasper both looked up at the clock.

"Shit, sorry kid, I didn't realize the time, get out of here. Get to school," Harry commented seemingly shocked at the time.

"No worries my first class is a free period, my next class starts at 9:45," Jasper shrugged moseying around the counter.

"Good, but you better get going. Here," Harry had walked over and was holding a fifty out.

"What's that for?" Jasper asked confused taking the money.

"For helping me, take it and get going you rascal," Harry explained folding his arms as if saying ' no you can't give it back.'

Taking the money, Jasper felt weird. While yes he had helped him, but Harry had helped him by giving him a place to be calm, to let his thoughts roam without caution.

"Thank you and see you old man," Jasper yelled out as he dashed the door, narrowly missing a donut to the head, chuckling he jogged at a human pace to school feeling refreshed and ready to face the masses and his ex-girlfriend.

Unfortunately that good feeling didn't last. And no it was because of the students but because of the infuriating siblings, Edward and Alice. They wouldn't leave him alone. Questioning him where he was and what he was doing. As if they were his parents or overseers, which really rankled his nerves.

He was thankful when the last bell rang. He escaped to the forest and bolted home where he stayed in his room. He couldn't wait till three so he could go walk again, and maybe see if Harry needed his help again.

Finally it was three am, and Jasper changed his clothes and grabbed his school bag he left his room and skipped down the stairs to the front door, he was almost home free, before Esme stopped him.

"Jasper dear, are you sure you are alright?" Esme asked worried.

"Yeah or at least I'm getting better," Jasper answered with a shrug. He knew that Esme and Carlisle were at least worried for him, even if they did nothing about the duo.

"Okay. Just remember, we are here for you."

"I know Esme, thank you," and with that he was out the door, strolling out into the beautiful morning breathing in the fresh air.

Unfortunately Jasper hadn't counted on it raining. So when he made it to Harry's bakery his clothes and hair were soaked. He had great timing though, as Harry was walking up, more like sprinting. Leaning against the door Jasper waited.

"Damn rain," Harry muttered, looking up he noticed Jasper, "why hello kid, whatcha doing here in the rain?"

"Couldn't sleep and your place was closer," Jasper answered with a shrug, looking down, hoping Harry would need his help as the door was being unlocked.

He felt Harry stare at him, "Well come on in. You can put out the pastries again."

As they both stepped inside, he watched as Harry shook out his hair and water went flying everything making Jasper snicker quietly. It also allowed his scent to spread and Jasper was once again filled with peace.

He saw Harry look over at him and shake his head, "Come on, I got a towel in the back to dry you off. Maybe even some extra clothes as well."

Jasper was dumbfounded, Harry barely knew him and he was willing to care for him? Even if he was just an acquaintance or friend.

Apparently he didn't move fast enough he heard Harry call out, "Hurry the bloody up!"

With a small smile he made his way to Harry.

"Sit," Harry commanded, gesturing to the chair.

Jasper quickly sat down wanting Harry to be happy with him. With a slight frown, he wondered where that thought came from. Then the next thing he knew, Harry had a towel and was gently rubbing it all over his blond hair drying it. When the towel lifted, Harry turned away and handed him a pair shorts and a muscle shirt.

"Here change into these and we'll set your drenched clothes on a chair in the kitchen to dry," Harry explained pointing to the bathroom.

Grabbing the clothes, Jasper made his way to the bathroom feeling happiness spreading through his body. Peeling off the clingy wet clothes and changing into the warm dry ones that Harry gave him made him feel slightly giddy. Jasper sighed contentedly when he smelt that the clothes were saturated with Harry's scent. Running his fingers through his hair, Jasper left the bathroom picking up the trays and started to put out the goodies. His mind wandering once again back to Harry but this time imagining Harry rubbing other things.

"Hey kid, twenty till opening. You staying?"

Jasper was once again jolted out of his thoughts.

"Yeah I'm staying, like I said before can't let you mess up my work," Jasper replied, thinking about how Harry smile is pretty sexy.

"Like I said before, can't let that happen," teased right back with that same wink, that made Jasper blush on the inside.

Just like yesterday they were busy till 9:30am. Jasper grudgingly changed his clothes, slightly depressed that he wouldn't have Harry's scent with him. When he emerged from the bathroom and walked over to Harry and Harry once again, held out a fifty and telling Jasper to scram. Before Jasper left he called Harry old man once again, and ducked the doughnut that was thrown at him. Smiling Jasper left for school.

Thus a routine was born for the next month, Jasper making his way to Harry's at four in the morning and Harry would let him in. On rainy mornings, Harry would always towel dry his hair and give him a change of clothes. Other mornings, they would talk and joke before getting to work. While they didn't give out history, they did talk about likes and dislikes and humorous stories that happened during their day. Jasper had mentioned once about his love for sweets once as he stared longingly at desserts and pastries.

Today though there was a change.

Jasper was walking to his last class when he saw Edward and Alice talking. They looked to be in a rather heated discussion and talking in low tones that only vampires would be able to hear.

"Do you still have feeling for Jasper?" Edward asked angrily.

"Of course I do, but not like the ones I have for you," Alice answered.

"Why you are my mate, I should be your sole focus."

"I know but Jasper was so badly broken, that he needed me more than you."

"No one needs you more than me."

"I know love, I am sorry. Jasper is nothing to me."


An angry rage built up in Jasper. Having his feelings about being a burden confirmed and all things she told were lies made his chest hurt and his fangs itched He knew he needed to leave. He had enough control to make to the end of class. But as soon as the bell rang, Jasper was gone. He didn't even know where he was going. His mind was in a whirl of chaos and his emotions were raging and screaming with hurt. He didn't even notice that he had made his way to Harry's bakery till he crashed into a person. Strong arms wrapped around him and a soothing presence and smell filled his senses.

"Harry," Jasper sighed out and once again his mind and emotions were peaceful. Shutting his eyes, he did something that he would have never dared otherwise; he wrapped his arms around Harry's neck and curled into his warmth, hiding his face from the world.

He heard a sigh, and then Jasper was being lifted. Immediately he wrapped his legs around Harry and snuggled close like a child felt cared for and that he was worthy of this gentleness as he was being carried, forgetting for a moment that he was vampire. After a couple of turns they entered a room, and Harry sat with Jasper still wrapped around him. Jasper felt a hand running through his hair, then he heard Harry speak and it made him still and freeze.

"Its ok childe," the voice soothed.

As far as Jasper knew only other vampires used that term and it was usually referred to younger vampires. His tense body must have belied his shock.

"Yes I know you are a vampire, I am as well but not your traditional one, more of hybrid if you will."

Still sitting on his Harry's lap but no longer having him in a strangle hold, Jasper asked, "What do you mean?"

Harry ran a hand across his face and muttered, "glad I closed early."

Jasper pulled back enough to watched as Harry took a deep breath and started to explain, "Ok so do you know about wizards?"

Jasper nodded, he had heard of them but never met one.

"Right so a couple hundred years ago, there was a war in England. Close your mouth, a magical war that not everyone knew about. I defeated the Dark Lord, and in doing so became the master of death. Thankfully my body didn't stop aging till I reached the age of 25. Unfortunately though, it made me reckless, since I couldn't die, I had no fear. So one night after my 25th birthday I was bitten by a vampire. Two huge contradictions warred within my body. I was a living immortal that was bit by an undead immortal. Plus I was magical. Long story short, after a painful week of the two destroying my body, my magic kicked in made the two sides compromise. So here I am, with vampire strength, vampire hearing and others while only needing to drink blood once a month or if I get severely injure. I still have a beating heart and my eyes didn't change but while I have warmth and tan skin, but its impenetrable."

Jasper was looking back over the past month and remembered instances where it would have been impossible for a normal human, hell he should be looking right now, no human could have picked him up and carried him with ease that Harry did. Plus his emotion were nothing but sincere.

"I believe you." Jasper did believe him and it made him feel comforted.

"So what made you come running to my arms? Not that don't mind but I don't like seeing you distraught. And I can't have you upset, as it makes me upset," Harry said tilting Jasper's chin up to look him in the eyes.

Looking into Harry's green eyes, Jasper split everything. Not only did he talk about Alice and Edward but he talked about the wars he survived. Throughout it all, Harry just held him, and let him talk. Jasper occasionally felt a spike of anger from Harry, but it was always smothered down and the calm was once again there. By the end of it all it was well past midnight, and Jasper was feeling drained, but better. The best part was that Harry never once stopped rubbing his back or carding his fingers through his hair. Plus he felt Harry's feelings, underneath the calm he felt acceptance, and pride. There was another emotion but Jasper couldn't name it.

Jasper felt Harry move, sitting up a bit Jasper looked into his eyes and felt warmth and happiness flutter in his stomach.

"Well there is two hours till I need to start preparing for the day. Is there anything you would like to do? Or perhaps you are hungry?" Harry questioned brushing his fingers through Jasper's hair.

Jasper thought about it, while yes he was feeling hungry, he also didn't want to leave Harry. He has never felt this type of comfort. Hoping that Harry had a solution, he voiced his concerns, "Yes I am hungry but I do not want to leave your presence."

"No worries, I keep some blood with me at all times, and before you ask, yes it is animal," Harry states with a small twitch of his mouth.

Jasper smiles as he slowly gets off of Harry's lap, he is already missing the warmth. Harry stands and grabs Jasper's hand and tugs him to the kitchen. Jasper watches as Harry pours a glass of blood for him, then hands it to him. He took a sip, and his eyes widen in surprise. The blood was definitely animal but it has a hint of chocolate in it. If that was one thing he missed about being human was sweets.

"How did you get it to taste like chocolate?" Jasper asked excitement dancing in his eyes.

"I've been experimenting." Was all the answer gets, although a hint of embarrassment twinges in his calmness.

Slowly drinking the rest, he finishes it savoring it til the last drop. He heard Harry chuckle and glances up at him to see a soft smile on his.

"Was it good?"


"Awesome. Since we still got some time, do you want to learn how to make the doughnuts?" Harry asked gesturing around him.

"It would be fun to learn," Jasper acknowledge, greedy for more time with Harry.

Although half way through it, Jasper was torn between being aroused and embarrassed. Harry had shown him how to roll out the dough, but Jasper couldn't get the thickness right. So Harry had stepped up behind him, and placed his hands on Jasper's slowly moved it and flatten it to the right thickness all the while softly talking in his ear and giving pointers. When Jasper finally got a hold of it, Harry removed his hands but hadn't moved from behind him. He felt Harry warmth and couldn't help but be euphoric. After a few more of perfect doughnuts, Harry moved away to finish whatever he had been doing before Jasper got frustrated.

At four, Harry came over and said, "Alright quit making perfect doughnuts, otherwise I might never get rid of you. Why don't you go put out the trays."

Even though Jasper knew Harry was joking, he made a vow to never make an imperfect doughnut.

When it was time to open up Harry and Jasper were ready waiting to face the crowds. And the crowds did come and they were busy moving in sync with each other. They have done this dance multiple times before but never to this extend. By time the rush died down it was nearing 9:30 once more.

"So you gonna come by this afternoon? You can help me close up shop," Harry ask/told him.

"I'll be here. And thanks for yesterday and this morning," Jasper answered thankful to have his man in his life.

"Anytime you need me, I'll be there," Harry said with such seriousness that it was even echoing through his emotions.

Jasper took a chance and hugged Harry and gave him a little peck on the cheek. Blushing on the inside, Jasper made a hasty exit, but not before calling out, "See you in a bit old man." Later during his class Jasper would remember the amazement Harry felt when Jasper kissed his cheek.

Jasper ignored his siblings all day and when the bell rang, he disappeared faster than when he was upset. He was excited to be spending more time with Harry, although some nervous crept into him as he approach the bakery. Opening the door that anxiousness fled when Harry looked up and smiled at him.

"Good just in time, help me gather these left overs Jas," Harry told him pointing towards the pastries still on the shelves.

As they were boxing up the leftovers, Jasper asked him what they were going to do with them.

"I take the cookies down to the children's wing of the hospital and the doughnuts go to the cops and doctors."

"Oh, have you been doing this the whole time you have been open?"

"Yep except for yesterday," Harry confirmed as they finished putting away the last of the goodies.

Feeling guilty, Jasper turned away and stared at smiley face cookies. He had deprived the children of their cookies because he was feeling sorry for himself. Something must have shown on his face, or Harry really knew him, because he felt fingers tilting his up and over to look at Harry. Harry's eyes were soft and understanding, his voice was equally just as soft, "You needed me more yesterday than the kids needed sugar. One day wouldn't hurt them and you are just as important if not more to me. So don't feel guilty. Trust me."

Jasper just nodded feeling ecstatic that Harry thought he was important enough to be put first. He was quite surprised though when Harry moved, and his lips crashed to his own. Jasper's eyes flutter closed as a blissful feeling tingled throughout his body. The kiss was pretty chaste but there was warmth and that unknown feeling coursing through it. When Harry broke the kiss, he gave one more, a peck, then turned and picked up two of the boxes.

"Come on, the sooner we get these delivered the sooner I can take out on a date."

Jasper was dazed as he picked up the other box and followed the man who he was starting to love out the door. His mind kept replaying the kiss over and over, feeling infinitely happier than he has ever felt.

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