Walking into Harry's home, Jasper noticed Harry's yawn. Since Harry is a hybrid would need to sleep as well? How long does he need to sleep? Has Harry been up more than 32 hours because me? These thoughts were swirling in Jasper head and Harry must have noticed it.

"I only need an hour or two of every couple of days, Love," Harry told him.

Jasper nodded, "What should I do while you sleep? Should I leave?"

Jasper didn't want to leave, but if Harry needed rest a few hours of walking wouldn't hurt.

"Hell no! You aren't leaving. In fact I plan on making you my pillow for the next couple of hours," Harry exclaimed wrapping his arms around Jasper.

"I'm not exactly fluffy here," Jasper teased in a dry tone.

Huffing Harry let go and started up the stairs calling out, "I'll be the judge on that!"

Following Harry, Jasper just grinned. His grin though slid off his face something between shock and lust warred for an expression. Jasper walked in on Harry stripping out of clothes, showing off well-built back, tanned skin, strong legs, hence the lust. The shock was due to all of the scars. There were several different types. Some were long, some were short, a few ropey, a few barely there, and several others.

Walking forward, Jasper reached out to trace one that started at the top of the shoulder slashed its way down to the opposite hip. Closer up he also noticed the crescent moon shaped scars. Jasper jumped when Harry spoke.

"Not a happier part of my life. I wasn't always a baker, nor was I happy fellow I am now. But that my sweet is a story for later."

Jasper felt anger, then sadness, then just like a snap of the fingers, Harry's emotion were calm and happy. Harry had turned around and was facing him. The mischievous smile was only the warning he had before he was thrown onto to the bed, expecting the bed to break, Jasper screwed his eyes shut. But it never came and it felt like he was being gently lowered to the bed. Opening his eyes, he saw that he was being gently lowered but not with hands. When his back finally touched the bed, the sensation left and Harry was grinning goofily and Jasper knew that Harry used his magic. Lifting an eyebrow at his still fully clothed body minus shoes, Jasper was gratefully that he took them off at the door, he looked up at Harry's black boxer briefs.

"I usually sleep in the nude," Harry said answering the look.

"Well jeans and a shirt aren't comfortable for resting," he teased. He saw Harry smirk and everything but his own green boxer briefs were gone. Jasper tensed for a moment when he saw Harry hovering over him eyeing his own set of scars, but relaxed when Harry kissed each and every one before settling himself between Jasper's legs. Harry pushed him back till he was laying on his back and Harry's head was pillowed on his stomach, with Harry's arms wrapped around him. Jasper felt Harry snuggle closer and nuzzling his stomach eliciting a laugh from him, not noticing Harry's small smile. Then Harry was out like a light and Jasper was left to his own thoughts.

Jasper ran his fingers through Harry's wild hair and thought about what it would be like to be mated to him. Then his thoughts drifted to having a home with Harry to his coven and how would they react to Harry's presence. He mostly thought about the future though, him and Harry on their own occasionally seeing his old coven but travelling. Maybe he could talk Harry into seeing the world. While he has seen some of it, not all of it and Jasper bet that Harry would probably know some real secret wonders.

Two and a half hours later with Jasper still running his hand through Harry's hair, his thoughts had taken a turn for the darker thinking about Harry's scars and his own. He knew that when he first saw Harry's scars that he would be loved and understood. He already had a feeling that he would be, when he broke down in Harry's arm two nights ago, but this cements it. He wouldn't have to hide his darker self. That thought caused him to pause. He usually has to fight his dark side, although it has been easier with spending at least some time with Harry, but the last couple of days being with Harry the entire time, he hasn't once almost lost control, even in a crowded room with the human hearts thumping wildly. He needed Harry, hopefully Harry needed him just as much.

"I'll always need you. You soothe everything. Like a balm to a burn," Harry murmured with one eye squinted up.

Jasper's face must have shown shock, since Harry answered again without being prompted.

"You said the last part out loud."

Oh. That makes sense, "oh."

Harry smiled then yawned. Jasper watched as Harry climbed up him and gave him a kiss. He also felt something poking him in the stomach.

"Someone happy?" Jasper asked when they broke the kiss.

"Very happy," Harry murmured rocking his hips into Jasper's.

"Me too," Jasper moaned out before his lips were claimed in a passionate possessive kiss.

When the pair made it to the Bakery, it was right on time at four in the morning. Both were wearing bright smiles as they went about their normal routine, Harry in the kitchen and Jasper putting out the goods. Harry swept Jasper into a backing dipping kiss, before pulling him up.

Jasper was smiling and said, "I take it that it is twenty till?"

"Right on the first try. Cute and sexy! I made out," Harry teased with a wink.

"Down boy, we'll be having customers soon," Jasper answered with a smirk.

"When you come over after your classes, I'll have a surprise for you."



"I look forward to it," Jasper said with a kiss.

And the door chimed and the day begins. At 9:30 Jasper left with a kiss and a fifty dollars. When he asked why he was still being paid, Harry just told him that until Jasper 'graduates' he is only an employee, but once he is out of school, he will become Co-Owner. Jasper just rolled his eyes and pocketed the cash. Hmm, maybe with all of the money that he has accumulated over the course of 'working' for Harry he could get Harry a gift or plan their next date.

When Jasper got to school he was ambushed by Rose and Emmett. Tensing, Jasper greeted them, "Hello."

"Jasper, we miss you," Rose said.

"I miss my gaming buddy," Emmett stated.

"I've been busy," Jasper said with indifference. Out of all of his coven, these two he was probably the closest too.

"We know. Is he good to you?" Rose asked with a knowing smile.

"Yes he is." One second, two second. "How did you know?"

"A girl has her ways,"' Rose answered with a smirk.

"Carlisle says you guys are coming tonight?" Emmett asked.

"Yeah, you'll be there?" Jasper asked.

"Of course. We, meaning, Rose and I truly see you as family Jasp."

Jasper smiled and went to his classes. That lunch he sat with them and when he discovered some of the cookies Harry made for him in his bag, he offered one to Rose and Emmett.

"Are you sure it is safe for us to eat?" Rose asked skeptically.

Jasper just smirked and ate his cookie.

Emmett being the dare-devil he is, ate his cookie. Shoving the whole thing in his mouth. When he chewed he gasped.

"Jaz, what the hell? For reals? Rose are you going to eat it? If not can I have it?" Emmett asked in rush with his mouth full.

"No Em, I'm going to eat it," Rose glared at her mate. Taking a tentative bite, she didn't know what to expect but to taste sugar and blood, she nearly moaned, but she was a lady, so she didn't.

"Jasper where did you get these?" Rose demanded.

"My boyfriend."

"We approve, but we are going to test him first," Rose said winking.

The three laughed and enjoyed the rest of cookies. Not noticing the glare from two pitiful vampires, they went to their classes, and at the end of the Jasper went to his Baker.

When he arrived smelled something wonderful. It smelt chocolately and gooey, like brownies. Quickly making his way to the back he saw a plate of brownies and a glass of milk. Frowning he looked around for Harry. Not seeing him around, Jasper went over to the plate and noticed a note,

'Dear Love,

Some of my experiments left me rather dirty, so I went home for a quick shower.

Taste the brownies and milk darlin'

See ya soon


Jasper felt something warm inside when he read the note. While not a love letter, it still showed that Harry cared about him and loved him.

Taking a bite of the brownie, it was just like the cookie, except better. Taking a drink of the milk he was more skeptical. But he was once again surprised. The milk tasted like milk but with a hint of blood. Moaning, Jasper ate more brownies and drank the whole bottle of milk. He was savoring the last little bit, eyes closed when he felt arms around his middle and warm breathe on his neck.

"Enjoying it sweetheart?" Harry whispered into his ear.

"mmmm, I wonder if vampires can get fat?" Jasper wondered.

"I have a few exercises we could do," Harry said while nipping the side of Jasper's neck.

"We might have to try those out. But not right now, I know Carlisle said 7, but I would rather hurry get this over with. So we can have the whole night to try out those exercises."

"Sounds like a plan."

Jasper felt Harry move away, turning he watched Harry pull out a platter filled with some sugar cookies and some brownies as well as a jug of milk.

"What are you doing Harry?" Jasper asked confused.

"A good guest always brings a gift," Harry said with a wink, "Do you want to walk or ride the bike?"

"How will we take the goodies on the bike?"

"I'll charm it and we'll take it slow."

"Bike," Jasper decided with a nod.

Grinning, Harry said, "Good choice."

Riding on the bike with box filled of wonderful things watching the green scenery pass by was very relaxing for Jasper who was nervous about the meeting. Seeing the Coven's house appear, Jasper was even more nervous.

Pulling up to the front step, Jasper felt the bike turn off, and Harry turned around and said, "Its ok, love."

Getting off the bike, Jasper did a very human thing, and took a deep breathe. Then the door was opening and Rose and Emmett were standing on the step.

"Hey Rose! Hey Em! This is Harry, my boyfriend," Jasper said introducing the people that mattered.

"Jasper can we have a minute alone with Harry?" Rose asked.

Jasper shrugged and Harry gave him an encouraging smile. Jasper walked in and looked around and slightly smiled. The house hasn't changed. He may have until two days ago lived here but he rarely paid attention it quickly up to his room and quickly out the front door. Plus it seems like a long time ago.

Then Rose and Emmett came in with an amused Harry and the group made its way to the sitting room where the rest of the family waited.

Entering the room, Jasper saw Carlisle and Esme seating beside each other on a love seat and Alice and Edward seating on the one side of the couch and an oversized chair was all that was left. Alice planned it thinking that him and Harry would sit on the couch, no doubt. Jasper waited to see what Harry was going to do. Harry smiled and gestured to the chair with a wink. Jasper sat down and watched Harry move around to Carlisle.

"Hello Carlisle," shaking his hand, "this must be your wife Esme. A pleasure to meet you madam," Harry said offering his hand. When Esme took it expecting a handshake, was pleasantly shocked by the old school manners.

Moving over to Alice and Edward, he stopped short and sniffed.

"Jasper love, remember last night the two wimps that ran past us?"

"Yeah," Jasper answered wondering where this was going. He could feel embarrassment and curiosity warring in the atmosphere.

"These are them, I also believe you are Alice and Edward. Forgive me if I don't shake your hands," Harry said walking over to Rosalie and Emmett.

Taking Rose's hand, Harry had a playful smirk and said, "Rumors of your beauty have travelled far and wide, yet they hardly do you just."

Jasper watched Alice and Edwards eyes go wide, and Carlisle and Esme faced showed confusion.

"What a smoothie! He's definitively a smoothie," Emmett staged whispered to Jasper.

Jasper laughed and Harry straightened.

"A fellow Men in Tights Fan?" Harry asked.

Emmett smiled and said, "Mel Brooks in general but Men in Tights is my favorite."

Harry smiled as well, "Perhaps we should have a duel of you knows the movie better?"

"Perhaps later tonight?"

"It's a deal." Shaking hands with Emmett.

Jasper was getting ready to stand so he could let Harry have the seat but Harry shook his minutely and sat at Jasper's feet leaning against his legs.

Jasper smiled and ran a hand through the wild locks.

Harry smiled and leaned into the touch before straightening and saying, "Before I forget I brought brownies/cookies and milk."

While the others looked at him like an idiot, Rose and Emmett were on the edge their seats.

Emmett couldn't hold back, and took one of the brownies. He recognized the cookie, so he took a bite and his eyes closed. Rose did the same and twin moans were heard. They haven't had chocolate in forever.

When their eyes opened, the mated couple said in unison, "We love you!"

Harry and Jasper laughed and Jasper encouraged them to drink the milk.

Emmett probably shocked everyone including himself with his next statement, "Can we have a foursome?"

Jasper was turning red in the inside, Rose smacked Emmett, and Carlisle and Esme were still in shock. Alice looked envious and Edward looked uncomfortable.

"While normally I would take into consideration but Jasper is way too sexy to share. He's all mine, sorry."

Rose recovering from her mates antics, joked saying, "Only if we can get more brownies."

"It's a deal Miss Rosalie."

Carlisle finally found his voice and courage and asked, "Harry, I was wondering about your snacks, how can they be friendly for vampires?"

"I have infused them with blood while still having the original taste," Harry answered shifting so he sat in between Jasper's legs, running fingers up and down Jasper's leg.

Esme intrigued took a brownie as well. Taking a bite, she exclaimed, "This is just simply divine."

Esme held the rest of the brownie for Carlisle to take a bite. Staring at it, Carlisle finally relented and took a bite.

"That is simply ingenius! But seriously Harry how were you able to do this?"

"Harry! You most amazing person!" Rose exclaimed.

Jasper had been focusing on his coven leader, that when Rose yelled, he figured she just drank the milk.

"Thank you Rose, and to answer your question Carlisle, do you know what a wizard is?"

"Yes, are you saying you are one?"

"Yes as well as a vampire."

"Is that why you have human features?"

"Yes and no."

Edward here snarled and said, "You are lying."

"No I'm with holding information that only my mate will have the privilege to know."

"So you are just using Jasper! You bastard." Alice yelled standing up.

Apparently that was the wrong thing to say since, Jasper was in front of Harry snarling.

"Perhaps you should know that Jasper is the only one that knows the whole truth," Harry said calmly and softly doing nothing to calm his enrage mate.

Alice's face drained and Rose and Emmet were flanking Jasper and Edward looked pale.

Carlisle took action saying, "Jasper calm down, there is no need."

All that accomplished was another snarl.

Carlisle looked to Harry who was calmly watching the scene.

"Would you do something Harry?" Carlisle asked.

"Why? Do you know how long it took for me to slowly piece his heart back together? Do you know how much it broke him when he over heard Edward and Alice two days ago talking about him?"

Carlisle looked over at Alice and Edward and saw them pale even further and Alice squeaked out, "He heard that?"

"Yep, and I knew it was you two following us last night. Even before we got there."

Alice broke down in dry sobs, whispering she was sorry, while Edward was gaining color.

Carlisle understood what Harry was doing, he was showing that he was dominate and wouldn't tolerate Jasper abusers.

"Harry, realize that two of my children have caused great harm to your mate. But it would be beneficial if calmed your mate so that I could properly punish them."

"Sure Carlisle."

Jasper was beyond pissed, the dark side that he had been keeping kept locked away was roaring to get out. When he felt warm hands and soft breath on his neck, he felt the beast ebb away, when he heard Harry whisper in his ear sweet nothings, the beast was once again calm and Jasper relaxed into Harry's arms and Harry walked them back to the chair, snagging a brownie along the way.

Jasper felt himself being pulled down on to Harry's lap and being fed a brownie. He was in heaven now. Closing his eyes he let himself get lost in the chocolately goodness and Harry.

Carlisle watched the whole thing with interest and couldn't believe how easily and calmly Harry handled Jasper. It usually took forever to calm Jasper. Looking over at Alice and Edward, he glared and said, "I'm very disappointed in you two. You two can go to your rooms for tonight and starting tomorrow you two will be going to Denalis Coven for a couple of years. Maybe by than Jasper will think about forgiving and we can try to be a family again."

Edward looked like he was going to protest, but Carlisle looked away and that caused Edward more pain than he thought. Edward picked up Alice and they made their way to their rooms with heavy steps and heavy hearts, knowing they messed up.

Esme not liking the tense atmosphere brought up the cookies and starting conversing with Harry about different recipes he should try.

A couple hours later Jasper and Rose were talking and laughing at mates.

Emmett and Harry have been going an hour straight reciting Robin Hood: Men in Tights. They were currently singing a song and dancing.

"We're men. We're men in tights. We roam around the forest looking for fights. We're men,"

"They are good," Jasper commented, watching them.

" We're men in tights. We rob from the rich and give to the poor. That's right! We may look like sissies. But watch what you say. Or else we'll put out your lights"

"That they are," Rose agreed, as Harry played Blinkin and hit Emmett who was Little John.

" We're men. We're men in tights. Always on guard. Defending the people's rights. We're men. Manly men! We're men in tights. Yes! We roam around the forest looking for fights"

"You two sure have entertaining mates," Esme stated.

" We're men. We're men in tights. We rob from the rich and give to the poor. That's right! We may look like pansies. But don't get us wrong. Or else we'll put out your lights. We're men. We're men in tights. *Tight tights* Always on guard. Defending the people's rights. When you're in a fix. Just call for the men in tights. We're butch!"

Rose and Esme clapped and Jasper let out a wolf whistle, catching Harry's wink. Jasper while still upset with Alice and Edward, was enjoying his night with his coven, no his family, thinking the only thing that would be better would be a glass of ice tea and a piece of pie.

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