Saruman's Revenge
By SkyFire

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Saruman's Revenge
By SkyFire

Part 16

That evening, Elrond and Glorfindel emerged from the half-Elf's bedroom and went down to supper.
As the meal progressed, Elrond noticed that Gandalf was conspicuously absent. He looked to his
sons, noting in concern how pale and worn they both looked. He hoped the wizard would be able to
solve the problem soon, even if only for the health of the Twins.

"Elladan?" he asked the twin nearest him.

Dark eyes looked up wearily. "Yes?"

"Where is Gandalf?"

The Twins shared a Look, then Elladan spoke, eyes sparkling with amusement. "In the library."

Elrohir nodded. "He said he did not wish to be disturbed."

"He was up to his eyebrows in dusty obscure texts when last we looked in."

Elrond nodded, smiled softly. "He should be content, then. Nothing makes him happier than
book-dust..." he trailed off at the Twins' muffled choking. "What?"

This time it was Elrohir that spoke first. "He was not very happy."

"He was rather upset." Elladan.


Glorfindel frowned, looked to Elrond, then back to the Twins. "Why? Perhaps we should go see
what is wrong, and offer our aid in research-"

"No!" Elladan yelped.

Elrohir shook his head, eyes wide at the thought. "No!" his yelp came in swift echo of Elladan's.
"You do not want to do that!"

"He will come to you when he is ready," Elladan added.

Now Elrond frowned. "Elladan," he said calmly. "Elrohir. Do you know why Gandalf is so upset?"

The Twins hesitated, then nodded silently.

"Is it something to do with Glorfindel and I?"

Once again matched dark heads nodded yes.

"And you are now going to tell us why he is upset, are you not?"

The Twins shared a glance, then looked to where Elrond and Glorfindel sat awaiting the answer.

Elrohir spoke. "It is rather amusing in a way, really," he said. "Though I know to Gandalf it
doesn't seem so."

Elladan nodded, eyes sparkling with barely suppressed mirth. "Father, Glorfindel, if only you
could remember the look on his face when the two of you handed him his beard, tied with those

Elrond stared. "Handed... him... his... beard?" he gulped, paling.

Elrohir nodded. "Yes. The two of you cut it off while he was asleep, then took the knife to his
face. His face is now completely smooth-shaven. You did a fine job, for children. You left
behind only a few minor cuts."

Glorfindel moaned and buried his face under his arms on the table. Then he looked to Elrond.
"Let us not go seeking Gandalf," he said tactfully as the empty plates on the table were taken away.

"I agree," Elrond said, equally tactful, much to the amusement of the Twins.


It was perhaps two hours before dawn when Elrond and Glorfindel looked up at a knock at the study

"Come," Elrond called.

The door swung silently open and Gandalf entered the room, accompanied by a newly-awakened
Elladan and Elrohir, closing the door firmly behind him. He glared when he noticed the Elf-lords
staring at his naked face. "Elrond," he growled. "Glorfindel."

"Gandalf!" Elrond squeaked. He cleared his throat, stood. He walked over to a serving table.
"Miruvor?" he offered, pouring himself a generous amount. He had the feeling he was going to
need it. At Gandalf's negative response, he looked to Glorfindel. The blond nodded vigorously,
obviously in as much need of the brew as Elrond himself. After pouring a second generous glass,
Elrond went back to his desk and sat down.

"May I begin now?" the wizard asked, voice still harsher than either Elf-lord was used to hearing
it directed at them. Without even waiting for Elrond's nod, he spoke. "I believe I may have
found a way of reversing the spell that binds you." The he launched into a speech detailing his
search through the library, obscure jumps of logic and accidental finds that had all eventually
led him to what he thought was a cure for their condition. By the end of his recital, the
glasses of both lords were empty and they were feeling rather mellow, their earlier trepidation
all but forgotten.

"And so," Gandalf was saying, "with your consent, I will attempt to cure you now."

It took a moment for that to sink into Elrond's somewhat sluggish consciousness. "Now?" he asked,
startled, when it did.

"Now," Gandalf repeated. "Are you ready?"

The lords shared a glance, then looked back to the wizard. "Yes?" came the weak question in

The wizard nodded. He pointed to an empty expanse of floor. "Stand there," he said simply,
watched as Elrond and Glorfindel walked over to the indicated spot. Then he looked to the Twins.
"Be ready to catch them," he said.

Elrond only had time to voice a concerned "Catch?" before Gandalf spoke a short string of quiet
yet commanding words in the language of magic and he and Glorfindel were surrounded by bright,
overwhelming light.

As had happened that first evening in the Hall of Fire, vicious cramping pain seized them and
they doubled over. Then the pain intensified, pulling choked cries from them. The pain grew
again and in the middle of the light, darkness claimed their consciousness and they collapsed,
unconscious, to the floor.

Elladan and Elrohir looked over as the blinding light faded away to nothing. They saw their
father and Glorfindel collapsed facedown upon the floor, their hair having swung forward to cover
their faces.

"I told you to be ready to catch them," Gandalf said. He waved away the twins' protests. "The
light was blinding for you, I realize that. Go now and see to them. Put them to bed. I doubt
they will wake soon."

With that, the wizard turned and left the twins alone with the two unconscious lords.

Elladan and Elrohir stood unmoving for a long moment, looking at the two lying on the floor.

Then Elladan spoke. "They look to be still grown," he said, a faint hopeful note in a voice
otherwise full of trepidation.

Elrohir nodded shakily.

Together they walked slowly, cautiously, over to the side of the puddle of Elf-lords. From that
distance they could see that the two were definitely the size they were supposed to be. Breathing
slightly easier, they knelt.

It was Elrohir who first reached out a hand and brushed the silky hair back from their father's

They stared, eyes wide. Then they brushed back Glorfindel's hair and their eyes widened even

Both lords were still grown, but it appeared that millennia had been taken off their appearance;
they now looked like they were no more than a twelve-year older than the Twins.

"Elladan?" came Elrohir's small voice.

Elladan merely shook his head mutely. Then he shook himself and reached out his hands for
Glorfindel. "Let's put them to bed," he said.


In their father's bedroom, the Twins sat watching the bed as the false-dawn brightened with the
approach of true-dawn.

Lying there on the bed were Elrond and Glorfindel, dressed in a set of their sleeping-clothes.
Fluffy was tucked in neatly beside Glorfindel, button eyes staring blankly out the window at the
approaching dawn.

The Sun's edge peeked over the mountains, sending a ray of golden light splashing over the bed
where the lords lay.

The Twins held their breath as they watched, unsure if the wizard's spell would work or if they
would shortly be chasing wild Elflings once again.

Many long moments passed and there was no change in the lords.

Then Elrond's face squinched up before he puled the covers up over his face, blocking out the
light, muttering unintelligibly in his sleep. Glorfindel turned onto his side, Fluffy
momentarily cutting off his breathing before he too ducked beneath the covers to avoid the light.

Then the Glorfindel-lump beneath the covers grunted and the head reappeared, hair gone wild, and
blinked at the Twins in the light of the dawn. "It is dawn," he said, voice raised in question.

"Yes," Elrohir said, grinning. It was strange to hear Glorfindel's voice coming from this
younger version.

"It is dawn," Glorfindel repeated. "We are cured." A huge grin spread across his face. "We are
cured!" He turned to face the Elrond-lump beside him, began shaking it vigorously. "Elrond!
Elrond, wake up! We are cured! Elrond!"

The covers on the other side of the bed were pulled down to show the somewhat sleep-dazed face of
Elrond, his hair as mussed as Glorfindel's. Sleepily blinking in the light, it took a moment for
Glorfindel's continuing words to sink in. Then his eyes widened and a grin to match Glorfindel's
spread across his face. "Cured!"

The two Elf-lords were still sitting in bed, rejoicing in their recovery, when there came a knock
at the door.

Elladan went over and opened the door to show a concerned Erestor. "My lord Elladan," he greeted.
"I was just in your father's study looking for the day's instructions, but they seem to be
incomplete. Perhaps you could-" he broke off as he caught sight of Elrond sitting there with
Glorfindel. His eyes widened. "My lord Elrond!" he exclaimed. "You are cured! And you look...
you look... younger. And well." Then he shook himself, remembering what had brought him there
in the first place. "About today's instructions...?"

Elrond nodded. "I finished them on a separate sheet," he said. He cast a significant glance at
Glorfindel, then looked back at Erestor. "Glorfindel and I shall go retrieve them." He got up
out of bed, grabbed two sets of clothes from his wardrobe. "Come, Glorfindel."

The two went into the study, closing the door behind them. Those left behind in the bedroom
guessed that it was to allow privacy for them to change. But as time passed and no sounds were
heard from within, they grew suspicious.

It was Elladan who went out onto the balcony and looked over. His groan told the story even
before he voiced it. "The study window is open," he said, shoulder slumping. "And there are
footprints in the newly-turned earth beneath it." He sighed. "I guess Father and Glorfindel
decided that they weren't quite ready to return to their duties."


Newly dressed, Elrond and Glorfindel snuck over to the stables, purloined their horses and rode
off before anyone noticed they were even there. They stopped briefly on their way to pluck a few
apples from one of the trees along the path, then they were off.

Feeling younger and more energetic than they had for many years, they were determined to spend
that day outside as they hadn't in so long. They knew that they would soon have to return to
their responsibilities as lords of Imladris, but that day they took as their own.

In the days and years that followed, though the two never neglected their duties, they were also
more carefree than they had been, more closely resembling the Twins in demeanor- both serious and
playful at once.

It was a few short weeks after they had been cured when one of the Wandering Companies of Elves
passed through Rivendell with the news of Saruman's death in the Shire. Though they would not
show it to anyone else, both Lords breathed easier knowing that they would not be spelled again
by the treacherous wizard.

Not *that* one, at least.

Gandalf still hadn't been able to grow out his beard yet and leveled more than one dark glare the
Elf-lords' way.

For their part, Elrond and Glorfindel were content to hide whenever they saw him coming and *not*
tempt fate.


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