Yay! Prompts! Now, keep in mind, these are going to be RANDOM. Random genres, random plots, random time lines, and (maybe) random characters. XD Also, I'm doing one every day, so it'll be updated every ten days. Some prompts will be longer than others. Some might be slightly M rated BUT THEY WILL BE LABELED. ENJOY! (I'll try.)


01- Cliché

What do women like? Just in general. It's so much easier to think in general. Statistic-wise. What do women like to get on... oh, what is it again... Valentine's Day?

Well, after Six looked around town for a few minutes, he discovered that chocolate and flowers were, apparently, the tradition. Chocolate was easy. She always loved chocolate. Actually, it was usually her favorite pass time. The woman loved her chocolate and Six was glad he never cared too much for it. She almost literally bit Rex's head off when he tried to snatch some before.

Alright, so, he was armed with a month's worth of chocolate. What else? Flowers, right.

... He never knew there were so many flowers. Sure, he knew there were Roses and Lilacs and all that, but Jesus Christ. They have literally filled an entire store with every kind of flower known to mankind and then some. It was all he could do to just blink at the damn things. Who needs this many different kinds of flowers? All they did was smell nice and die. That's it.

Alright. Alright. Stop gawking. Let's be more specific. What kind of flower do women like on Valentine's Day?

... Who even came up with this stupid holiday, anyway? C'mon, Six. Stay on topic here. You're in the home stretch.

Ummm. Red. Red Roses. Women liked red Roses on Valentine's Day... He blinked down at himself. He already had the chocolate. All he needed was the roses and he was set... Yet... he was still frowning. Well, yeah, shopping like this would get any man down, but-

"Can I help you?"

His eyes darted to the well-meaning employee. After glancing to her and to the Wall-O-Flowers, he eventually nodded. "A dozen of those white ones."

And the nice lady blinked at him. "White Roses? That's not very traditional. Are you sure you don't want-"

"I'll take my chances," he told her, taking out his wallet. He'd rather be wrong than a cliché.

Didn't matter, anyway. She was just happy he remembered... a week early, but who's counting?

02- Fairy Tale

"This is stupid."

"It's art, Six. Just do it."


"You have to."

"No, I don't."

"Just do it!"


This was stupid. Rex was supposed to do some sort of school play thing and, somehow, he honestly didn't know, Six had been roped into rehearsing lines with Holiday... Neither of which was in the play... This was stupid! Maybe it was so they could both help Rex rehearse. He thinks she said something like that. This was so stupid.

Six continued thinking that when he read his lines aloud, followed by a quiet groan, "What light through yonder window breaks?... I hate this play. This is-"

"Shush," she told him again, "It's just a play. Finish the line."

He growled, mumbling the rest until he came to one part, "... Juliet is the sun? What?"

"Haven't you read this play before?"

"They all die at the end," he told her, "Not much to spoil as far as plot goes."

"It's a love story," she told him, furrowing her brow, "The most famous love story in history."

"You would think they would've had a happy ending, then," he grumbled.

"That's fairy tales," she pointed out, flipping a few pages.

Six raised a brow to her, "Then what is this? Real life?"

She shrugged, finding the part she was looking for that she was having the most trouble with. After pointing it out to him where she was starting (because whenever he started it never went well), she began, "What is but a name? A Rose by any other name would smell just as sweet-"

Holiday was interrupted when Six rose from his chair, left the book on the table, and started stalking away, brooding the whole time. "I hate this play."

She was left confused.

03- Make Up

He didn't understand it. It might be that "man" disorder Holiday keeps talking about, but he just didn't understand it.

That's why he called Rex in.

"Um," the teen blinked, "Why are we staring at Holiday's stuff?... Wait, where is she?"

"That doesn't matter," Six said, then waved back to the small space of dresser she claimed as her own when she moved into his room. "Why? What is all this?"

Rex shrugged, "You're the one with the girlfriend. How should I know?"

"But what does she need all of this for? Does it really make that much of a difference?" Six sort of just... poked one of the sticks sitting there.

Rex shrugged again, leaning into to see some of the make up sitting there. "I noticed she had a few different eye shadows, but...," he picked up a little case, trying to read a label, "what's burning almond supposed to be?"

"Exactly," the older man said, glad that the kid had seen his point. He picked up a lipstick, trying to read it's label. "Morning rouge." He opened it. "Why don't they just call this red?"

Rex had picked up two other lipsticks. "Well, this one's called bright ruby and this one's called budding rose." He opened them both and put them beside the one in Six's hand. "... They look the same."

"They look exactly the same."

"Why don't they just say light red, dark red, darker red, regular red, red red-"

"Why does she need this much makeup? It can't be that incredible."

Just then, a sound, something that sounded like it came from a few rooms over, just suddenly stopped. Rex blinked, "What's tha-" He was suddenly distracted by Six trying and failing to put everything back exactly where it was in a rush, when Holiday walked out of the side bathroom with a wash rag in her hand and rubbing her face.

She froze when she seen them and they froze in turn.

Holiday eventually just... gave up. "What are you doing?"

It was barely noticeable that she had just washed off the make up she had on. Other than the slightly paler lips and the color in her eyes not popping out as much, it wasn't that dramatic.

Rex blinked at her again. He was horribly confused, so he just got angry. "Why on Earth do you need this much-" He was suddenly being pushed out the door by the same guy that drug him in there.

"See you later, Rex," and the door closed.

"But I don't know what's going on!," he screamed through the wall.

Holiday narrowed her eyes to Six. "That makes two of us."

Six looked to her, then the dresser, then the door. "I'm just going to go," and he left.

04- Cooking

Since Rex had no memory of his previous life, there was only a handful of things he associated with the month of November that most didn't.

As expected, this November was no exception.

He simply watched all the lights, like every year, dance across all the emergency vehicles and people told to evacuate. The fire was exceptionally big this year. Holiday had gotten bold.

"Best Thanksgiving yet," he said with a smile, sitting on the ground beside his two surrogate parents. Holiday had just stopped crying and telling every passerby how sorry she was and Six's hand was still rubbing her back. That didn't stop them from glaring at the kid, though.

05- Seasons

Fall was Rex and Noah's favorite time of year. The leaves were changing colors. The temperature was going to a decent level. School started back, so they could see their friends again.

Most importantly, however, Fall marked the beginning of football season.

"Go! You idiot!"

"I can run faster than that! Me!"

"GoGoGoGoGoGo, NOOO!"





"What's going on?"

Both of their heads turned to look at the confusion etched all over Six's face. Neither really considered that they were in trouble. Usually, yes, but today was different.

Rex waved furiously at the TV. "This stupid game. None of them can catch a stupid ball!"

Six's eyebrow raised. "I meant, why are you watching the game in SynOps?"

"Oh," Rex looked away, "That."

Noah just pointed to the screen, "Have you seen a bigger monitor than this?"

Six was about to answer, but Rex quickly interrupted. "No! They got the ball! FUMBLE! FUMBLE!"

Noah caught on real quick. "He's running! He's right there! Catch him! CATCH HIM!"

"Tackle him! Shoot him! I don't care!"

"Stop him! Stop him! Stop hi- AH!"




Six just walked away.

06- Fame

The blue lines spread across the monstrous form, before it finally started to shrink down into a more human shaped size. The man laying on the asphalt slowing started to blink his eyes open.

"Hola, amigo," Rex said, giving the guy a hand to get himself up, "How you feeling?"

The man stood up, wobbling back a little. "I little dizzy, but, over all, a lot better... What happened?"

"Ah, don't worry about that," the boy waved, "S'all good now."

A voice talked behind the man turned human again. "Maybe to some." He turned around, seeing Six walk up to him... That wasn't really his main concern, though. His main concern was the buildings smashed, the cars upside-down, and the fire hydrant churning water a mile into the air.

"Wha-," he tried again, "What happened?"

"I'll rephrase," the boy said, changing his answer as Six stood beside him. "Things are better now."

That's when the man recognized them. "Wait," he sputtered, "Wait. Wait. You guys are those Providence guys. Tha- That EVO kid."

"I see my reputation precedes me," Rex gloated, while Six rolled his eyes.

Someone else noticed them. Then some more voices cheered in from the neighborhood. "Hey, it is the EVO kid!" "So Providence did show up?" "He was cured! See?"

Rex waved up his hands to the crowd. "Please. Please. Folks. Hold your applause." He did not notice that Six was backing a little closer to him. "I do this kind of stuff for a living. You know. Just... doing my job. That's all." His grin faded when he decided to look around.

His crowd of adoring fans didn't look very adoring.

"Half of my house is gone!" "I think my arm is broken!" "It took you guys forty-five minutes to get here!"

While they continued on, a Providence tank pulled in behind the boys. Six grabbed the newly cured man, so Holiday could take a look at him, and drug Rex in practically kicking and screaming.

"Are you serious?," the teen screamed at them, "We just saved your lives and this is how you-" The carrier closed up, cutting him off... He was still angry, though. "Why are they like that? What do they expect?"

Six helped the man sit down as the the carrier started moving. The man looked up to the boy. "You're a savior. Like... Mr. Impossible or something. They expect you to save us all."

"I'm trying," Rex informed, kicking a wall before sitting, "I'm not freaking perfect."

After sitting between the two, Six looked to the boy. "That's the price of fame, kid."

07- Ghosts

"Trick or what?"

"Trick or TREAT! It's Halloween! God!"

Rex just stared for a while at the kid standing outside Noah's door. "Um… So… You don't know the people that live here?"

"No!" the kid screamed again, "That's the point! Ugh. Are you really being sarcastic or are you really this dumb?"

Rex raised an eyebrow, "I'm not the one dressed up like Casper asking strangers for candy."


"Alright, fine." The teen huffed, about to just close the door, when he turned to see Noah walk down the stairs. "Hey, dude, there's a little ghost standing out… side… What are you doing?"

"Waz ya men?" Noah asked, trying make the false fangs fit right. He finally managed to do something. "There. That's better."

While his friend grabbed a bowl of candy and opened the door again, Rex was just fumbling. "You have a cape? Why do you need fake teeth?... Is that grease in your hair?"

"Here you go," Noah told the kid, handing him a candy bar. "Happy Halloween."

"Thanks, mister," the kid said, putting the candy in his growing bag. He then shot Rex a look. "And I will see you during the haunting hour!" The kid then ran off.

"And people call me a freak…"

"That was… unnaturally dark. What did you do to him?"

"… I don't know… I don't even know why you invited me over. I'm so confused."

"Well! You need a costume! We have to celebrate your first Halloween memory."

"Right… Sure… I'll go with that…"

08- Love

He never said a word.

He simply watched from the side lines as the two started dating, slowly getting more serious with their relationship as time went on. He watched them fight with guilty hope and he watched them make up with hated jealousy.

She deserved someone like him. The man was strong, dedicated, knew where his loyalties stood. He was a good man with a good heart and wasn't afraid to show or tell her how much he loved her every day.

Yet, every now and then, he could catch glances. See a disappointed frown. Still, he never said a word.

The only thing he did was agree to be the best man. It wasn't so bad on him, until the reception and the bride and groom had their first dance. That's when it really hit him.

Rex walked up beside his mentor, sipping from his juice. He had enjoyed the ceremony and goofed off whenever the chance presented itself, just to piss off Holiday, but right now he was in all seriousness.

"Why didn't you ever tell her?"

Six pushed off the wall he was leaning against and simply walked away.

Because I love her.

09- French


Six rolled over, covering his head up with the pillow. If he was lucky, he can get a couple more seconds.

That is, until his door swished open and a teenager flopped on his bed. "I need your help!"

Six just groaned. "Rex," he said, voice muffled, "You need to learn the essence of boundaries."

"This is serious!" The kid groaned.

"Are you sprouting another limb?"

"I-… No?"

"Are you on fire?"

"… No."

"Are you bleeding out and already lost three pints?"

"…. No."

"Then it's not that serious." Six rolled over again.

"… Yes, it is!" The boy received no response. He took that as the green light to just go ahead. "I need to learn French, like, yesterday and you're the only person I know that knows useless stuff like that."

"French is the most prominent spoken language on the globe, Rex."

"Well, I know two already, so it can't be all that great."

Six sighed in his pillow. The kid was willing to learn something. Could he really say no to that? The man just finally sat up in bed, showing off his black t-shirt. His brown eyes reluctantly opened to look at the teen. "And what is the emergency exactly?"

Rex was all about talking about this one! "Well, there was this alert that went off about an EVO trampling stuff. Anyway, I cured her and she's a total babe. Holiday's still looking her over, but…"

"She only speaks French," Six finished for him.

"Yeah… Holiday refuses to translate for me, so I was wondering-"

"No." Six laid back down.

Oh, no! He was loosing it! "No, no. You don't have to translate. Just teach me some. Anything. Just say anything."

He wasn't going to go away, was he? Six sighed again. "Ask her… Comment tu t'appelles? and… Comment vas-tu?"

"… What's that mean?"

"What's your name? and How are you?"

"Kay! Thanks!" And Rex finally ran out.

Well, he could probably get a few more seconds of sleep. Depended on if Rex got an answer or forgot what to say half way there.

… Actually, he'll just get up now.

10- Photograph

The air was so dry. He casually wondered if his own blood would make it seem a little better, but it didn't, obviously.

The EVO, big and mean, lay dead beside him. There was no one else around that was alive for miles. Even though he had called in backup earlier, he still knew they wouldn't be here for another few minutes.

It was stupid to go off alone on a mission this dangerous. He always knew that, yet, when it was particularly difficult, he made them all stay behind just in case the worst would happen to them. Well, now it seemed to be the other way around.

Six coughed painfully, looking up at the cloudless sky. Not even any damn shade.

It took him a few more seconds and another cough to realize what was going to happen. He was about to die here, alone, without knowing where he would go. He had a good idea, but it didn't mean that he particularly hoped for that outcome.

With his good arm, he pulled on his shirt, popping a few of the buttons. A shaky hand slipped in towards his chest and under the layer of armor. The tips of his fingers were already loosing the sense of touch and it scared him to think that he couldn't get a grip on it, but he did and he tugged it free of it's prison.

His eye sight might have been going, but he could still see them when he held it out. Their smiles. They looked so happy. His innocent and cocky grin next to her beautiful green eyes. Six himself wasn't in the picture, but he hardly cared. It just meant that they were happy with and without him. It made him smile, too.

Didn't mean they wouldn't be disappointed.

"Sorry," he chocked out in a scratchy voice, but his smile didn't fade. He could successfully say that he enjoyed his time, if not for the wanting of a little more.

His shaking arm finally gave up and slumped against the ground. He could still see it, still see their smiles. Even when things started getting misty and even when the color drained and even when he couldn't see at all, he could still see their smiles.


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