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91- Alien (From the HU crossover)


"I'm serious! Don't look at me like that!"

"Let me just… repeat what you've said so far, alright," Noah said, then continued, "You're telling me that this dude from a parallel universe just sort of jumped in and could turn into any alien."

"Any of ten aliens… I think… He had the Ten part in his name for a reason," Rex stops, thinking.

"Rex. My head hurts."

"This really happened, dude! He was all FLASH and then he was all RAWR and then he just kicked ALL the butt! It was awesome!"

"Rex," his friend said a bit more sternly, "You need to get more sleep at night, dude."

"I'm telling the truth! It happened!"

"I should talk to Dr. Holiday about all this."

"You should! She was there, too!"

"Sure she was, Rex."

92- Like Magic

His eyes dared to peak open, seeing the woman sitting on the bed with him.

"Hey," she spoke softly, "How you feel?"

"Like…" How did he feel? "Like I've been… run over? A few times? By eighteen wheelers?"

Holiday smirked. "You'll feel better soon, Six. The pain meds will make you drowsy for now, but it'll help with any pain you have left."

He sighed. "You know I hate those."

"I know. That's why I gave it to you while you were still out."


Her smile grew a little and she stayed silent for a second, but he could she wanted to say something, so he didn't interrupt the silence. Eventually, she spoke. "We thought we lost you."

"How many times have I heard that?"

"A lot, I know. We were still worried, though."

He closed his eyes for a second. "Sorry…. Was it that bad?"

Her eyes looked down. "It wasn't good…"

"Worse than that mission in Moscow?"

"You were out for almost a week," at this, he huffed a breath, "so yeah. It was a little-…"

She was staring at him, now… Her eyes were wide and… it almost made him scared. "What?"

"We didn't tell-… You remember… Moscow?"

He moved his hand a little, since he couldn't motion with his arm. "Well, I've only been there about a hundred-" And then… it just clicked. "I-… I think I-… Ask me something. Ask me anything."

"Um," she quickly searched her mind. "What's my sister's name?"

"Beverly. Too easy."

"What did Rex steal your suits for?"

"A date with you and Prom. He brags too much. Another. More detail."

"Uhh," Detail. Detail. Something only they would know. "Wh- What year wine did we have when you took me out to dinner?"

"… `64?"

She pinned him to the bed in a hug.

93- Ritual (Six's schedule at Providence. I was thinking morning ritual, but… it just kept going.)

5:00 AM.

Pull out of bed. Katas. Shower. Meditate.

6:00 AM.

Breakfast. News. Pull Rex out of bed.

7:00 AM.

Morning briefing. Training with Rex. Bring Holiday coffee.

8:00 AM.

First EVO alarm. Head out. Fight.

9:00 AM.

Fight. Argue with Rex. Fight.

10:00 AM.

Fight. Save someone's life. Fight.

11:00 AM.

Fight. Get hurt. Ignore it. Win the fight.

12:00 PM.

Back to base. Argue with Holiday. Let her patch it up anyway. Lunch.

1:00 PM.

Afternoon meeting. Thwack Rex because he's sleeping during the meeting. Listen to him whine for the rest of it.

2:00 PM.

Make sure Rex doesn't prank someone. Nap instead.

3:00 PM.

Wake up because of Rex's prank. Lecture him.

4:00 PM.

Talk with Holiday. Another EVO alarm. Head out.

5:00 PM.

Fight. Irritate the previous injury. Save someone anyway. Fight.

6:00 PM.

Fight. Argue with Rex. Win the fight.

7:00 PM.

Rex vanishes. Ignore it. Back to base.

8:00 PM.

Argue with Holiday. Let her patch it up again anyway. Rex comes home. Ignore he ever left in the first place.

9:00 PM.

Late dinner. Argue with Bobo.

10:00 PM.

Rex goes to bed. Meeting with Knight. Just end up talking instead.

11:00 PM.

Bring Holiday more coffee. Argue with her. Almost say it. Turn chicken shit. Go to bed.

5:00 AM.

Do it again.

94- Desperate Prayer (Remember the OC son of Holix I made up in a few of these prompts? Okay. Forget about that. Doc Tinsley made up these two OCs and I got some of the idea from Cybra.)

Rex was told to wait in the waiting room, so wait he was going to do. He wasn't about to bring up an argument now, as much as he desperately wanted to. Instead, he sat alone in the room, sitting on the edge of one of the nice, comfy chairs, leg bouncing, hands clasped together, and jaw screwed tight, staring at the floor.

He was rethinking maybe bringing up an argument with someone, anyone, wouldn't be such a bad idea. Rex was no expert by any means, but this had been a long time… Glancing at the clock again, he only grew more nervous. He'd been sitting in here for twenty minutes, but he got the call a while back ago.

Six's teaching came back to him and he decided to try it out. Slowly, he took in a deep breath, held it for a few seconds before letting it out, forcing himself to relax his shoulders… Yeah, it wasn't working today.

The sound of the door opening made him jump to his feet in a second. "Six!" He quickly ran over to the man, making sure not to latch him in a hug like he wanted to. The first things he noticed were the missing shades and the bundle of pink in his arms.

"Rex," Six said with a tiny smile, "This is Jasmine."

If there were any more air in his lungs, he would have squeaked. Instead, after clearing his throat for a second, he managed a shaky. "… Hey."

The bundle responded with a low grunt of its own with a little hand coming out to poke through the fabric. He let her wrap her hand around his finger. There was no way his smile could get much bigger.

Rex glanced up to look over Six's shoulder, through the glass in the door and into the hall he just came from. He was expecting to see a doctor or Holiday or someone, but-…

"There were two," he looked over to Six, "Where's Jade?" His smile fell away at seeing Six's tight lips. The man just continued to look down at his daughter, instead of risking looking up at the kid.

"ICU. They said she's too small. Can't breathe on her own," he didn't look up to notice, but he had every bit of the boy's attention, "They're running antibiotics. Going to have to for at least a week and we're supposed to see what happens from there."

And now he felt even more on edge than he did before. At least he could breathe back then. "But she'll be fine."

The few beats of silence before a reply came about answered that question… Still, he managed to say something. "We don't know."

Rex swallowed, his throat having gone dry. He found that he had to give himself a second or two before trying to speak. "… What about Doc? Where's she?"

"Resting. She's fine," he answered, shoulders actually slouching a little, "They had to do a caesarian for Jade, but she's up in her room now… I don't know what I'm going to tell her…"

"She doesn't know?"

Six shook his head. "Not yet. She just knew they were taking Jade somewhere and she told me to follow."

The bundle moved again, claiming their attention. Rex wiggled his finger in her palm, but his smile was hardly there. "I'll stay down here, give you two time. Unless you want me to go."

"She'll want to see you," Six nodded, "Just… give me a moment with her first…"

Rex nodded. "Lead the way, dad."

Six allowed himself a low laugh, before holding Jasmine closer and leading Rex towards the elevators.

95- Foresight

He had heard it many times before. More often from Dos than any of the other numbers, but they spoke their minds on the matter as well. They didn't understand.

Once Six left, joined Providence, his calls and visits coming less frequently, it started again. This time, it was fueled by a lot of anger from the other numbers and it was understandable on their part. They deserved to be angry.

Except, he wasn't angry or solemn or regretful, so it made them confused and even angrier. Often times, when he was asked, he would ignore it or let Six's punch in their face do the talking for him, but his time was starting to run short and even he knew that.

"What on Earth made you consider that he was a good enough follower to be called your student?"

He didn't turn around to face Dos, but he sat with his cloaked back to his most dangerous student, letting the candle burn beside him. His voice had stayed at its deep level, but the mutations made talking difficult and his voice scratch.

"He had something no one else I've seen held. When I found him, he was within an inch of his life, probably had been dead if I had seen him two days later. But he still had a burning determination to live… No. Not just to live. He wanted to be better than he was. Better than what the people who wronged him were. He wanted strength and power, but he wanted to stand for something more than himself, better than himself. He wanted to make a difference and he wanted to feel loved for it. He wanted to be needed. When I looked at that boy, I knew exactly what kind of man he would become. I knew what his potential could be and I knew what he could bring to the world. To our order. To me. I knew exactly what he was that made me feel the need to take him in and teach him when I looked into that child's face."

He did not want to interrupt, but the silence had spun itself out and Dos found himself growing impatient. "… And what is that?"

"Hope," the man answered simply. One slightly turned his head, making the sure that the message went across. "I am proud and honored to call him my student, Dos. Do not ever forget that again."

96- Never (AU again)

Rex looked out over the landscape, sitting atop a great hill, looking down at the dense vegetation of the valley below him. The fog had lifted and the sun peeked through as clouds could be seen touching against the trees in the distance. It was a beautiful view. It was also miles away from any real civilization, but that was the point after all.

It was getting time to go back home to the real world. He'd been hiding out for years, almost a decade. Surely Providence or whoever was after him at the time had either disbanded or killed themselves right?

Point was, this was most likely the last time he was going to get this kind of view and it gave him time to reflect on everything. He wondered what would happen when he went back. He wondered what shape everything was in. The only reason he had stayed out here so long was to keep his promise to his pseudo-parents and he kept it until the exact day. He didn't plan to stay any longer than he had to.

Right. His not-parents. The people that basically raised him, yet their names won't be printed along with his. History wouldn't know it. Rex sighed. And this was the last place he had of them, too.

They had promised to never betray him and they didn't. They promised to never let him down and they didn't. They promised to always care for him and they always did. They also promised to never leave him, though…

He had been pissed over that for a long time, but… it wasn't their fault. Besides, he knew that somehow they were still there. They had to be. After all, they made him who he was at that moment. As long as he lived, they would be right there beside him and he knew it.

With one last sight and after rolling his shoulders… he turned and walked away. Time to face the world again.

97- Silence (Sort of going with 78- Haunted. This is more of a prequel to it, though.)

The room dwelled in darkness and silence. Six hated it, but he did nothing to change it. There was no point. Besides whether it was dark or bright, it wouldn't do anything for the roaring silence splitting through everything. He could probably turn on a TV or radio, but he wouldn't listen to it anyway. It would just be that deep silence in his head. All that would create was the illusion to someone looking in that it really wasn't so dark and quiet, but it was just an illusion.

And there was no one there to look in.

So, there was no reason to waste the energy, right?

At first, he had taken to doing things in order to keep his mind off of unwanted thoughts, but that wasn't working. Taking on jobs and contracts only proved to be annoying and, with the ongoing distraction, something akin to suicide. It wasn't so much the whole dying part, but more of the reflexes he had to keep himself from dying that usually ended up in causing some sort of severe pain somewhere.

After ditching mercenary work again, he tried to take on odd jobs or hobbies or harder training or anything really. Nothing was working and he knew it, but if he didn't keep going he knew that he would just stop and not get up again. Then he would just let himself be eaten by the silence in his mind and even though he didn't really care, there was still a part of him that was scared, maybe even terrified, of that silence. It was too deep and too quiet. It was just too much to bear, but it would never go away. It always sat there, haunting him, mocking him, waiting for him to slip up because it knew he would.

So, finally, he just gave up. Screw with ignoring it, screw with pretending, he decided to just stop everything and face it, no matter how scared he was. Then it was there, just out of the darkness and in the open where he could properly hear the echoes. Six didn't even think on it, but he had somehow ended up laying on the floor and watching the ceiling. It was just as terrifying as he thought it would be. It was just… nothing. There was nothing there and it felt like it was swallowing him and he just didn't have the motivation to stop it.

He wasn't surprised when he finally caught a voice in the deafening silence. Was it real? Fake? He didn't know. Didn't care. It was there and it was worried. The voice sounded familiar. It sounded respectable, something that he knew he needed to respond to, because he hated it when that voice was worried. Still, it didn't have a sound. It wasn't even words, it was just a familiar sensation. A feeling that he craved, but didn't like.

His imagination went to work and he let it go, putting sounds and pitches with the voices, forcing them to be legible and understanding. Yes, they were still quite worried. Though, he wasn't all that surprised to hear the familiar voices and sounds of the people who were no longer there. Happy, but not surprised.

"I'm okay," he shakily whispered, trying to calm them, "don't worry about me. Please."

98- Injury

"It's not that bad, Doctor."

Holiday resisted the STRONG urge to slap him. Yes, she had heard those words come out of his mouth many times before, but that was a long time ago. It seemed the memory loss was, once again, a back step. Didn't matter. She trained him once, she could do it again.

"You know," she grumbled, stitching up the deep wound on his bicep against his protests for her to leave it be, "you used to say things like that a long time ago. Don't worry, Doctor. I've got it. Don't fret. If you touch me, it's not my fault if I shank you, so it's best for everyone if you just let me bleed to death, right here, on the floor of the medical wing."

"… I highly doubt I've used the word shank," Six said with as much annoyance as a wet cat.

She may have tugged a little harder on the thread than what was called for. It's okay, though, he didn't yelp or anything. That was undignified, unmanly, a wound to the pride. She revealed in that twitch of his jaw, though. It was enough of a victory and she'd take what she could get. "Kind of missing the point there, Six."

"And the point is?"

"Those days are over. Swallow your pride next time you end up mauled by something, so that you'll be able to live until the next day."

"I've told you, Doctor. It's not that bad."

Deep breath. She even closed her eyes for a second. Patience is a virtue, Holiday. "It's not lethal… yet."

"I wasn't going to run in my room and lick it if that's what you're thinking," he shot back. Yes, he was annoyed with this. No, he didn't mind her hands all over him, but he did mind adding something else to her plate of things to worry about. Seemed like worrying was her favorite pastime when it came to everything else. He could handle himself, he didn't need her to look after him, too.

She, apparently, seen things differently. "I know that you were taught in some basic medicine, but I'd much rather handle things myself instead of you handling it alone. Besides, the only time you consider an injury bad is if you're missing a limb, missing half of your body, or unconscious and refusing to wake up."

"And those are the times when I will call for you."

"No, Six. I'm. Your. Medic. Let me do medical things! You used to!"

"Those days are over." Mocking the same words she fed him. That always pissed her off. Though, pushing the issue that he wasn't the same person anymore tended to actually hurt her, but it might be enough to make her stop fussing over him for good. Usually worked that way.

… Except… for this time. Her eyebrow did twitch a little, but overall she just continued on stitching him up. "I've convinced you before. I can do it again."

He sighed, but it ended up coming out as a groan. "And how exactly did you convince me the first time?"

"I don't know! But I'll figure it out. You scare me too much when things like this happens."

His annoyed frown dissolved as he looked back at her. Holiday was still very annoyed and very angry and didn't even realize what the words she said meant to him.

He had been scaring her? By not going straight to her, he left the unknown in his place for her to worry over. He knew that she could handle an injury of anything in any form, but she had to see it first. She was trusting him to point it out and not keep it to himself. He was making it worse by hiding…

Six looked away from her again, letting him stitch up his arm in mild silence, letting her fume next to him. Maybe he would come to her next time… but he wasn't going to tell her that.

99- Pet

Maybe it was all the years of training with One. Maybe it was his past self trying to come through. Maybe it was the thought that he would do exactly the same thing.

But when Rex came back into their new base, spoke barely two words of greeting to his handlers, then promptly ran off, all of Six's red flags went up. He looked over to Holiday to confirm it… Yes, her eyebrow was up.


"I'm on it."

It took him a little while to find the boy, but when he did, he thought the kid had flipped his lid for a second… He found him near the hangar, but it was clear that he was going to be on the move soon. Not out, but further in base…

Six figured this out because the boy was talking to himself, or that's what it seemed like with him crouched down to the floor with his back to him. "Hey, don't fret, okay? I found you some food and I'll take you over to my room soon. If we play this right, there'll be no problem with you staying here. They won't even know that-"


Six… did not know Rex could scream like that. Ow. Sounded like bloody murder or something.

"S-Six! Wh- What are you doing here?" Shifty eyes. Back straight. A little sweat. Trying not to wiggle.

Oh yes. He was hiding something. Six just gave him back the usual stoic frown… before moving to walk around the boy and see what's going on.

"No! Wait! I mean, surely you have something better going on! A guy like you! Come on! Date with Holiday! Trolling Black Knight! Murder! Something! You don't-!"

Ah, there's the culprit… Kind of cute…

The puppy, that looked like some sort of Yorkshire thing, thumped its tail against the concrete, looking up at Six with huge eyes.

Six just turned his head to look into the big eyes of his ward… who promptly fell to his knees and latched on to the man's arm for dear life. "PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE LET ME KEEP HIM!"


"I promise he won't be any trouble. I'll handle everything to do with feeding him and taking care of him."


"You won't even know he's here. You'll forget all about him and one day you'll be all like, hey what ever happened to that adorable puppy Rex brought by one day, and you won't know because Rex has been a good kid and-"

"Rex. No." Before he could go on another spree, Six tried explaining. "There's no way we can take in a pet. Even if money wasn't an object, we're still basically a militant group. We're hardly ever home and we're usually out in the field. It'll just end up being a liability."

That didn't help. "But he's a little stray, Six. Look at him."

He did. He didn't want to, but he did. It reminded him of the few times One had refused a pet and it was for the same reasons and he knew he understood it back then, but he still remembered feeling like it wasn't fair. Not to him, but to the animal. Rex was feeling that now and… he kind of was, too… But it just logically didn't make-

"Oh, look at the cute puppy!" Oh, no. "Where did you come from, little guy?" Oh, no no no no no no. "You got such big eyes. Yes, you do." Everything was falling apart. "And you're so soft. Come here." He could see the entire world just crashing down around him.

Holiday giggled as the puppy licked her cheek, before she turned her big smile to Six. "Are we keeping him?"


"… I-… No?"

Rex shot up. "I vote we do. Six sounds undecided."


Holiday was busy scratching the top of the puppy's head. "I vote we do, too. How does that sound, Six?"

"… But-"

"I think it sounds great, Doc. But he'll need a name."

"A name? Let's see."

"But it's-"

"Something classic, but something cool."

"I'll think of… something… Are you hungry, little guy? Come on, I'll show you the kitchen. We're bound to have something for puppies like yourself to eat."

"But we're-"

And she was gone. With the dog. To the kitchen. He didn't dare look at Rex because he knew that damn smirk was all over the boy's face.

"Can't say no to the Doc, huh?"

"Go away."

100- Book

Rex was bored. It wasn't often that he would get bored, but he was right now and he was letting everyone know about it. Eventually, Holiday suggested he go in her room and check out her book shelf. It took him about five or six tries to actually go into Holiday's, a very beautiful woman who's best attachment to a relationship was to the sixth deadliest dude on Earth, room.

He quickly found the mentioned bookshelf, not wanting to spend more time than he had to in her personal space. Six's was okay. (Not by Six, but it was still okay.) Holiday was… well, everything described above. He just wanted to get in, find something to decent to read, and get out.

So, most of the things he found sounded really… boring. The Origin of the Species? No, thank you. He flipped through a couple with weird sounding names, like The Iliad, but only found that they looked pretty boring and long winded, too. He went through almost every book. The Prince. Moby Dick. Nineteen Eighty-Four, Pride and Prejudice, on and on until he found one that was actually written in an English that he could understand.

He read the first couple of sentences, raised an eyebrow, then tucked the book in its own little spot before fixing everything just as it was and leaving the room.

About two days later, what with the missions and everything else going on, Rex finally finished it… and put it on the desk in front of Holiday with a blank face.

She looked up at him, then at the book before picking it up. "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? I forgot I had this. Did you like-… Rex?" He was gone.

A few more days later and Six finally asked her why on Earth was Rex bringing a towel on every mission they went on. She refused to answer.



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