(AN: Hello again. The main purpose of this chapter is to let you know that I will be writing a drabble fic for Series Five of Merlin, called Five. Creative titling, I know. So, if you enjoyed these, read that, and join me in enjoying more Merlin.)

The last three years had been better than anyone could have hoped for. There was peace, prosperity, and happiness in Camelot.

But the laws against magic still stood.

Morgana was still alive.

Merlin's power was still a secret.

The young warlock tried to enjoy the joyful time, he really did. But he was always on guard, always ready to defend his king and Camelot. A strange anticipation was growing in his chest.

Though he couldn't say why, he felt that soon, things would come to a head, and he'd be back to saving Arthur's ass at least once a week.