Donna felt herself wake in a strange sort of trance. She could feel her arms, legs, her whole body, but she could not move an inch. It took her a moment to realise that she was asleep in her bed at home - her mother's home - and she had no clue how she'd gotten there.

When her body began moving on its own, she screamed.

A rush of fear overtook her when her body made no noise. She desperately tried to move anything, even a single finger, but nothing happened. Her body seemed automated, like a robot. She watched from inside her own head as she picked up her cell phone to check her texts.

"Planets in the sky?" she thought to herself. "The Doctor would have a hand in that." She clung to that idea, that the Doctor might be here somewhere and could tell her what was going on. She still could not move her body, and now she was up and out of her bed, walking into the living room.

It was then that she saw him, looking down at the floor like he could not bear to see her. "I was asleep, ON my bed, IN my clothes, like a flippin' kid! What did you let me do that for?" Her mother and grandfather looked upset, but her body refused to give them acknowledgement. She looked to the Doctor and tried to move, fighting against this robot of a body, but not a single word of her own left her lips. "Don't mind me. Donna."

The Doctor smiled tightly and stood to shake her hand. "Smith. John Smith."

"Mr. Smith was just leaving," Sylvia snipped.

Donna's mind switched to panic mode. He couldn't just leave. Why would he be leaving without her? And why couldn't she speak or move or-

"My phone's gone mad! Thirty-two texts, Veena's gone barmy, she's saying planets in the sky - WHAT have I missed now?" Vaguely, her body spoke to The Doctor. "Nice to meet you."

Her body took her back into the kitchen, away from him, the last place she wanted to be. This had to be some sort of alien plot, trapping her mind and controlling her body. It had to be. Maybe whatever was controlling her told The Doctor that she wanted to go home. That could explain it. But what would make him believe that?

And then he walked into the kitchen with his stupid hair and his stupid shoes and stupid coat and she had never been so happy to see his barmy face. She heard herself rattling on about pubs and Susie Mayor. And then the Doctor said goodbye.

Goodbye? Oh no. No no no no no. He can't just leave. "That isn't how it works, Spaceman!"

Her robot-like body would give her no quarter. She fought tooth and nail against its hold, but nothing would break it. If The Doctor left now, she might never see him again. The thought made her heart burn with loneliness, as much as she could feel her heart right now.

Wait... She felt her heart burn...

If that was true, she must have some control over this body. Emotions! Emotions that were strong enough to freeze stars and melt galaxies.

She closed her metaphorical eyes and focused on that feeling. Her happiness at being with The Doctor, the sorrow at him leaving her behind. Her loneliness without him, the joy at flying through time and space in the TARDIS.

She felt a shudder run from her feet to the top of her head, and then she fell back into darkness.