Okay so this is my first NCIS: LA story. So I never really thought of Callen and Kensi as a couple until I started watching the first season over again. Now I'm like in love with them and want Deeks to go away. Well at least back off from Kensi.

So this is what I think it would have been like if Callen and Kensi had been together before the show started. The first season is going to pretty much be the same but the second is going to chance if I get that far. Please bear with me and let me know what you think.

Chapter 1 – Identity

G. Callen opened the curtains of the motel he was staying in. he glance out over the pier as he remembered what had happened to him a few months before. The bullet wounds still prominent on his back and chest. He continued to gaze out the window until he felt a small, warm hand snake its way around him from his back to his stomach, up his chest and finally came to rest on the front of his shoulders. A warm body pressed against his back and he felt feather light kisses being placed on his upper back and neck.

"Don't think about it, G." a soft voice spoke from the woman standing behind him. She always knew exactly what he was thinking.

"I can't help it. It's been the only thing on my mind lately." He turned around so that he was now facing Kensi Blye, his fellow NCIS agent. She was wearing his shirt from the night before and had pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She shot him a skeptical look. "Well, one of the only things on my mind." He smirked before leaning down to place a sweet kiss on her lips.

She smiled when he pulled away. "Are you sure you're ready to come back today?" she pulled all the way back from him and began picking up her clothes from the floor. He remained standing by the window, just watching her move around the room before speaking.

"Well I can't keep moving around from place to place anymore. And you know how I hate not being able to do anything."

"Yeah I know all too well." She turned back to him and placed her hands on her hips. "When can we stop meeting in crappy motel rooms? We can still meet at my house like we used to."

"We could and we will. I know that once I start again Sam will have me sleeping on his couch in no time." He walked toward her and placed his hands on her hips. "Once I'm working again everything will go back to the way it was before."

"Except this time people will actually know about us."

"Only Sam, Eric, and Nate."

"And Hetty. Don't forget she knows everything."

"I don't even want to think about what she's going to say." Callen said pulling himself away from her and walking toward the bathroom. Kensi followed him leaned against the door frame, watching him as he brushed his teeth.

"She didn't say anything before the shooting so why would she say something now?" Callen looked at her through the mirror. He knew she was right. Hetty knew everything and if she hadn't said anything before then there was no reason to say anything now.

When he didn't respond to her she gave him a pointed look in the mirror and then turned back around to finish getting changed. A minute later, as she was pulling her shirt over her head, Callen walked into the room fully dressed.

"You don't always have to go back to your house, you know. You could just get ready here and then go right to work."

"Yeah, that's not going to happen. I like my shower." She picked up her bag and walked over to him. "And you're the one who said we still had to keep up appearances. Meaning I show up first and you come later with Sam." When she reached him she wrapped her arms around his waist. His instantly moved to her lower back and began running them up and down her back, letting them graze over the tops of her jeans and slightly under her shirt. "Can we please go to my place tonight? I'm tired of motel rooms."

Callen smiled at her and leaned in close enough to just barely brush his lips against her. "Sounds perfect." He said before pressing his mouth fully onto hers and they both lost themselves in the kiss.


Once Kensi had left to go back to her place, Callen quickly packed up his stuff and made his way out of the dingy motel. He placed his bag and mat on the ledge besides a street vender. He was in the middle of paying for coffee when he heard an all too familiar voice behind him.

"So, what was it this time, G?" he turned around to see his partner Sam Hanna coming up to stand next to him. "Cold showers, bed bugs, feng shui?"

"Too noisy" Callen said quickly not wanting to hear his friend listing off more reasons for his constant moving around. His nomadic life had become a major topic of interest between them especially in recent weeks. He handed him a cup before moving out of the way for other customers.

"Last place was too quiet. The place before that was too hot." Sam continued not looking even remotely phased by his friends excuse.

"No, no, no. that place was too cold, the place before that was too hot."

"You sure you're ready to come back?" Sam asked getting to the real reason why he was there.

Callen hesitated for a moment thinking back to the very same conversation he had with Kensi this morning. "What are you, my mother or something?"

Sam laughed before responding. "You could use one. Though I think Kensi covers it." He laughed at the glare Callen threw his way. "I got you." He said reaching down and picking up Callen's rolled up mat and the two of them made their way to the car.

"Thank you. You know, Kensi asked me the same thing this morning."

"She asked you what was wrong with this place?" Sam asked jokingly.

"No, if I was ready to go back to work." He said stopping by the passenger side of Sam's car.

"Oh yeah? And what did you tell her?" They both threw Callen's bags into the back seat.

"Nothing you're going to want me to repeat." He joked climbing into the car.

"I didn't need to know that G." the disgusted look on Sam's face as he climbed into the car caused Callen to laugh.

"It's a new office, huh?"


"What's it like?"


Their conversation stopped there. Sam concentrated on driving while Callen gazed out the window trying to look like he was memorizing the route. In reality he couldn't stop thinking about Kensi.

They had been together for about 6 months before the shooting had happened and had managed to keep their relationship a secret until then. They had been partners for a few months before when Macy was still in charge and had been dancing around their feelings before finally acting on them one night. After a few too many drinks and a tough case, they ended up back at Kensi's place and they couldn't stop. They had been good at keeping it a secret until Callen was in surgery and Kensi let it slip to Sam, Eric and Nate that the two of them were together. She had apologized to him profusely but every time he told her he didn't care. All he wanted was her next to him and if that meant that they had to tell a couple people then so be it.

Callen snapped out of his thoughts when the car stopped in front of an abandoned building. Sam leaned against the top of the car as Callen looked around at the building. "Three months and the neighbors still don't know we're here."

"Huh. Hiding in plain sight." He said in approval. "What was it before we got it?" he asked pulling his bag and mat out of the car.

"Old water plant administration building. Condemned after the Northridge quake." She replied closing the car door.


"Only on the outside, G" Sam said opening the door and letting Callen walk in ahead of him.

Inside the new headquarters, people were everywhere. Some were talking on phone, carrying files, dragging clothing racks. The entire place was bustling with activity that it threw Callen off for a moment. Sam followed close behind him and did an airplane motion with his arms up until they reached what looked like to be the main room of headquarters. It was a large, open room with little area set up for the different teams.

"Got to go see you know who." Sam said almost as soon as they walked in. he patted Callen on the shoulder before walking over to the far corner into what looked like an open office.

Callen stood in the middle of the room and continued to look around the room at all the people moving around. He saw Nate they resident psychologist talking with someone in the side of the room, look up at him curiously. Nate stood up straighter a pointed to him like he was happy to see him. It was then that a voice caught his attention. He looked to his left to see Kensi talking on her phone in what sounded like very fast Spanish but he couldn't be sure. He smiled at her even though she had yet to notice that he was standing there.

When he heard Sam talking to Hetty, he made his way over to her office.

"I'll spot you the nickel." Hetty said as she recounted the money that Sam had just given her.

"Thank you. I'm good for it."

Hetty gave him a pointed look as she stepped around him only to stop suddenly again when she saw Callen standing in the middle of the room.

"Mr. Callen? You're not due back for a month."

"I missed your sunny smile Hetty."

"Uh…we need to update your biometrics. New photos for drivers licenses, passports, general backstopping…not to speak of documents, credit cards and forth-" She looked him up and down before continuing. "And wardrobe." She turned around and began walking back into her office.

Callen picked up his bags and turned to talk over towards the still yelling Kensi. "Oh and Mr. Callen?" he turned back around to see her. "Don't even think about unrolling that disgusting thing in here."

Callen sighed as he and Sam made their way back over to where Kensi was. Callen placed his bags down as he watched a man he never seen before trying to figure out the coffee maker.

"Who's that?"

"It's a new guy, started this week, Green." Sam answered not even bothering to look up from what's in his hands.

"That's his name?"


A whistle from somewhere above them caused them both to look up at the balcony above them. Eric the teams tech guy was standing there with a touch pad in his hand. "Head's up. Directors coming online." He announced to the entire room before noticing Callen. "Hey, Callen."


"Well, it's about time." Callen heard someone say behind him.

Callen smiled before turning around to notice his favorite girl standing behind him. "Kensi."


He stepped forward to wrap his arms around her waist as hers went around his neck. He could have sworn they both held each other a little too tighter then they should have for the environment they were in. "My favorite agent." He said. He squeezed her a little before relinquishing his hold on her.

"Your late." She said still standing in close proximity to him. He still had one hand on her hip and made no effort to try and move it.

"According to Hetty, I'm early."

She smiled and then leaned in to whisper in his ear. "Late for me." She said before walking up the flight of stairs behind him. Callen smiled before turning to follow her. It took everything he had not to grab her and carry her up the stairs. Instead he choose to stay one step behind her where he still had a very nice view.

so let me know what you guys think. i know its kinda slow and long but I'm trying here. if there's any moments that you can think of in each episode let me know and I'll try to work it in! each episode is going to be a couple chapters long. maybe two or three depending on what actually happens in the episode