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"You're a bartender. You work at a little place in the Valley." Hetty said to Kensi as she waited for the younger woman to come out of the changing room.

"Yeah but I'm also Alex Walder's girlfriend. Not exactly the best time Hetty."

"Oh the things we do for our country." Hetty said before she began talking about the watch Kensi would have to wear instead of a wire.

"One more thing," Hetty said after Nate spoke his concerns with the case. She handed Kensi a folder with cash inside. "Courtesy of our colleague from the Secret Service."

"Have you met her yet?" Kensi said softly and slowly, carefully choosing how to ask the question she really wanted answered.

"I have not yet met Agent Giordano, but…I'm under the impression from multiple sources that you could take her if she should try anything." She finished with a wink in Kensi's direction before leaving the room for her office.


"I can't hear her. This guy's not taking any chances." Callen said a few minutes after Kensi went into the warehouse.

"How long do you want to give her?" Sam asked.

"A minute, then we go in. I'm not taking any chances."

"Kensi's good at her job, G. She'll be okay."

"I'm not taking any chances with this one, Sam. Kensi's in there and I'm going to make sure she comes out safe."

"Does this have anything to do with Giordano's flirting?"

"Maybe a little bit."


Kensi was standing behind the bar, when Callen walked in. She lifted her eyes to him, but didn't say anything until he sat down at the bar. "Rick. Gordon." She said gesturing to each man. She watched silently as the two got to know each other a little bit better. She added a little here and there but mostly watched. Kensi couldn't stop looking at Callen. She knew that this case especially was going to be a dangerous one. She couldn't help but be scared about what could happen to Callen on this case. After everything they had been through, Kensi didn't want to lose him.

The female agent was pulled from her thoughts when Pargo got up from the bar and watched silently until he left the bar.

"You okay, Kenz?" Callen asked from his seat on the other side of the bar.

"Yeah just distracted."

"Well you might want to get your head out of the clouds before we meet Pargo again tomorrow." He grabbed her hand and held it over the bar as he led her around to his side. "And I need you there to protect my back."

"G, you don't need anyone to protect your back." she wrapped her arms around his waist as his settled low on her hips, holding her tight against him.

"Maybe not. But I would never give up the chance to have you watch my back." leaning forward he whispered in her ear, "In the field or out."


"So do you want to go get a hamburger? Or we could order room service?" Agent Giordano asked Callen. The two of them were the only ones left in the boat house after the case was over. Everyone else had gone home or back to OSP by then. The secret service agent was leaning across the table at him giving him what she probably thought was a flirty smile.

"I've got this rule about dating cops." He said flatly.

"So you mean I have to wait until I retire?"

"I guess."

"Well I'll but it on my calendar." She moved around the table toward him.

"I wouldn't hold your breath." He said taking a step back from her.

"She must have been some cop." The agent said shaking her head.

Callen gave her a small smile and turned away. "She is." He called over his shoulder at her.


When Callen got back to Kensi's place after meeting with Agent Giordano, he found Kensi asleep on the couch. Smiling, he sat down next to her and pushed a piece of hair out from in front of her face and tucked it behind her ear. The slight movement woke her up, and she slowly opened her eyes to see Callen's face above hers.

"How did the meeting with Agent Giordano go?" Kensi asked sitting up.

"She asked me out."

Kensi's face remained emotionless at his comment. "And what did you do?"

"I told her that she would have to wait until she was retired. I don't date cops." He laid himself down on the couch. Grabbing Kensi's hand as he went down, he pulled her down on top of him. She folded her arms on his chest and rested her chin on them as Callen let his fall to her sides gently holding her in place.

"Really?" she asked playing along.

"Yeah. It's always been a rule of mine. Didn't I tell you that?" she shook her head. "Oh well you see, I don't date someone who carries their own gun. If something bad happens, what's going to stop her from shooting me? Not to mention the fact that she would know how to cover up her tracks perfectly."

"Huh? I guess that makes sense. But what about me? Am I an exception to this rule of yours?"

"You Kenz are not an exception. you are the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Kensi smiled and leaned up to kiss him softly before laying her head back down onto his chest.

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