Ok... so this is my first fanfic, I totally love Pokemon B&W so of course my first fanfic would be about it. I used Touko instead of Hilda because, quite frankly, that name is stupid. Anyways this is ToukoxN with a little BiancaxCheren (cause they are so cute together :3.) It mostly fits the basic story of B&W with a few alterations to Touko's character and the plot. Enjoy!


Chapter One: Birthday

Touko's brown eyes slowly fluttered open as her shrill alarm rang out. She clumsily threw her hand out to stop the damn thing then remembered what day it was.

She grabbed her small pink alarm clock and shook it until it stopped. She then leapt out of bed and threw on her normal outfit and did her hair at the same time. Not complete without her trusty hat of course.

She flew down the stairs with such speed she could have beaten a rapidash. Her mom was already waiting there with a massive chocolate muffin (her favourite) on the table, smiling away.

"Happy fourteenth birthday Touko." Her mom said cheerfully, pecking Touko's cheek as she sat down on the wooden chair licking her lips.

Touko nodded silently but with a massive bright smile. She picked her muffin and took a big, greedy bite out of it chewing quickly. After finishing the whole gthing in about thirty seconds, she let out a satisfied sigh and turned to her mother.

"Thanks mom! That was delicious!" Touko signed.

See Touko was born mute and her mom never insisted that she saw a doctor or anything, she believed her daughter was perfect just as she was. Her best friends, Bianca and Cheren thought the same thing, they never questioned Touko and loved her dearly. Even if Cheren didn't always show it.

Before her mom could reply, Bianca burst through the door.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" She squealed wrapping her arms around Touko.

Touko laughed silently before signing "Thanks Bibi, love ya!"

Cheren walked through the door carrying a fairly large box. "Hey Bianca, thanks for the help." He said sarcastically placing it on the table carefully.

Bianca pouted "Your the guy Cheren, you should do the hard work."

He rolled his eyes and was about to say something sarcastic back but Touko interrupted.

She was by the box in a second, inspecting every inch of it.

"What's this then?" She signed raising one eyebrow.

"Your birthday present silly!" Bianca giggled.

"I told you guys! No presents!" Touko signed as her face formed into a dissaproving frown.

"Touko..." Her mother shook her head. She loved her daughter but sometims she was as stubborn as a zebstrika. "Thank your friends and if you need me I'll be in the kitchen."

"She's right, thanks you guys but you REALLY shouldn't have." Touko signed.

"It was no problem Touko. It's really from Professor Juniper aswell." Cheren replied, no added sarcasm this time.

Touko's eyes lit up, she really admired Juniper and wanted to be like her when she was older. "Really!" She signed excitedly.

"Really!" Bianca smiled at her friend "Now open it quickly!"

Touko wasted no time in doing this. She peeked inside the box and put her hand to her mouth as a way of gasping.

"Are these what I think they are?" She signed, body trembling.

"Yep, three pokeballs." Cheren confirmed nodding his head "With real pokemon inside."

Touko blinked very slowly taking this information in.

"Well! Go ahead and choose your's first then me, then Cheren!" Bianca blurted out unable to contain the excitement any longer.

"Hey why me last!" He interjected.

"Just cause!" Bianca said glaring at him.

"Whatever..." He sighed "Anyways go on Touko, choose."

Touko closed her eyes. It looked like she was thinking to other people but she was actually, what she liked to call, sensing.

Other than being mute, Touko was different in another way. She could see people's aura's. By this, I mean she could tell certain things about them, like if they were good, bad, weird or just normal. Different people had different aura's, not even twins had the same aura. She hadn't told anyone about this, not her mom, not her friends. She thought she was already weird, she didn't want to be a complete freakshow.

She opened her eyes and saw one of the red balls shine brightly, the others had no light at all. "That's strange..." She thought to herself "Are the others empty or something?"

She picked up the one that shone and as soon as she touched it, the light faded away. She threw the ball onto the floor and a small, blue and white pokemon appeared.

"Osha!" It cried out.

"Awwwwww!" Bianca squeaked "What a cutie!"

"Indeed..." Cheren said.

Touko stared at the creature, it stared right back. It looked at her curiously, as if waiting for her to speak. She opened her mouth, then remembered that she couldn't do this. She looked at her friends desperatley, and Bianca wanted to help but decided against it.

She looked back at the pokemon who was starting to get nervous. She shifted slightly then wondered something.

"Hi my name's Touko." She signed towards the creature.

It smiled and nodded. "Oshawatt." It replied

Bianca and Cheren gasped and Touko's eyes widened but she smiled at her new friend.

"Wanna hug?" She signed at Oshawatt.

The creature jumped into her arms and rubbed itself against her letting out a small, delighted squeal.

"I-it understands you..." Cheren stammered utterfly confused.

Bianca remained speechless, which was new.

Touko placed Oshawatt down and signed at her friends "I know, I'll ask Professor Juniper about this later, but for now you two should choose your first pokemon!"

Bianca suddenly snapped back into reality and grabbed a pokeball from the box releasing the pokemon quickly.

"Tepig!" It said snorting out smoke.

"Oh wow!" She gasped eyes sparkling "You're so awesome! I'm gonna call you Smokey! Oh and I'm Bianca!"

"Tepig!" The pokemon said enthusiastically as Biana picked it up and stroked it.

Cheren walked up to the box and slowly took out the last pokeball, and inhaling deeply he let the pokemon out.

"Snivy." It proudly stated it's name.

Cheren smiled slightly at the creature. "Hi, names Cheren, I think you deserve a good name. How about Kohana, after the flower?"

"Sni, snivy." The creature agreed gladly.

"So you gonna name your little cutie there?" Bianca asked Touko.

Touko remained silent for a while before signing "I can't think of a name right now, maybe later guys."

Both her friends nodded.

"By the way guys..." Touko smiled "Thanks for the best birthday ever!"

Okay, so not the best chapter but does include some important things for the future, just to clarify Smokey is a boy, Kohana is a girl and Oshawatt is a boy. Next chapter up soon!