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Chapter Sixteen: The Quake Badge

Driftveil City/Police Station

"You wished to talk to me, Hero?" The elderly man sneered, eyes full of loathing for the young brunette.

She sighed and sat at the chair opposite his, resting her arms on the cold steel of the table. "Yes. Yes I did. Please, tell me more of Ghetsis. He's up to something, isn't he?"

"It is of none of your concern what he does. Plus, it is our king who ultimately decides everything."

"King... you mean N, right?"

"How dare you address the king in such an informal way! He will rule Unova, and be your leader!" He yelled at her, eyes burning with hatred.

Touko barely flinched, brown eyes locking to his grey ones. "Yeah? Well tell your precious king to warn someone before he kisses them."

The man's eyes widened and his brows furrowed. "What... what do you mean?"

"I thought you might be smarter than that, Zizolin. I mean he kissed me."

The man stood up, smashing his handcuffed fists on the table. "Lies! Our king would never kiss you, of all people!"

"Why don't you ask him hm? I bet he'll say the same as me."

"You... you're a disgusting creature. You claim to be on the side of the pokemon, yet you continue to allow people to train them, to harm them!" The elder quickly changed the subject.

Touko averted her gaze momentarily, eyes darkening somewhat. "...I am aware that people hurt pokemon. And I will do something about it. But force is never the way."

He scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Yes of course, one little girl can make a difference."

"You already know I am no ordinary girl. No matter how hard I try to be."

Zizolin was about to retort, but one of the officers barged in on the room. "I'm sorry Miss, but we have to take him. Orders from Gym Leader Clay." He nodded, before signalling for the bearded man to walk with him.

The mute watched as they left, slightly curious as to what Clay could possibly want with the other man. She couldn't just sit there, she had to find out. Slowly she exited the room, creeping outside and seeing a line of the early arrested Team Plasma members, all being escorted outside by police men. She arched an eyebrow and stealthing followed them, all the way up to the Driftveil Gym.

What could Clay be doing?

She felt the prescence of someone else, and glanced behind her quickly, seeing Cheren. He seemed to be following them as well, also curious. She motioned for him to join her as they watched from a distance.

"What's going on?"

"No idea. Let's just watch."

What they saw next made her boil with rage. Each of the Team Plasma members, including Zizolin, was uncuffed and handed over to Ghetsis. A sick feeling made it's way from Touko's stomach, to the back of her throat. She thought she might throw up.

"What in the name of Zekrom is Clay doing?!" The raven-haired teen growledin a hushed tone.

"...I have no clue. Why on earth is he letting them go back?"

"Let's go ask."

"No Cheren. I think it's better we stay out this. Something about Ghetsis... It's frightening. It's... unnatural."

He gave the girl a look, before sighing in defeat. "Well then, I'm going to go train. I'll take this matter up with Clay later." The boy shook his head, and turned around, walking off from the scene.

Once Touko was sure everyone besides Clay was gone, she approached him outside of the gym.

The older man was surprised at her sudden appearance, and tilted his hat down. "Well well, Silent Hero. What can I do fer ya'?"

"Why did you let them go?"

He let out a deep sigh, cursing internally. She had seen. "Well... it's hard ta' explain but that Ghetsis guy... he just... convinced me."

The brunette had the urge to punch the man right about now, eyes dark. "I see. So you just let a bunch of criminals loose because he 'convinced' you. Right."

"Look I'm sorry bu-"

"Save it. Just open up the gym so I can get my badge."

Clay decided to obey the young girl for now, something about her was off, and he didn't want to have to deal with her. "Come find me soon as yer ready." He entered the large building behind them, leaving Touko alone.

She let a shuddery breath out as her body convulsed. Something was so inhuman about Ghetsis. So alien. She didn't like it one bit.

The teen decided would be a good time to get her fifth badge, and went to collect her pokemon from the centre.

As soon as she went inside, Tiffany spotted her and clambered up her body onto her shoulder. "Hey Touko!"

Touko smiled weakly and scratched behind the creature's ear. "Hey Tiff. Fancy helping me get another badge?"

The small pokemon grinned. "Course I do! I bet everyone else is eager to battle as well."

Driftveil City Gym

"So... ya' came then." Clay nodded absentmindedly as he addressed the girl before him.

"It seems so." The brunette's inner voice whispered, eyes flicking up to meet his. "Let's just get on with this.

"Not one for pleasentries? Fine with me then." The man reached for one of his pokeballs, clicking the middle button and tossing it. "Go, Krokorok!"

Tiffany jumped down from Touko's shoulder, on all fours. "Heh, looks like I got a tough opponent~" She smirked at the crocodile pokemon.

The Krokorok growled. "Don't taunt me, ya' runt."

"Touchyyyy." She chuckled, eyes gleaming with mischeif.

"Krokorok, use crunch!"

The ground-type lunged forward, snapping it's jaws at the minccino, eager to end the battle as soon as it began.

"Tiff, dodge then use swift." Touko ordered, voice even and smooth.

She obeyed her master, jumping upwards away from the attack, grinning widely before spurting star-shaped blades at the other pokemon. He managed to dodge most, but a few managed to nip at his tough skin, causing a pained yelp.

"Krokorok, use swagger!"

Now it was his turn to smirk at the other pokemon, and let out a loud roar, loud enough to stun the minccino, who's kind had sensitive hearing.

She stumbled about in a daze, mumbling incoherently.

"Tiff! Snap out of it!"

The grey pokemon remained stunned, twirling about as though she were dancing.

"Now use bulldoze and finish it off!" Clay pointed toward the battle field.

He gladly obeyed, and began to stamp at the ground, causing the whole field to shake and Tiffany fell to the floor, letting out squeals now and then.

After his attack was over, Tiffany still managed to stand, albeit barely.

"Tiff... come back."

The small pokemon would have objected, but she knew there was no way for her to win this battle, and returned to Touko, hiding behind her leg.

"You did well girl. Now, Ahzi, go!" She threw out his pokeball, and the dinosaur-like pokemon emerged.

"Ah... seems it will be our first battle together Touko. I look forward to it."

"As do I. Now use heabutt." Touko commanded her newest addition.

The dragon pokemon snarled, eager to prove himself as he charged towards his opponent. The other tried to dodge, but for a blind pokemon Ahzi was surprisingly fast, and crashed headfirst into him.

"Oof!" The crocodile-like pokemon fell through the air, before laying on the floor, dazed.

"Hey Krokorok, get up! Get up!" Clay shouted, trying to urge his pokemon on.

"Goooo Ahzi!" Tiffany cheered.

"Great! Now use slam, that should finish this."

Ahzi nodded before jumping as high as he could into the air, managing to position himself to land on Krokorok.

The ground-type snapped out of his daze about five seconds too late, as he saw the Deino just before it landed on his body, knocking him out.

"...Hmph." Clay returned his friend, thanking it.

Touko did the same for Ahzi, praising him to no end, before throwing her next pokemon out.

Twenty minutes later

Blaise jumped out of the way of Excadrill, avoiding his slash attack before retalitating with water pulse. The ground-type did the same and dodged his attack, both falling to the floor, both equally matched and equally tired.

"Blaise you're the last one who can do this! Please, I know you can!"

The otter panted heavily, glaring at his foe. She's counting on me... The least I can do is wi- Argh!

He fell to his knees, closing his eyes and growling. Something was happening. He was changing... again.

"B-Blaise?!" Touko yelled, worried for her best friend. "W-what's going on?!"

Tiffany stared in awe. "L-look! He's evolving Touko!" She tugged at the girl's leg and pointed.

The brunette saw that the minccino was right, and Blaise's body began to glow brightly. The two of them shielded their eyes as the miraculous event occured.

The water-type began to grow bigger, much bigger, all of his features changing. He lost his cutesy-otter look, and grew into a massive beast. He let loose a deafening roar, one that could traverse mountains.

"Woah... Blaise! That's amazing!" Touko laughed aloud, forgetting where they were for a moment.

"Sure is. But our battle ain't over yet. Excadrill use rock slide!" Clay demanded, determined to win the battle.

But it was futile. The ground-type move would not bring down the water-type, let alone one so strong. He dodged effortlessly, waiting for Touko's order.

"Now c'mon Blaise, use revenge!" She knew the damage would be double, seeing as her last pokemon, Merlin, had passed out.

Blaise let all the anger and fury build up inside him, sending a death glare towards Excadrill, and let out another roar. And then, with blinding speed, he ran forward, tossing the other pokemon into the air and slashing it with his sword.

The ground-type fell to the floor with a thud, meekly calling out it's name before fainting.

The gym leader called back his pokemon. "Thanks buddy, ya' did yer best." He clipped the ball back to his belt and faced Touko, who was hugging Blaise.

He watched the way the girl interacted with her pokemon, and had concluded that she was the one. There was no one else who could stop that Ghetsis man, only her. He was sure.

"Well now. Ya've earned this, so take good care of it. Okay?" He stepped towards her, holding out the small brown badge.

Touko turned to face him, a small smile on her lips. "Thank you. But, should you ever capture any more Team Plasma memebers, promise me this. Do not let him fool you. Ghetsis is planning something, I can tell." And with those words of wisdom, she accepted the badge, placing it in her case.

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