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Summery: Bella did what she said and saved Edward in Italy. But left him standing there and went back to forks. But on her way home something very unexpected happens and when she gets back to forks she is told she is banned from the rez. So what is she going to do now? Well you will just have to read to find out!

The New Pack.

Chapter One: Backpacking through Europe.

I pushed Edward inside the building shielding him from the sunlight as I did. Finally once I got him inside the shade of the building. I told him that I was real and I was alive so he didn't have to feel guilty and I told him that I was okay and I was finally ready to let him go. And with that said I turned around and walked away into the sea of red cloaks. Leaving a very shocked Edward standing in the doorway.

"I can't believe what I just did. For months all I could think about was Edward and the Cullen's. So just when I see Edward again what do I do? I just up and leave him standing there." I thought to myself. Not to mention my heart and head are fighting each other. My heart was telling me to go back there to my love my Edward and never let him go but my head was telling me to just keep walking and that Edward didn't love me and that I would just end up getting hurt again. So for once I was smart and listened to my head and kept on walking. But my only thought as I walked away from Edward was "God I hope I am making the right decision."

As soon as I got out of sight of Edward I grabbed the closest red cloak that I could find that just happened to be hanging on one of the low hanging clothes lines that were strung from building to building throughout the city. I know that this is stealing or as Alice would call it "borrowing" but desperate times call for desperate measures plus this is a emergency everyone was in a cloak of red and I certainly didn't want to stick out like a sour thumb. Especially when I am in a town full of high level vampires. Not to mention that I smell so good to vampires so anyway to hide my scent is a good thing.

So I put on the red cloak and put up the hood to hide my face so I could easily blend in and wondered the city looking for the car that Alice "borrowed". And finally after fifteen minutes of looking up and down countless allies and streets. I finally found it. So as quickly as possible I went up to the car and opened up the passenger side door and grabbed my backpack that I had left on the floor of the car. And with my backpack in hand I closed the cars door and walked away quickly putting as much distance as I could between myself and the car unless Alice or Edward came back to the car looking for me. I wasn't too worried about them following my scent because it would be impossible with the crowd of people in this city today. I knew that all the different scents would mask my own which was actually the one of the few things that has gone right today.

As I walked out of the city and down the empty country road on my way to the next city that had the airport I let my mind wonder. "Well this is just great. Jacob is probley mad at me. I know Charlie is going to be furious with me. My mom is probley going out of her mind with worry. Not to mention I just left the guy I had been heartbroken over for months standing in the doorway of a building in Italy. Just great." I thought sarcastically. "But then again how many people my age can say they have backpacked through Italy." I thought jokingly. "Well if I am going to get in trouble for being here. I might as well enjoy it." I thought as I took in the beauty and the sound and scent of the beautiful country side.

As I walked along the roadside I couldn't help but be awed by the breathtaking beauty of the countryside. It was like the garden of even. With the lush greens of the grass and trees and the blue of the water that ran down the nearby creek and not to mention the vibrant rainbow of colors from the wildflowers that grew alongside of the road and in the lush green meadows. It really was a beautiful place but even with all it's beauty I still longed for Forks and La Push. Now don't get me wrong this place was beautiful and a great place to visit but Forks and La Push was my home. And nothing could ever replace that.

As I walked down the country road side and admired the view I couldn't help but wonder what everyone else was doing right now back at home. As I looked at my watch and noticed that since it was 4 pm here it must be early morning there since we were on opposite sides of the Earth. But it was still to early there time to be calling now because if I called and woke someone up I would just be getting myself into deeper trouble. I knew I had to call Charlie and Renee and assure them I was alright and apologize but who I really wanted to call was Jacob. I knew when I left to rescue Edward I hurt him in the worst way but I had to do what I thought was right. I couldn't let Edward kill himself over guilt. I just hope Jacob would hear me out and accept my apology.

As the sun slowly dipped down over the horizon and the sky started to grow dark. I knew there was no way I would be able to get back to the airport today and that traveling in a strange country in the middle of the night was not the safest or smartest things to do. And that I had to find some sort of place to spend the night or it was going to be one long and cold night but with no buildings or houses in sight I was starting to think I was going to have to brave the cold and camp under the stars. But with my luck just as the last ray of light was extinguished by the horizon I saw a old abandoned barn about a half a mile from the road and thought anything was better then nothing. So at that I headed towards the barn.

As I entered the barn it was obvious by the way it looked that it had been abandoned for quite some time. So I didn't need to worry about someone catching me trespassing. The whole barn was empty except for some of the birds that decided to make their nest in the roof of the barn and the hay in the loft. So I climbed the ladder that led to the loft praying and hoping that my clumsiness wouldn't cause me to fall and possibly break my neck. But luck was on my side because I make it to the top without missing a step.

When I reached the loft I just took off my red cloak and hung in on a nail that was sticking on the wall and then just fell backwards onto a bed of hay. I have to admit that the hay was more comfortable to lay on then any mattress. So I laid on the bed of hay relaxing while I listened to the symphony of crickets outside and the birds in the roof as I rummaged around in my backpack looking for some type of food or water that I could have for supper since I haven't eaten for two days and to my luck found a apple that I had forgotten about but it was still fresh and a half drunken bottle of water. Well it wasn't exactly a steak but it was better then nothing so I just relaxed and chowed down on my "supper". But fifteen minutes my supper was eaten and now I knew I had postponed the unavoidable long enough and got out my cell phone and slowly dialed my home phone number. It rang once then twice and then a third time and then just as I was about to hang up thinking that Charlie had already left for work I heard a gruff voice on the other side pick up.

"Hello." I heard Charlie's gruff voice say.

"Hi dad it's me Bella." I said a little nervous of what he would say next.

"Oh Thank god! Bella where are you? Are you alright?" He asked in one quick breath.

"Yeah I fine. I am in Italy on my way back home." I said

"Bella what the heck do you think you were doing. Your mother and I were worried half to death! What was so important that you had to run off to Italy without a second thought?" asked Charlie

"I'm sorry dad. I didn't want to leave like I did but one of my friends needed my help so I had to do the right thing and leave immediately. And you and Mom raised me to do the right thing no matter what." I replied.

I guess that last sentence was what softened his anger at how I left because when he asked the next question his voice wasn't as harsh as it once was.

"When are you coming home?" asked Charlie

"I should be on a plane home tomorrow. So hopefully I should be home soon. I will call you tomorrow when I find out my arrival date." I replied.

"Well I have got to go to work or I will be late. But be sure to call you mother she is worried sick about you." said Charlie

And at that we said our goodbyes and right when we hung up I dialed my mother and she wasn't mad at me just worried and I told her the same thing I told Charlie that one of my friends needed my help and that I had to do the right thing.

So after ten more minutes of talking we said our goodbyes and hung up and now I only had one more person to call and I hoped to god he was home and that he would forgive me. So I quickly dialed the number that I knew by heart better then my own phone number and let it ring. And with every ring I got more and more worried that either he wasn't home or either he wasn't going to pick up but on the fifth ring I finally heard the gruff voice of Billy.

"Hello?" I heard Billy say

"Hi Billy. This is Bella is Jake home by chance?" I asked silently hoping and praying that he was.

But luck wasn't on my side this time.

"No he isn't. He is out on patrols. Sam has been running him ragged lately. He has hardly had time to sleep. But I will tell him you called." Said Billy and for once I could tell he wasn't lying to me like he did before when Jacob first phased.

"Could you just give him a message for me? Could you tell him I am coming home soon WITHOUT the Cullen's and that I'm sorry and I am miss him." I asked.

"Sure Bella." Answered Billy on the other end and then we hung up.

I was kind of disappointed that Jacob wasn't the one to pick up the phone but I knew soon enough I would be home and could go talk to him in person. Which is much better then over the phone.

The rest of the night was nice and peaceful. That was until I started to let my mind wonder. I started to think of what had happened in the past months since the Cullen's left and most of my thoughts were nice. Thinking of the time that Jacob and I spent together but soon my thoughts shifted to how Edward and the rest of the Cullen's left me without a care in the world.

Edward just up and left me like it was the easiest thing in the world to do and doesn't even have the decency to let me say goodbye to everyone else. The Cullen's were like a second family to me and I didn't even get to say goodbye. With every thought that ran through my head I just got madder and madder to the fact that I was actually shaking with anger.

Then all of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach as a terrible pain shook my body. I just grabbed my stomach as I closed my eyes and doubled over in pain and prayed that the pain would soon pass.

Then I felt a warm feeling come over my body as if my skin was wax I felt as though I was melting and just as the pain had come it vanished.

But what surprised me the most wasn't the fact that the strange feeling had come and gone in a matter of seconds it was the fact that when I opened my eyes it was the last thing I expected to see.

When I opened my eyes I looked down and instead of seeing my two eighteen year old hands I saw a pair of black wolf paws.

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