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Chapter 40: Where do I go from here?


As soon as I blacked out from the lack of oxygen. I felt weightless and surprisingly there was no pain. In fact the only thing I did feel was complete and utter calm. And for the first time the calm feeling wasnt coming from Jasper.

Then from the corner of my eye I see a bright white light almost like it was beckoning for me to come near. So I started to walk towards the light. Till I was so close the all around me was a white light instead of the deep darkness.

Soon I was close enough to the source of the light that I was tempted to reach out and touch with my hand.

But as soon as I was a mere centimeters from it I heard a loud deep voice voice say "I wouldn't do that if I were you. My dear child."

I was so shocked and confused by the sudden announcement that I started to turn around in a circle until I found the source of the voice.

Right behind me was an old man of Quileute decadence with long white hair that went all the way down to his waist. He was wearing many layers of fabric. And donned upon his head was a headpiece much like the chiefs of a tribe would wear.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am Taha Aki." He replied with great pride in his voice.

"Wait Taha Aki. You mean THE Taha Aki. The first and great spirit warrior. The one who started it all. That Taha Aki?" I asked not believing what I was hearing.

"You would be correct. My child." He replied without hesitating for even a second.

"Wait. You're dead. Does that mean I'm dead?" I asked aphervisivly not sure if I actual wanted the answer to the question I just asked.

"Yes and No. Technically your heart no longer beats. But your spirit has yet to pass on. We are in a space between life and death. As long as your here your spirit still has a chance to return to its body if it is not too badly damaged that is." He explained.

"Okay then. Beam me up Scottie. I am ready to return to my body." I replied.

"I can understand your eagerness to return. But I must have a few words with you before I return you to your world since I am only able to communicate with you here or in death." He calmly explained.

"What is so important that I have to die in order to talk to you about it?" I asked

"The future of our tribe hangs in the balance my dear child. There is a great war coming and your decisions alone will decide if we thrive or parish." He answered being cryptic.

"What decision could I possibly make that could cause that much of an impact?" I asked confused as ever.

"Your relationships with both Jacob and Dean my dear child." He replied simply as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"What do my relationships with them have to do with anything?" I asked

"For that my dear child we will have to go back to the beginning my dear child. Many generations ago when I was still a young chief to my people we had a great disagreement among my people. The game and fish was scarce for a long time and our crops were slowly dying in the ground. A part of the tribe wanted to travel south to find more game and better soil in which to grow our crops. But the other part of our tribe wanted to stay where we were on our sacred ground. After many arguments the tribe was split in half and half moved away to the south and the other half stayed here on our sacred ground which is now called La Push." He quickly explained.

(AN:I just wanted to say that the above story is a True story. I am of Native American decent and of the story that has been passed down through the generations is. My tribe has a disagreement because the game was getting slim and the soil wasn't fertile enough for crops so a part of the tribe wanted to head east but a majority wanted to stay in the west. So the part that wanted to head east did leaving the others behind. My decedents were the part of the tribe that headed east.)

Just as I was about to say what that has to do with my decisions. He continued on "The half of our great Quileute tribe that moved away to the south also took half of our Great Spirit warriors with them. We are a divided tribe. If we continue to be divided when the Great War comes we will surly parish." He finished with great sadness in his voice.

"So I kind of understand. Deans pack and his tribe is the half that moved away and the ones that stayed are Sam's pack and tribe. So if Deans and Sam unite forces in both packs and tribes then they will be able to withstand this Great War that is coming. Kind of like the saying United we stand. Divided we fall. All of that I understand. But where does decisions in my relationships come into play?" I asked confused.

"Well in order to withstand the oncoming war our spirit warriors will have to be strong, focused and united to fight back to protects themselves, each other and the tribe. Which means they can't be worried about their acceptance or rejection of an imprint and they can't be in a pit of despair at the pain of a rejection of an imprint when a spirit warrior is at its weakest." He replied still being cryptic.

"Okay so this has to do with the imprint of Jacob and Deans on me. So basically I can't be indecisive. And not choose to accept or deny either of them because they would be distracted and worried. But I can't reject one or both of them because it basically kills a wolf to be rejected by an imprint. So I am damned if I do and damned if I don't. So would you please tell me what I am supposed to do all knowing one?" I asked being a little sarcastic.

"You will have to accept them both." He answered as if it was the most normal thing he could say.

"What! WTF! You do know that all imprint relationship are romantic ones and if they aren't they will be given time. It is almost impossible for an imprint and their wolf to not be mates. That means. OMG! NO! NO! NO! I will not have two mates. No one would accept this. It's just not normal." I practically screamed freaking out.

"But neither are you Bella. Do you think turning into a giant wolf and fighting vampires is Normal? Also answering no body accepting you part. When the pack senses the connection between you three they will understand and accept you. And before you can say that it isn't fair to Jacob and Dean. Would it be fair to not accept on and have them die? Would you be able to make that decision of who lives and who dies? Also when you accept them both they won't care as long as they are with you. They will actually be happy because their wolf will know that is one more wolf that will protect and care for their mate when they will be unable to such as if they are on patrol. They won't have to worry about their mate because they know the other wolf is there to protect her." He explained.

I may have accepted his answer but it didn't mean I was comfortable with the idea.

"Do you understand everything I have told you?" He asked.

"Unfortunately yes. You do realize you are asking for a lot of drama asking me to do this right?" I asked being yet again sarcastic.

"This may seem a lot to ask from you but it will not be as bad as you may imagine in fact in the end you may be the most content and happy that you have ever been in you existence." He replied.

"Are you ready to return to your world?" He asked.

"Yes but what about my body? Tanya would of surly crushed my windpipes and did countless other things to my body. I am only human. How am I supposed to survive those kind of injuries?" I asked.

"Don't worry about that. Just leave that to me." He answered.

"Have a safe Journey little one." He said as he touched my forehead with the tip of his fingers. Making a bright white light flash sending my spirit back to my body.

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