Until We Bleed

C h a p t e r T h i r t y O n e : B l e e d

Kagome screamed as Inuyasha fell to his knees, an arrow protruding from his heart. She had done all she could to stop herself but she could only sap away the spiritual power wrapping around the shaft of the arrow. Why didn't he run away? She knew he was dying. No one could survive that. Oh, gods, what has she done?

Slowly, as if her limbs were made of stone, she walked towards Inuyasha as he choked on his last breath. Once she was in front of him, the cold weapons dropped as she cupped his face. "I-Inuyasha..." she whispered, sobbing. Leaning down, she pressed her lips softly against his shuddering ones. "I'm so sorry," she cried and helped him lay down onto his back.

"Kikyou..." Naraku said, his voice like nails on chalkboard in her ears as Inuyasha stilled. "Come with me."

Kagome stared down at Inuyasha's face, his beautiful golden eyes staring at nothing as his haori coated with his dark red blood. Tears dripped down as she hesitantly closed his eyes. He allowed her to before he exhaled his last breath. Her heart was shattered and the pieces were hurting her. Sobs threatened to choke her as she bowed her head and mumbled apologies over and over again.

"Kikyou," Naraku growled, more agitated. "Stand."

Her throat was hurting but she couldn't leave Inuyasha. Hatred for the demon beside her bubbled to the surface and she gritted her teeth. It was all his fault. Inuyasha would still be alive if Naraku hadn't taken her away from her home. Her hands smoothed themselves in the grass, sliding and wrapping around her bow and arrow. She stood, notching the arrow and aiming straight at Naraku's head. "You need to die," she said between her teeth, her voice shaking with fury.

Naraku merely regarded her with a cool gaze.

"It's enough that you were the main cause of Kikyou's death. But you took me away from my home and forced me to love you and killed Inuyasha! You don't deserve to live!" She released the last arrow and watched as it flared with the power that had stunned Inuyasha. She watched Naraku's expression as he smiled, the red glow he carried in front of him. The arrow did it's magic, purifying him in one blow and leaving him in ashes.

The bow faded from her hand and she fell to her knees clutching her throat as she struggled to breathe. She hadn't known it was her heart that he carried, and that the jewel in her neck would break and spread miasma if Naraku was harmed but if she did, she would have killed Naraku anyways.

She fell to the floor, laying on her back next to Inuyasha's cooling body. Suffering sounds escaped her as the poison spread through her veins but she was okay. Everything was okay now because everything was over.

A/N: There it is, the end of the story. Hm, I should have put 'tragedy' in the genre instead of angst... oh,well.

For those who are curious, this whole story was based on numerous Nar/Kag amvs but a song called Until We Bleed by Mikael Karlsson (the cello version) set the pace and the mood for this story.

I WAS going to make this story seriously fucked up by making a Nar/Kag/Sess lust triangle and make Kagome pregnant with Inuyasha and then die horribly and tragically shortly after his birth but, alas, that is a story for another day (plus, I think some people would faint if I did that).

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