Santana knew she was in for a long night when Brittany ignored her invitation to snuggle the usual way and instead opted to curl into a ball at the bottom of the bed, settled between Santana's legs and using Santana's pelvis as a pillow as though it was the most natural position in the world to her; Brittany was in one of those moods leaving Santana in no position but to lay back and accept the inevitable…

It wasn't like Santana wasn't going to enjoy herself after all… actually the opposite was guaranteed; it was just that whenever this happened, the night's activities always turned her into a hot quivering mess, leaving her to beg for release as Brittany just carried on teasing her with neither of them really knowing when the 'end' would come.

The anticipation already had Santana's heart hammering away in her chest and try as she may she knew she couldn't hide the effect her friend was having on her for very long. Brittany's close proximity was enough to turn her on at the simplest of times, let alone at times like now with Brittany's head nestled so comfortably against her core. It made Santana's cheeks burn with embarrassment over the fact that Brittany was not yet doing anything that could be considered even remotely intended to please… and yet Santana could feel the moisture pooling between her thighs right where Brittany lay. There was no way that Brittany wouldn't be able to smell the tell-tale musky scent of a Santana's arousal when she was lying right there at its source.

Santana rolled her eyes at her own impossible odds… Brittany knew exactly what she was doing to her and yet she continued to innocently lie between Santana's legs and watch the movie play out on screen, pretending that she wasn't planning on spending the night worshipping Santana's body in the most intimately torturous of ways. Brittany was already drawing out her attack

So Santana was left to simply wait for it to happen, watching the movie on her television flicker light across her bedroom fully knowing she was far too distracted to interpret any meaning in the moving pictures as her anticipation of Brittany's touch consumed her.

With only the movie's soundtrack filling the room as the two friends lay watching in silence; Santana was left to her own thoughts as she remembered the first time Brittany had voiced her intent to really show her appreciation of her. It was a night much like one taking place, except Brittany was lying in her arms the far more conventional way… and was equally as distracted as Santana was now.

"Britt-Britt, are you even watching this movie?" Santana slurred tiredly as she noticed Brittany's attention wavering once again. "Cause I vividly recall that you were the one who insisted we watch it..."

"How long do you think you could last?" Brittany asked distractedly, her eyes returning to the television blankly.

"To be honest, not much longer… this movie really sucks."

Brittany looked at Santana in obvious confusion.


Santana frowned back at Brittany.

"I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this Britt, but this movie is really bad," Santana tried again.

"Oh that," Brittany answered as understanding dawned on her. "Yeah I know, I totally stopped watching ages ago."

Santana's jaw dropped.

"Then what have you been doing all this time?"


"Thinking about what?" Santana asked with a mixture of hesitant curiosity; Brittany's thoughts were always interesting to say the least.

"About how long you could last…" Brittany answered simply.

Santana chuckled at her friend's silliness.

"Well why didn't you just say something? I would have put something else on and saved us both the boredom…"

"I wasn't bored, San. Thinking about you like that tickles my lady parts," Brittany assured her.

Santana cleared her throat uncomfortably at Brittany's bold talk as her mind fumbled to get up to speed with what Brittany was talking about…

"Brittany, you've lost me. What are we talking about again?" Santana asked as she blinked her tiredness away and focused completely on Brittany.

Under Santana's direct scrutiny Brittany seemed to grow a little shy which made Santana all the more curious.

"It's just I really like doing that to you and I know you enjoy it too," Brittany blabbed on self-consciously.

Santana blushed; still not really understanding what Brittany was talking about but gathering it was on the naughtier side by the way Brittany was growing embarrassed.

"What do you like doing to me Britt?" Santana asked gently, shaking her head at the way her voice deepened suggestively against her intentions.

"You know… licking you," Brittany offered shyly.

"Licking me?" Santana repeated in confusion. And then the penny dropped and Santana's blush flared. "Oh, you mean licking me… like… down there?"

Brittany bit her lip and nodded, seemingly growing more confident as she shuffled her body closer, enjoying their shared warmth.

"I really like it, you taste… awesome," Brittany gushed enthusiastically.

"Oh," Santana replied, unsure of how best to respond to such a compliment. "Thanks…"

"I mean it San, you taste so sweet, but salty at the same time… and the way your body moves under my tongue, and the sounds you make," Brittany licked her lips at the thought. "I could lick you all night long."

Santana whimpered loudly at Brittany's words as her hips pressed harder into Brittany's without her even realising.

"I don't think I could last all night if you were doing that to me Britt," Santana joked shyly.

"That's what I'm asking," Brittany pushed, "How long do you think you would last…?"

"Oh," Santana replied again as she finally understood Brittany's earlier question and as much as the conversation was starting to make her feel a bit unsure she could see Brittany's determination. "I don't know…"

"I want to try it one day…" Brittany shared excitedly. "It can be like a proper scientific experiment."

"Okay," Santana agreed tentatively, not sure when that 'one day' would come…

Santana was left to wonder when Brittany would decide to please her with such dedication and every time they would start to kiss after that particular conversation, Santana couldn't help getting carried away with her excitement wondering if this time would be the time. She had to admit that she too was curious now that Brittany had got her thinking…

But when the first time eventually came it caught Santana completely by surprise as they settled down for the night to snuggle and Brittany decided to lie down and make herself comfortable between Santana's legs, instead of taking her usual spot up beside Santana amongst the pillows.

"Uh Britt, what are you doing?" Santana asked curiously as she arched a brow at the blonde curled further down the bed.

"I'm just getting comfortable," Brittany replied surely. "I love this movie…"

Santana watched in amazement as Brittany suggestively lay her head down at the apex of her legs as though completely oblivious to the fact that Santana's sex was pressed firmly to her ear .

"Britt, you can't lie there," Santana objected in embarrassment.

"Why not?" Brittany lifted her head to frown up at Santana.

"Because like… your face is right there, all up in in my bits," Santana cried with an awkward chuckle as though it should have been obvious.

Brittany answered her by turning her head to press a lingering kiss to the inside of Santana's thigh, holding Santana's gaze the entire time.

"Exactly," Brittany purred sensually.

Santana's chuckle died in her throat at the hungry expression in Brittany's eyes.

There had been many nights since that first time that Brittany had lay down between Santana's legs without any earlier indication that she intended to do so and proceeded to take Santana to torturously unhurried heights of pleasure until she literally could not take it anymore. All it took was for Brittany to get in one of her moods of undivided devotion to worshipping Santana's body and the blonde would make sure that their night was filled with long hours of her tongue slowly lapping at Santana's sex.

It had become a challenge to Brittany after that first time- always hungry for more- she always wanted to see if she could push Santana that little bit longer… see if they both could last even that little bit further into the night with each time.

And yet Brittany insisted on her painfully slow build-up of feigning ignorance at what her action of boldly laying in the space between Santana's legs meant, even after the time she'd been forced to acknowledge her intentions because Santana had been in such a state already that she'd had to practically plead with the blonde not to ravish her that night…

Brittany spread Santana's thighs as she dropped to the bed and cuddled into the space she'd created in between- completely oblivious to the panicked look taking over Santana's face…

"Baby, please no not tonight," Santana implored desperately.

Brittany giggled at Santana's tone and arched a curious eyebrow back up at her.

"I don't know what you mean…?" Brittany feigned innocently but her devilish smile gave her away.

"Please Britt- I can't take your teasing tonight!" Santana groaned, already turned on beyond reasoning at merely the thought of what Brittany intended to do to her and she knew she wouldn't last very long at all. It had already been such a long day.

It took a lot of control to give herself to Brittany when she was in one of her moods and as much as what Brittany did to her felt incredible… the process was painfully slow and she too had to be in the right head space to be able to relax and surrender herself completely to the blonde.

Brittany's face softened as she took in the desperation in Santana's stance and with a gentle smile she crawled the rest of the way up Santana's body and wrapped her arms around the shaking brunette.

"Not tonight," Brittany agreed softly and pressed a soft kiss to smooth out Santana's crinkled brow.

Santana let out a sigh of relief and pressed herself firmly into Brittany's embrace.

"I need you now," Santana demanded with obvious need. "No teasing."

Brittany rushed to comply, rolling herself on top of Santana with a forceful, heated kiss as she thrust her capable hand straight into Santana's soaked underwear.

Santana forced her mind away from the memories of heated passion knowing it would only make her situation all the harder. She glanced down at the immobile head of blonde hair resting between her hips and had to wonder if Brittany had fallen asleep. She considered moving her leg to nudge the blonde into action already but knew deep down that Brittany always ignored her insistence on nights like this… that was until she was absolutely certain she had pushed Santana as far as she could.

Santana sighed loudly in exasperation and was sure she felt the slight quiver of a contained giggle coming from the blonde below. Brittany sure was in her element and there was nothing Santana could do to hurry her along. Not that 'starting' had any indication on when they would be 'finishing' on nights such as this…

To be continued, whenever Brittany decides to make her move…