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Chapter 2- New Friends (Daniela's POV)

As I walk into Degrassi, I examine the interior of my new school. The beige walls are covered with many colorful posters and the halls are crowded with students of different ages. Everyone is merrily re-uniting with their friends. I wish I had I group of friends I could run up to and greet. I don't know anyone here except my sister.

"Don't worry Dani, you'll make friends in no time. Everyone will love you. Plus, you're wearing the cutest cardigan, which brings life to these drab outfits," my sister Fiona says.

Fiona is my fashion-obsessed older sister. She was supposed to graduate last year, but got held back a year due to a lack of credits. She and my brother Declan came to Degrassi 2 years ago, while I was sent to a boarding school in the U.S.. They both moved back to New York, but Fiona came back to Degrassi shortly after. She's told me some pretty shocking things about this school, but she still likes going here. I hope I like it here too.

"I'm not worried Fiona." She glamorously rolls her eyes at my stubbornness as we walk towards my new locker.

"I know changing schools is strange, but Degrassi is a great school. You'll adjust to it soon. Anyways, you have me here."

"Thanks Fi. I'm glad to have you in my life again. Boarding school sucked without you."

"I missed you too. I wish we could've been there for each other over the past year." She gives out a deep sigh and leans against the locker next to mine while I pick out my geography textbook from my bag.

While I was gone a lot happened to Fiona. She dealt with an abusive boyfriend, an alcohol addiction, and discovered she was a lesbian. She told me all of this over the phone while I was away at school. I felt so bad for her when she would be crying over the phone pouring her emotions out. She's always been dramatic, but she's had to deal with a lot of serious stuff too.

I finish organizing my locker and shut it closed. Class will be starting soon so I should start walking there.

"I better get to class. I'll see you later," I say.

"Have a good first day!" She smiles and walks down the hallway. I start walking too, because I have to idea where my classroom is and I should try to find it before I'm late.

After a few minutes of searching around, I finally reach my destination. About half of the students are here already. I pick an empty seat in the middle of the classroom.

To my right is a group of girls giggling over some cute guy in the room and at the front of the class a bunch of nerds are discussing some scientific theory. Everyone has people to talk to but me. I wish I didn't feel so awkward and out of place.

I wasn't the most popular person at my old school. There were a few friends I'd hang out with, but we weren't that close. I've always had trouble 'fitting in'. I'm hoping Degrassi will be different for me.

"Class, settle down," the teacher tells the noisy students. She gives us a big lecture on numerous school policies and talks about what we'll be learning this school year. It's quite a boring speech. After she's done speaking, we're assigned some homework and we leave for the next class.

The day goes by slowly, each subject as boring as the next. The only periods I'm looking forward to are art and english. I love to paint and write, they're the only way I can express myself. Luckily I have english after lunch.

While I'm walking down the hall thinking to myself, I smack into a boy head-first and we both fall over.

"Ow," the boy says as he hits the ground. He rubs his arm where he fell.

"Sorry!" I exclaim, "I should've watched where I was going." I blush in embarrassment. Why must I be so clumsy?

"It's alright, I should've been more careful too." He stands up and picks up my schoolbooks for me.

"Thanks," I say as I take my stuff. I awkwardly stand there not knowing if I should say more. Thankfully he breaks the silence.

"I haven't seen you at school before. Are you new here?"

"Yeah, I recently moved here from New York. I'm living with my sister, she's a senior here."

"Cool," he responds. "I'm Adam by the way," he adds with a smile.

"I'm Daniela but I prefer to be called Dani."

"Well Dani, since you're new here you can come with me to lunch. My friends won't mind. Unless you have other plans…"

"I'd love too," I say enthusiastically. I'm so relieved to have someone to sit with at lunch. Maybe school won't be so bad after all.

"I'll see you then."

Once it's lunchtime I grab my lunch bag from my locker and head towards the cafeteria. I look around for Adam. There are many tables so it takes a minute of awkwardly looking around the room before I see him.

He's talking to a blonde curly haired girl I recognize from one of my classes. Beside her is some senior boy who's staring at her admiringly. I walk up to their table hoping Adam will introduce me to them.

"Hey Dani!" Adam says. "This is Eli and Clare, and guys this is Dani."

"Nice to meet you," Clare formally greets. "Are you new here?"

"I just moved here a few weeks ago," I say once I sit down beside Adam.

"Degrassi is a pretty bizarre school," Eli warns me, "but as long as you stick with the right people you'll be ok. Just to caution you, we're not the right people," he teases.

"Eli!" Clare cries.

"I'm just kidding Clare. I'm happy to welcome the new girl."

The three of them make me feel glad to be at Degrassi, and for the first time I think I might have some actual friends. They're pretty cool. We continue talking about our first day of school while eating our lunches. Clare and Eli constantly flirt the whole period and I get to know Adam a bit more.

I learn many things about him in a short amount of time; his favourite bands, his favourite subject, and his family. He seems like an open, friendly guy but I can't help but think he has something to hide…

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