Something WORSE Than Boos

Climbing the stairs to a mansion, a filmy silhouette was seen. THEY noticed this, clearly. The dim mirage that they saw was actually Neville, the first portrait ghost in Luigi´s Mansion, that world-known video game.

"Could it be HIM?" someone on the group asked.

"He must be the one. Look at the mustache. And also… the whole silhouette… He IS him, youngling," a bitter, harsh voice around the crew´s middle said.

"Shall we go?" someone asked.

"What a question! It´s obvious that yes! Hurry up, everyone!" someone at the back cried.

The herd, miasma, group, crowd, or whatever-you-want-to-call-them of reporters and free-lances ran towards the ghost without common-sensed fear. The silhouette stopped suddenly. He knew what did this slight earth´s tremor meant.

"Uh… no… They are here…" he gasped.

The paparazzi people got him surrounded everywhere, every side, every way. Neville tried to reach his door… but he could do nothing. He was caught now.

"Mr. Ghost! Is it true that you are not appearing at Luigi´s Mansion 2 because you claim it to be a time´s loss?" a blond woman asked, as she handed Neville a microphone.

"Bookish Father! Is it true that you are cheating your wife with your guest, Ms. Melody Pianissima?" a brunette asked.

"Have you ever scared a kid, besides Luigi?" a bearded man interrogated.

"I… uh…" Neville mumbled. "No… no one told me about the new sequel… And no I´m nopt cheating Lydia, for the umpteenth time! Oh… well… I scared once my twin kids with a water gun´s splash… Uh… excuse me!"

Neville headed to the doorknob. He trespassed the crowd (he´s a ghost…. Hunh?) and also the door. When he went inside, he shut it with double lock. He took a deep breath, and relieved of the odyssey said:

"Isn't fame something worse than Boos?"