Hey everyone, this is my rewrite of Second Chance and this one has a much stronger plot I promise you. Sorry to everyone who wanted to see Second Chance out, but this one holds the basic plot. I just added some elements to make it more interesting. Hope you like it! Reviews are always appreciated!

Sin Stained

Chapter 1

After all the town's lights had gone out he came. In the snow behind he left a trail of blood, as if wounded but alas only blood of his five victims and counting. There would be more slaughter tonight.

I remained downstairs with Mom while she looked over her orders from work. The list seemed endless, especially of those spiraling down toward Level E. My thirteen year old younger sister had already gone to bed. A wind that had shaken the house for the last hour suddenly stopped. This only opened our ears to odd sounds coming from outside.

"It's probably the neighbors dog loose again. Risu, would you let him in the house please so he doesn't freeze," Mom told me.

I donned my coat and pulled open the door. I whistled once to get the dogs attention but no sound came back. So I looked around the side of the house, only to see a very tall dark wild haired man standing hunched about eight feet from me. Something seemed off about him, other than his blood covered arm, not to mention limp.

"Could you help me little Miss? I've been attacked and can't get…" He stumbled and almost fell.

I hurried to steady him bracing him with my shoulder.

"Thank you."

I saw his eyes…dark blood red…a pureblood vampire. I stepped back, letting him stand on his own. No surprise he had no trouble with it. His cover had been blown.

"You - you're not hurt. It's not your blood…You're…."

"A pureblood vampire? Yes."

I felt my heart skip in fear. I should've known what he was. After all my family hunted vampires and purebloods don't bleed, they heal instantly.

"Ah, so you do know me…Hunter. Let's go chat with your darling mother shall we?"

"Risu, are you okay out there?" I heard Mom ask. The vampire made all the windows shatter at once just before she flung open the door.

"No! Risu!"

He held me with one hand tightly over my eyes and his other at my throat. His lengthened fingernails dug painfully into my skin. I had no doubt if Mom made a wrong move he'd kill or bite me. Either way I was doomed.

"You – you're him…"

I could almost feel his cruel smirk at her. "Yes, I'm that vampire."

"Release her, my daughter has nothing to do with this!"

"Don't worry I won't cause her much pain. I'll be quick." I trembled at the feel of his tangled dark gray hair brushing my neck.

He's gonna bite me…

For some reason, he didn't. His hair left my neck.

"Perhaps I'll make her my bride then. She is lovely don't you think? How about me for a son in law?"

"Don't you lay a finger on her!"

I heard her take a step forward.

"Uh-uh, wrong move," the pureblood warned.

Suddenly his fingernails pierced my arm carving jagged red brands. I couldn't hold back my yelp.

I'm sorry Mom…

I used the moment he seemed distracted by feeling me up and stamped on his foot and bolted into Mom's arms.

"Risu! Oh my god, are you okay? Did he bite you?" She held my face between her hands then pulled me into her arms. I hid my face in her shoulder.

"Go to the house and get your sister. Then run, got it? I'll handle him."

I nodded. No sooner had I done so then Mom screamed, "Watch out, Risu!"

Too late…using a simple martial arts step, Mom whirled us both, putting herself between the vampire and me. His bare clawed hand shoved through her chest coming only centimeters from me. Shock stole my voice. I only stared in horror as her blood splattered my face and clothes.

No, this must be wrong…Mom, don't take her…don't take her…Mom!

"Risu…I…" She fell limp, her blue eyes blank and empty.

The vampire dislodged his hand and tossed my mother's body to the snow. "What a waste for such precious tasty blood. She would have made a fine supper." He licked her blood from his fingers, slowly. I supposed he tried to antagonize me.

It worked. "You fucking bastard!"

He looked up. The cruel insanity in his scarlet eyes scared me. Before I really even had a chance to comprehend what happened I found myself shoved roughly up against a tree trunk. Flaming agony suddenly took hold in my side.

Shit, I must have broken a rib.

Before I could even let out a whimper or scream the vampires lips crushed on mine. He forced the taste of my mother's blood on my tongue.

So this is blood then? This disgusting, salty, coppery taste…How the hell could they like it?

After trying a number of counters I finally resorted to slamming my knee into his crotch. As soon as he backed off I spit the blood into his face.

"I was planning on being gentle, but now you've pissed me off," the pureblood growled.

He came on me again, pinning my arms above my head. His free hand grabbed my chin roughly. He swept his tongue over the blood spatters on my face then moved down my jaw line and neck.

"Where is the other?" he hissed in my ear.

"I wouldn't tell you even if I knew."

His fangs brushed my skin but didn't pierce. "Liar."

I didn't know why but out of desperation I bit his neck hard and bolted the millisecond his grip loosened. I made a run for the house. I was only ten steps away when the entire building exploded into flame. I stopped short.

No, she was still in there!

"KIKO! Kiko! Kiko! Get out! Run! KIKO!..." I screamed her name until my throat hurt. All the while fighting the vampire who held me back. I whirled on him, my fury getting the better of my sense.


Oops. Quicker than I could follow his hand flashed across my line of vision. I only realized what had happened when I saw my own blood spatter his and my face. Not to mention the searing pain at the side of my neck. Though he hadn't cut where it would kill me, the shock was enough to make my knees give out.

The pureblood caught me but then pushed me down face first into the cold snow. He straddled me.

"You're much too pretty to kill. Wasting your delicious blood would be terrible. So I think I'll let you satisfy a different burning hunger of mine." He trapped my hands behind my back. I tried to keep my legs together but I'd lost too much strength. Roughly he ripped my panties down so that his nails raked my skin. His hands wandered where no one should touch without my permission but I had no fight left in me. My body went rigid with pain when he thrust over and over but I remained trapped beneath him.

I almost felt glad Mom and Kiko couldn't see me now.

Mom…Kiko, I'm sorry…I tried.