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She looked beautiful. She was the bride, and she was beautiful. She was the bride, but the groom was nowhere to be found. Thankfully, she was not aware of this—yet. If she had known that he wasn't there, Cindy would have to have her wedding, and her husband's funeral, on the same day, and that inconvenience would have made her bring him back to life, only to kill him again.

Libby paced back and forth in the room, while Cindy watched her, her own sense of nervousness growing exponentially. Libby held in her hands a handheld communications device that Jimmy himself had made—at the request of the Maid of Honor, Liberty Folfax, to ensure that nothing went wrong. Only, something did go wrong. Very wrong. There couldn't be a wedding without a groom. On the other end of the device were two similar devices, each held by the two—not one, but two—best men. Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez were not the most observant people, however, and this fact only made Libby more anxious.

Libby continued to walk, the wary warning inside her mind becoming more alarming by the minute. She saw Cindy cock her head to one side, and raise an eyebrow. Libby smiled nervously, and she held up a finger, indicating that she would return in a minute. Cindy narrowed her eyes. Libby left the back room of the church, and she entered he hallway, closing the door behind her, before the blonde could question her.

Libby stared silently down at the device in her hands. She sighed, and she keyed the button on its side, as she spoke solemnly into the device. "Sheen? Sheen, are you there?" she asked.

"…Hmmm…? …Um, yeah. …Hang on, honey bunch, just let me finish this sandwich. Make sure to tell Cindy that these things are AMAZING! We need to use this catering service for our wedding!" Sheen excitedly exclaimed.

Libby slapped the palm of her hand against her forehead. "Sheen? Are you done?" she inquired intricately.

"…Um, yeah, babe. What's up?" he answered her.

Libby rolled her eyes, and prayed that Sheen was more attentive on his own wedding day. "Sheen, you remember what you were supposed to be doing, in the first place?" Libby asked him.

There was silence.

Libby slapped her palm to her forehead once again. "Sheen, focus!" she boomed through the microphone.

"…Sorry…" he answered sorrowfully.

Libby sighed. "It's okay, Sheen, just focus, okay?" she requested kindly. She could feel the smile creep onto his face.

"Yes, ma'am." Sheen responded, happily. Libby suppressed a smile.

"Now, about Jimmy, Sheen… …Have you seen him? Have you been paying attention?" she asked.

"…Actually, no, I haven't Libs. I'm sorry. Even while I was eating, I was looking out for him, but there's still no sign of ole big-brain." Sheen replied. Libby sighed deeper than ever before.

"Sheen, have you been watching out for him, the entire time?" Libby questioned him once again.

"Yeah, Lib, I promise, the entire time. …Libby, he's not here." Sheen answered her sadly.

"…Okay, Sheen, thanks anyways." she replied, sounding down-trodden.

"No problem babe." Sheen responded, the smile apparent in his voice.

Libby sighed, and she changed the channel on her small device. She took a deep breath, before she keyed the device again, connecting her to Carl. "Carl? Carl!" she screamed, and the response from the other side was almost as immediate, as the scream itself.

"Wha-What?! Libby? Libby?! Yeah, it's me. I'm here." Carl eagerly replied.

Libby resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Carl's fearfulness had actually proven to be useful over the years. Instead, a small smile crept over her face as she reveled in the slight normality of the situation. She inhaled a calming breath. "Carl, listen to me, okay?" she coaxed him.

"Okay, Libby, I'm listening." he replied.

"You've been looking out for Jimmy, right?" she asked adamantly.

"…Um, yeah Libs, I have." Carl replied earnestly.

"…And…?" Libby asked in response.

Carl did not respond. Libby grew impatient.

"…Carl…?" she asked the fretfully fear-filled man once again.

Carl, once again, did not respond.

Libby grew angry.

"CARL!" she screeched.

She didn't have to look at Carl to know that he was cringing. "…Yeah…?" Carl answered apprehensively.

Libby slapped her hand to her forehead once again. "JIMMY! Jimmy, Carl! Where is Jimmy?! Have you seen him?! Have you heard from him?! Is he on his way?! That is what I want to know, Carl!" Libby replied, excitedly exasperated.

"I CAN'T TAKE THE PRSSURE!" Carl boomed back. Libby banged her head against the nearest wall.

"Carl, calm down. I'm not pressuring you. I just want to know what you have seen or heard, concerning Jimmy. That's all." Libby replied in a semi-soothing tone. She would kill him later for yelling at her.

Carl sighed audibly. "I haven't seen him, Libby. I haven't heard from him. I haven't heard about him. I... …I don't think that he's coming, Libs." Carl answered apologetically.

Libby sighed in response. She shook her head heavily.

"I'm sorry, Libs." Carl said, trying to comfort her.

"It's not your fault, Carl. …And it's not me who is owed the apology." Libby replied angrily. She could feel Carl shrink back at the utterance of her words. "Thanks, anyways." she finally finished, and Carl was audibly happy that she was no longer angry at him, when he replied.

"No problem, Libby. Agent C., out." Carl responded happily.

Libby rolled her eyes, and suppressed a small chuckle. She sighed, and she slowly turned around, to face the door, leading to misinformed bride. Libby gathered all of the courage that she could and she made her way towards the door. She pressed the door open, and strode purposefully inside the room.

Libby closed the door behind her, and Cindy was immediately aware of her friend's fear-filled presence, and the bride turned to her hesitant friend. Cindy raised an eyebrow, and Libby swallowed hard. "Cindy, I—" Libby started, but Cindy cut her off before she could finish.

"Just spit it out." Cindy commanded.

Libby shuddered slightly, and Cindy's eyebrow ascended even farther up her face.

"…It's about Jimmy…" Libby said, trailing off.

"Yeah? What about Neutron? What, does he need help tying his tie? Again? Ugh, Nerdtron always needs me to do everything! Let me see him, and I'll—" Cindy began, but Libby cut her off.

"NO!" she replied adamantly. Cindy cocked her head to one side. Libby shifted nervously. "…I mean, the bride and groom can't see each other before the wedding. It's bad luck." Libby added quickly, saving herself. Cindy chuckled slightly.

"Libs, our whole relationship had been cursed with bad luck. Besides, I don't need to look at him, to tie his tie. I could do it with my eyes closed." Cindy replied, and Libby sighed once again.

"Cin, listen. About Jimmy…" Libby said, trailing off, once again.

Cindy was anxious now. "And, again, what about Jimmy?" she asked aptly.

"…He… …He's um—" Libby began, but she was interrupted by the loud voice coming through her communication radio.

"Libby? Libby! Libby?!" Carl said, screaming.

Libby grabbed the device, and she hurried out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"What, Carl?" she asked apprehensively.

"Libby? Oh, Libby, it's you, good." Carl said, breathing in relief.

"Of course it's me, Carl, now, what the hell is so important, that you had to—" Libby started screaming, but Carl stopped her before she could finish.

"It's Jimmy. We found him. He just came in." Carl said.

Libby stopped short. She shook her head—hard. She couldn't believe that she had heard Carl correctly. She made a decision. She would let Jimmy and Cindy get married. But, she would kill Jimmy soon afterwards.

"Good. That's good, Carl. That's real good. Keep him in the dressing room, and help him get ready. I'll be there in a second." Libby finally responded.

"…Um, Libby, he's not exactly close to being ready." Carl said sorrowfully.

"Whadaya mean he's not close to being ready?! He's got fifteen minutes, at most! …He owes us a good-looking groom, and a damn explanation!" Libby boomed back.

"No way babe. Even the Sheenster can't help this poor dope look sexy. He's lost to the world. He might need some of your, um, feminine charms, Libs." Sheen interjected through the device. Libby sighed and rolled her eyes.

She speedily stormed down the back hall of the church, and she entered the men's dressing room. She stopped dead in her tracks, when she saw what lay in front of her. Jimmy Neutron, world-renowned genius, was standing, barely, in the middle of the room, with the tattered, torn, burnt remains of his expensive tuxedo clinging to his bruised, beaten, and bare skin. He looked terrible. He looked like death, which was fitting, because that was exactly where Libby was about to send him.

"Are you serious?! You went out and fought a villain, on your wedding day?! Are you insane?! You already have your soon-to-be wife's insanity to worry about, but now yours as well?! Jimmy, what were you thinking?! You went and investigated that Russian dealing facility that Dimitri was dealing in, didn't you? You're the brains, but you know that Cindy is the fighter! That's why you two are a team, and soon-to-be, hopefully, a married couple! You're supposed to split the work, equally evenly! You got the information, but Cindy was supposed to use it! That is what a team does! Now look at you! You look near-death, and your wedding is in fifteen minutes!" Libby boisterously berated the genius. He cringed slightly.

"Gee, Libby, it's nice to know that you're concern for me goes as deep as the close on my back—or what's left of them, rather—and that it goes no further! Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for asking." Jimmy replied, sardonically.

Libby rolled her eyes. "Of course you're okay, genius. Cindy may be the fighter, but you to are pretty equal. Her brains are second, only to your own, just like your fists are second in heavy-handedness, skill, and swiftness, only to Cindy. If you died out there, then whoever killed you was pretty unstoppable, anyways." Libby replied. Jimmy smiled slightly.

"Thank you, Libby. I know that you meant that." he responded, understandingly.

Libby nodded and rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Come on, we have ten minutes, to make you look like a groom. Okay, boys, haul ass. We've got work to do." Libby ordered, and Carl nodded, while Sheen gave her crisp salute.

"Ja bohl, mein Fuhrer!" Sheen said, saluting her.

"He's going to pay for that, later, right?" Jimmy whispered to her. Libby chuckled.

"Yes. But the punishment is something that he actually enjoys…" Libby said, trailing off. It took the genius some time to catch on.

"…Ohhhh…" Jimmy finally uttered, understanding. Libby smirked, and Sheen smiled. Carl looked lost. No one wanted to tell him why there was sudden awkwardness in the room.

Ten minutes later, James Isaac Neutron looked very clean, collected, and calm, although he didn't feel calm.

"Libby, what am I doing? I'm really going through with this? This isn't smart. This isn't smart, at all. And I know smart. This is not smart. What if we have kids, Libby? I can't raise a child! He would be completely screwed! I'm not even nurturing to my soon-to-be wife! The only reason she is still with me, is because she can take it! My children won't have that trait! They'll hate me!" Jimmy said seriously.

Libby sighed, and she patted him comfortingly on the back.

"…Dude… Chill out, man. It's not like—" Sheen started, but Libby elbowed him harshly in the side, causing him to stop abruptly. Sheen glared at Libby while he rubbed his searing side.

"Jimmy, Cindy is still with you because she loves that non-nurturing part of you. She responds to it. You two hated each other, but hate isn't the opposite of love. It is a precursor to love. Hate is bestowed on a person, because that person forces us to do better, to strive harder, to challenge everything about ourselves, in-order to compete with them. That person that we 'hate,' is the only person that wants us to succeed, to better ourselves, because they need us, too, Jimmy. That person that we hate, needs that competition, to better, themselves, and without a decent competitor, there is no competition, and thus, no betterment—and whole purposeful point of life itself, is to better ourselves, because if we didn't do that, then we'd all be wastes, and we're not wastes. We're worthwhile Jimmy. You know that. Things that exist, exists for a purpose, or they wouldn't have been created. The universe creates things that it needs. Yes, you two hate each other but you two went past that, and you loved each other. Any kids that you have will do the same thing. You need her, Jimmy. And, she needs you too. You need each other, now go out there, and make it official." Libby finally finished her sentimental rant. Jimmy blinked a few times.

"…Wow… Was that you're speech?" he asked, awestruck.

Libby smirked. "Nope. You're going to have to wait to see just how awesome that one is!" she said, beaming.

Sheen frowned. "Aw, man! She just has to outdo me at everything!" he complained. Libby turned to him and smiled. Sheen promptly forgot what he was complaining about.

Libby turned back to Jimmy, and addressed him as kindly as she could. "…And, you referred to your future child as a 'he.' Is there no double-x chromosome in the Neutron family, or something?" she asked slyly.

Jimmy looked up at her. "What?" he inquired immediately.

Libby smirked. "What, no baby girls on the horizon?" she clarified her question.

Jimmy smiled widely. Libby raised an eyebrow. "Libby, that is why I'm late. I didn't fight a villain, track Dimitri, and his dealings, or blow something up. I went into space." he explained.

Libby raised her eyebrow further. "I don't see how that is any different." she shot back.

Jimmy smiled brightly. "It's very different, Libby." he said with a grin.

Libby could not raise her eyebrow anymore. "Okay, spill. What did you do? Where did you go?" she asked, completely interested.

Jimmy smiled again. "Today, the first planetary body, entered our universe from another, parallel, universe—via the viscous void that I made, using my machine for NASA—and said body was slated to be named by the first astronaut, and/or, scientists to step foot on it." Jimmy said.

Libby rolled her eyes. "Yeah. And?" she prodded further.

"I got there first, and I named it." he said, smiling triumphantly.

Libby exhaled. "See, this is what I mean. Yes, you didn't fight a villain, or blow something up, or invent something. But, today is your wedding day, Jimmy! Even naming a stupid asteroid is supposed to wait until—" Libby began her rant, but Jimmy cut her off.

"That's just it, Libby. What I did today, is about my wedding day! You don't understand." he said, exasperatedly.

Libby put her hand on her hips. "Oh? Then, by all means, please do explain." she offered.

He smiled and nodded. "Cindy said that she wanted children. I have already voiced my concerns with raising children, but aside from that, I would greatly enjoy seeing what kind of children our mixed genes would produce. I think that they would quite formidable, in both physical, and mental areas. I would enjoy teaching them. I would enjoy, perhaps, having them teach me. I would enjoy watching them grow, and use both the training, teaching, and techniques, that both Cindy, and I, would have instilled in them. I would, simply speaking, enjoy…them. Do you understand, Libby? I would enjoy my children. I would love them. But, I would ruin them. I'm no father-figure." he said in reply.

Libby smiled. "Jimmy, you'll be whatever those kids need you to be. You've always been what we need you to be. They'll be no different. They'll be a part of you, and you'll have to be what they need, because it'll be what you need, as well. You will be a great father, when you're ready, Jimmy. But, you have be here, and go out there, and get married, first, before any kids can come out of this, Jimmy!" said sincerely. Jimmy smiled at her.

"I know." he replied.

Libby laughed. "Yeah, but you were right. You two are gonna screw those kids, up, whenever they do come!" she said, jokingly. Jimmy smiled once again.

"I know. That is why I did what I did. Before I began 'mentally scaring' my children, I wanted to do something nice for them. I wanted to, well, make them real, before they were really real. Understand?" he asked her. Libby shook her head.

Jimmy smiled, and he continued. "Cindy wants any and all of our children to have ordinary names, but she also wants their names to mean something. I tried to tell her that there was no way to have both options available. She insisted that there was, and I think that I finally see her point." Jimmy explained, and Libby nodded her head, telling him to go on.

"That asteroid, Libby? It came from, not only another solar system, or another galaxy, but another universe! I ripped a hole in space and time, to bring that small piece of metal and rock here, and it is a piece of another universe—another world! It is not of this world, Libby! It is, simply speaking, extraordinary. It is the thing that embodies all that Cindy and I want the names of any and all of our children's names to embody. That asteroid is the thing that I want to name my child after. Do you understand, now?" he asked her. Libby's eyes went wide. She smiled slightly. She nodded, and silently urged him to continue. Even Sheen and Carl were extraordinarily engrossed in Jimmy's narrative.

"That asteroid had no name, though, so I gave it one. I gave it the name that Cindy wanted, and thus, I made an ordinary name, into an extraordinary name. I gave the asteroid the name, that Cindy and I—mostly Cindy—decided would be acceptable for any children of our own, specifically any daughter. I plan on doing the same with a second anti-universal asteroid, for any sons that we may have." Jimmy finished elaborating. Libby nodded slowly. She had a tear in her eyes.

"What did you name it?" she asked softly.

Jimmy smiled. He reached into his tuxedo pocket, and handed her a piece of paper.

Libby gingerly took the piece of paper, and she read the name on the certificate: "Extra-Universal (Extraordinary) Atseroid-211571-X/Jennifer."

Libby looked up at Jimmy, and she smiled. "I like that name. I really like it." she said sincerely.

Jimmy smiled. "As do I." he replied.

At the end of that day, James Neutron and Cynthia Vortex were officially, legally, and, morally married. They were working on being happily married, and they were both glowing with a brightness that had been burning to be released from them for ages. They hated each other. But, they loved each other more. They were not normal. But, that was okay, because they were extraordinary. They were just as extraordinary as Asteriod-211571-X, colloquially known as Jennifer.

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