A Lover's Betrayal

You have to die. After you hurt me so much, after you left me alone, I couldn't bare the sense of loneliness. I had cried, but I made sure no one saw it. I acted carefree, but my eyes had hardened. I knew that your girlfriend suspected me. She never liked me, even when I extended my hand out, offered my friendship. She only trusted you, you and no one else. You loved her back, and you left me for her. After a time, I knew you deserved to die for such a betrayal. I planned your demise, while pretending that we were still friends.

You are to trusting. I couldn't get you alone, so I decided to kill you even if she was there. I would rather die after you than to keep you alive. So I made sure that it was when your guard was down, and I struck.

She sensed it before I moved, but I was a little faster. I stabbed you, right in the stomach, with my sword. You fell over, gasping for air. Blood pours out of you, staining the floor. But I don't care about that. All I care about is your death. You girlfriend was crying, but she acted quickly. She stabbed me repeatedly, but I am still not dead. I wont die before you do. You are surprised, and hurt from both physical and emotional pain. She is about to strike the final blow, but you whisper.

"Why? I thought..." I sneer at you, watching your face twist in pain. I feel good, knowing that I hurt you.

"Because you ran off with her. I thought you loved me, and you went after her, after another girl! I was hurt, but you gave me no explanation. You deserve death for betraying my trust."

Your girlfriend raises her short blade, while you cry. She looks at you, asking permission to kill me. You pause for a moment. Her gray eyes are hardened, and I know she desperately wants me to die. She speaks.

"You have to pick. Me or him." It is a cold decision, but a necessary one. You look back and forth, before shooting me a pleading look. I just snort, knowing your choice. You nod at the girl above me, and she plunges the sword into my heart. You choose that hardened Captain, Soifon, over me. Someone you abandoned, someone who hated you for it. Yet, you accepted her when she came crawling back. I hate her, more than I hate you. Because she stole your heart, when I couldn't. Because she was better than me. I feel a tear slip down my cheek. I know crying is stupid, but I do it anyway. I can feel the darkness seeping over my eyes. The last thing I hear is you whispering.

"Kisuke...forgive me...please." I can't reply, but I can think it. I know what I want. 'I forgave you a long time ago, Yoruichi Shihoin.'

A/N: I hate Kisuke Urahara, so I wanted to kill him off. I can actually see him doing this. Something I thought up while watching Bleach the other day. Hope ya like.