Loving Departure

Blood stains my hands. I am hurt, bleeding severely, after being stabbed. It is my blood, and I am thankful for that. You are holding me, crying. You have already called someone to get out here, but we both know it'll be to late. I am going to die.

You are wailing, wailing for me to stay alive. I can barely talk, my throat dry. We had been attacked. Someone had tried to kill you, but I jumped in front, taking the pain instead. He had twisted the knife in my stomach, but I didn't scream. I kept silent for you, so you didn't have to see my pain. He had pulled the knife out and walked away, I almost fell, but you had caught me, and held on tight. I had coughed up blood, and it was pouring out of my stomach, but I ignored it. It only mattered that you were there.

You look down at me, and I smile serenely. You are confused as why I had to be the one to take the fall, why I had saved you. I reach up, and place a bloody hand to your soft cheek. My words are barely a whisper, but I know you here them.

"I love you." You place a hand over my heart, nodding. Your words are clearer.

"I love you as well, little bee." I can only sigh, having heard those words. It made me feel much better to know that I am loved. You lean in close, and softly press your lips to mine. I force you to deepen it, despite my condition. I want my first and last kiss to be special. When you pull away, I can feel my life slowly fading. I am growing cold. You sense this too, and cradle my body closer. My hand slides across your face, tracing your perfect lips, and your temples. You are still crying, but a small smile is on your face. I feel myself leaving.

"Yoruichi, please remember that I will always love you." My voice is cracking.

"I couldn't if I tried, Soifon. I love you too." Before I depart, you press your lips, hesitantly, upon mine again. When you pull away, I am gone. All you hear is the soft sound of birds chirping, and you know that I am finally at peace.

A/N: Short YoruXSoi oneshot.