More Than My Own Life

Edward. I loved his hair, the color of it pretty. I loved how knowledgeable he was, and how he always knew the right things to say. I liked his goofy grin, and how he always made me feel safe.

Alice. I love her smile, her laugh, her voice. I love the ways she moves, and how she never holds back with me. I love how she stares at me, because her gaze is always filled with warmth and love.

Edward. I hated how over protective he was, and how he never listened to my idea's. I hated how reserved he always was around me. And I loathed how he looked at me, hunger and sadness mixed in his eyes.

Alice. I hate how she drags me places I don't want to go, and makes me try on uncomfortable clothing. I hates how she always wakes me up before dawn.

Edward and Alice. Brother and sister, fellow vampires, friends forever. Also, the two things that have caused me so many headaches. Like now.

They both stand in front of me. Alice is blank, but I can see the worry in her posture. Edward looks angry.

"Her or me, Bella. Choose." Yes, they may be close, but they are bitter rivals when it comes to my heart. Alice speaks, her voice carefully punctuated.

"Bella. Please pick whoever you think that will make you feel happier. Ignore everything except your heart." She said. I knew it was hard to her to say that.

"Just spit it out, Bella. I need to know." He nearly growled. And I made my decision. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. Then I walked right into Alice's arms. I felt her surprise, but she hugged me tight. I felt my tears staining her shirt. I held onto her like I would slip away if I let go.

"I love you, Bella. I really do." She whispered in my ear. I shivered, and looked up into her sincere eyes. Knew that I had make the right choice. I leaned in a kissed her softly, before pulling away, a small smile on my lips.

"I love you more, Ali." I hear Edward leave, and I lean back into her comforting embrace. It feels so right, to be here with only her.

Alice. I love the way she makes my worries disappear. I love the way she is always there when I need her to be, and how she always knows what I need. I love Alice more than I love my own life, because I know she feels the same way.