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Return of a Titan: Phase II

Chapter Twenty-Nine

"Man, I can't believe how shitty yesterday was…"

Ravager said while leaning on her broom, wiping the sweat off of her forehead while staring at her cleaning buddy Bushido. After the rough aftermath of yesterday's rumble as well as the news of their teacher in Deathstroke's possession, none of the Outlaws could really sleep so everyone decided during the night to try and salvage their home.

Soon, Starfire, Jinx and Prodigy decided they couldn't sleep either and decided to join in with the effort to clean their home.

All except for Raven, Hunter, Hotspot and Argent.

Which was completely understandable to the Outlaws.

Hotspot had known Master Omi since he was a child and so did Argent and even though he came late, Hunter had become as close to the old sensei as Argent and Hotspot was and to make things worse for Hunter, he found out that his father and uncles were killed by the very person that he spared and he was probably blaming himself for it.

And knowing about Raven's feelings for the leader, they all knew she would be consoling him so even if any of the four came in to help, they would force them to stay in their rooms for a while.

"I agree Ravager, My body is still sore from the battles we encountered. I'm just thankful we managed to safe a large chunk of the citizens of Jump City." Bushido replied while leaning against the destroyed counter in the kitchen.

Over fifteen percent of Jump City's civilians had lost their lives in the huge battle yesterday and while all of the young heroes were upset over this, they were surprised that they were able to save many more than that.

Ravager nodded and began to sweep the floor again while saying to her friend in a tense, hate filled voice "...If that fucking bastard hadn't sent Dusk and the friends we thought were dead, we would have been able to protect everyone instead of letting everyone down," Without warning, Ravager slammed the broom on the ground in frustration, causing Bushido's head to snap up and look at her.

He could see the anger within her eyes when she glanced up at him but the moment their eyes connected, she twisted her head around and rested her hands against the ripped up leather couch where she then gripped it and that's when he saw a tear fall down against the couch.

"All of this shit…Caused by the man whose blood flows through my veins…" Ravager stated angrily while gripping the couch tighter, more tears falling down from her eyes. She couldn't begin to explain how angry and guilty she felt that it was her father that had caused so much pain and sadness within the city of Jump.

She felt so much shame by his actions that she honestly felt like the team wouldn't even want her around due to her being their enemy's daughter. Hell, she was even wearing a variation of his suit but she knew that they wouldn't kick her out despite what she wore and who she was related to which made her feel even worse.

She felt that she had to atone for Deathstroke's actions.

"It's not fair…" she murmured angrily as the bitter tears continued to fall against the couch.

"Why did he have to be my father?"

Seeing his friend in turmoil from her father causing so much destruction, Bushido walked behind her and placed a hand on her right shoulder, causing her to glance at him with tears within her visible blue eye.

"We will stop him Ravager, I assure you of this…" Bushido told her as calmly as possible while wiping a stray tear that had fallen from her right eye down to her cheek.

"You can't promise me that Bushido…You can't promise me that he'll be brought to justice because he'll only escape…" She told him softly while shutting her eyes tightly, causing more of her tears to cascade down her face. Sitting down his broom, Bushido merely wrapped his arms around her where she instantly returned his embrace.

Just then, Red X and Starfire came walking into the room to see the two locked in an embrace and before Starfire could squeal in excitement and rush the two, X covered her mouth while wrapping his arm around her waist and pulled her squirming body back to leave the two alone but when he did, he managed to bump into Prodigy's chest, causing him to look back at the confused Outlaw in alarm.

"Dude, what's going on?" Prodigy asked with a tilt of his head.

Starfire forced X's hand away from her mouth and said with a squeal of excitement "Bushido is comforting Ravager with a hug!" it was then Starfire realized that she yelled that and immediately covered her mouth with her face heating up in embarrassment while both Prodigy and X looked at her with amusement in their eyes.

Just then, the three of them heard Hunter's voice come over the intercom, saying "Everyone report to the conference room immediately!"

With all amusement gone, the three Outlaws glanced at each other as the doors opened behind them to reveal both Bushido and Ravager, both wearing a mask of serious and together, the five Outlaws walked to the conference room where they saw both Hunter and Raven sitting very closely to each other, both of their eyes glancing at the five of them when they entered.

"That was quick," Raven noted in approval while Hunter nodded at them before closing his eyes, obviously thinking about something important.

"We were close by," X replied calmly as he sat down in a large leather chair where Starfire immediately sat by his side and stared at Raven, a mysterious gleam in her eye. Raven immediately noticed this look and looked away, trying to will down the blush that had streaked over her face, causing Starfire to give a very Red X like smirk.

She would need to find out what had happened.

After Prodigy, Bushido and Ravager sat down in their seats, Kid Flash, Bumblebee, jinx, Hotspot, Argent and finally Scarlet Witch walked into the room and sat down in the remaining empty seats.

"Thank you all for joining me here today. I know that all of us are nursing some serious injuries over what happened yesterday both physical and emotional…" Hunter paused for a moment and looked down to the table before him as an image of his family appearing in his head, causing him to growl softly but he felt Raven's hand touch his forearm and he calmed down almost immediately.

Shooting her a small smile filled with appreciation, Hunter turned to his team and said "But this needs to be said…Yesterday, Deathstroke crossed the line. First, he attacked us with friends we had thought perished during the attack on the Order…He had my family killed and Master Omi kidnapped and then he decided to attack the city that we love just to give us a warning."

"Time and Time again, he has pushed us to the brink of madness but no more. No more will we sit on the sidelines and wait for him to strike. It is time for us to start attacking him and stop the evil plans that he plans to achieve…" Hunter glanced up at his team and gave them the most serious look he could ever achieve in his life.

"Outlaws...He wanted to start a war with us and now that he's crossed that line, we're going to give him a war that he will not be walking away from." All of the Outlaws stared at their leader and without any hesitation, all but one Outlaw nodded.

"And what of my brother Hunter?" Starfire asked softly while gazing into her leader's cold eyes with her warm ones.

Hunter let a small sigh leave his lips. He knew that she was going to ask this question and knew as harsh as he was going to sound, he was going to put it into her head of the evil deeds that her brother has done to not only him and his family but to the Order as well.

"Starfire…Your brother went to the home of my family. He killed my father…My uncles…And he left my pregnant mother alive and suffering from survivor's guilt. My unborn sibling…Will live life without knowing their father or their uncles. Your brother has caused the death of many members of the Order, one of which was your sister and he was planning to kill you….If you think I will spare him because he is your brother, you are wrong. He will die along with Deathstroke."

Starfire lowered her head as a bitter tear fell down her cheek.

"You can hate me if you want. You can leave the team if you want. I will not stop you because I do care for you as my older sister Starfire but look at what he has done since I spared his life…I let him life and he took everything I cared about…There will be no second chances for him. He will die…By my hands…"

"No…" Starfire muttered while shaking her head softly, staring at Hunter with pools of sadness within her eyes as she said "He is my brother Hunter…If he is to die…Then as the last Tamaranean Princess and his elder sister, I will be the one to take his life…"

"Very well…He is yours to deal with…" Hunter said after a few moments of staring at her. He knew that this was very difficult to Starfire due to being the heart of the team but no matter who did it, Flare was to die at any and all costs.

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