So this is the new and improved version of HPCR. The first chapter is going to be a bit small considering the fact that it was mostly chat room, but eventually it will get longer. Also, there will be more fights between Draco and Harry and eventually they will get together much like they did in the original version. Also, it will be slightly more cannon accept for the fact that, well Harry is Prefect instead of Ron. Enjoy the new and improved version!

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Oh, a storm is threat'ning
My very life today
If I don't get some shelter
Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away

-Gimmie Shelter, Rolling Stones

Harry was siting at the desk in his room on 4 Private Drive. He had finally convinced his annoying aunt and uncle to finally get him a laptop saying that if Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia didn't want him communicating through owl then they should at least let him communicate with them over the internet. After weeks of prodding and threatening to do something absolutely horrid to Dudley (even they all knew he couldn't) Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia finally caved. That same day he owled all of his friends (who surprisingly knew what a laptop and internet was) and told them the happy news. So as he sat at his desk in front of the little silver Apple laptop he was thinking of a unique user name for the site that Hermonie and Ron created for all the people in the wizarding world who had a laptop. He was thinking of TheBoyWhoLived but decided against it as it would make him seem coincided even though he really wasn't. Smirking he typed in the user name that would hopefully be unique enough. He spent at least two hours talking to his friends. It made his already crappy summer holiday that much better.

Just as he was about to log off, a message from someone popped up. He glared at the screen. It was Malfoy. He wanted to puke, but he supposed it would be a good idea to reply. The majority of the conversation was one or two word insults at each other. Or insulting each others families until Malfoy told him something that completely shocked the shit out of him. Malfoy was switching sides and he was spending the rest of the summer with him. At 4 Private Drive. With his "family". He groaned and smacked his head on his desk. He logged off and started pacing around his room. This wasn't good. This wasn't good at all. It was real bad.

Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia were going to murder him, and Dudley was going to have a field day. He was already teasing him about the nightmares he was having and the fact that he was mumbling Cedric's name in his sleep. There was also the slight possibility that Uncle Vernon could abuse and starve Malfoy as well. He didn't want that to happen. He'd have to hear a chorus of 'Wait until my father hears about this' and 'this is work for a house elf, and Malfoy's do not do work made for a house elf.' Malfoy wasn't even here and he was already getting a headache. He sighed and walked to the door of his small room and listened. He could hear Dudley's snoring in the next room over and he could hear the snoring of both Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon a few rooms over.

He smiled slightly. He crept down to the kitchen and silently pulled out something to both drink and eat. If they found about his late night snacks, he would be dead. He thought for a second. Maybe Malfoy being there was a good thing. He'd finally have someone to talk to, and he could have someone to help him with the Potions, which was sadly all he had left to do before he returned to Hogwarts. Being bored and left home alone for the first few weeks of summer has that effect on you. Plus, he really didn't feel like working on the potions work and blowing up the house. How was he going to explain that to them? He'd be beaten for weeks, but then he could probably get away with going to the Burrow. He shook his head and decided to head up to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. Especially if he had to deal with an angry Vernon and Petunia, Malfoy and Snape all in the same day. He groaned as he fell back onto his very uncomfortable bed. He drifted into yet another nightmare filled sleep. He hoped to the gods that Malfoy was a heavy sleeper, otherwise he was going to have to ask Dumbledore to cast a silencing charm on his room that would last the whole summer.

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