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Another little one-shot that has been bugging me to come out & play. Simple and silly.

Ziva had realized the pipe in the wall of their bedroom was leaking. The team was off that weekend, so Tony gathered tools and some plumbing supplies from Gibbs' basement and set off to fix the leak. Grunting, Tony made one last adjustment to the pipe and turned on the water. Taking a step back, he admired his repairs and called to Ziva.

"Zee! I did it!"

"You called the plumber?" Ziva shouted from the other room.

Tony frowned. "No my dear wife, I fixed the pipe."

"No more leaking? You sure you turned the water back on? I have to see this!"

Ziva rushed in to find Tony's back to the pipe, facing her. He had an enormous smile on his face and a giddy tone in his voice. "I fixed the pipe! No one thought I could do it! I don't know why Gibbs kept telling me to get a plumber." Tony crossed his arms and deepened his voice to imitate Gibbs. "DiNozzo, plumbing is tricky. Better to get a professional. It isn't like sanding floors or changing sockets."


"Say it."

Ziva gave Tony a confused look. "Say what?"

"Who fixed the plumbing in his own house without calling a plumber? Who is the king, baby? Come on, you can tell me." Tony stood in front of Ziva with his arms open.

Ziva walked up to Tony and kissed him on the cheek. "Tony, I am your queen and you are forever my king. Will you please turn around?"

She placed her hands on his shoulders and turned him around to show him the scene unfolding behind his back that she was witnessing since Tony began his speech. The pipe was leaking even worse than before. Tony's jaw dropped in horror.

"Hand me a phone, the king needs to call a plumber."