Hey readers of fanfiction. It's Zoey. So I've gotten hooked on Xiaolin Showdown thanks to my lovely cousin Elena. I figured I would try my hand at an XS story. Um, if you go on my profile there are stories on there that I had written when I was about 13. So I haven't written anything for fanfiction in about 4 years. I highly recommend you don't go read those stories. I wrote them 4 years ago when I was going through my Code Lyoko phase of life. Now Elena made me watch Xiaolin Showdown and I got hooked. I thought I had gotten over my fanficiton addiction but now I'm back on this site daily. My old stories are utter disappointments to me now as I look back upon them. I'm gonna tell you guys straight up, I personally don't think I'm the greatest author. But I'm just doing this for fun. Elena and I both plan on going to school to be doctors, so my English skills haven't been my top priority in school. I'm a Junior this year and I did take a AP english course last year, but this year thanks to my school I'm doing pre-med classes and don't have time for AP english homework on top of that. So I'm just an average english student again. So yeah, it's a RaiKim story, my first attempt in 4 years...here we go.

Disclaimer: If I owned Xiaolin Showdown we'd be somewhere around the 8th season...Obviously, that isn't happening.

"But, how did it get in there?" The small yellow monk questioned his cowboy friend. They stood in the middle of the temple courtyard, walking about and enjoying the first sunny day since the long winter had passed.

"Well, I'd say that's because Rai put it there." Clay answered, trying his best to explain this to the young naïve monk.

"Clay, I simply do not under stand how Raimundo could do such a thing." Omi argued back. A light breeze shook the leaves in the tall trees surrounding the temple.

" I'll tell ya what Omi, why don't you go ask Master Fung to explain it for ya."

The tall, blonde cowboy watched as his little friend ran off to find the man who raised him. He now understood why Master Fung never bothered to teach Omi about this, it's harder to explain than it looks. How could you tell a 20 year old monk, who was hardly exposed to the outside world, where babies come from.

Clay sighed as he looked out towards the temple garden. A smile played upon his face as his saw his fellow teammates. She laughed as he chased her around another tree. Her crystal eyes shined with joy as he ran, his brown hair blowing in the wind, as he tried to catch her. How their leader could be so mature, yet childish at age 24 was beyond Clay. When he finally caught her, he dove in for a kiss as she squirmed in his arms laughing. He then bent down to kiss the tiny bump on her stomach. If a person walking by on the streets looked at her, they wouldn't even notice it yet. As she leaned up to hug him, the sun caught the ring on her finger and it glistened in the light. They whispered to each other for a bit before he let her go and she headed into the kitchen. Raimundo looked over at Clay from across the courtyard, a confused smile was on his face as he walked towards him.

"Whats up, man. You look stressed"

"Well, Omi wanted to know how the baby got in Kimiko's belly."

Raimundo's face visibly paled.

" What did you say?" Raimundo asked him.

"I told him to ask Master Fung"


A loud yell, that could easily be recognized as belonging to their youngest, yellow friend was heard through the entire temple. Before both men burst out laughing..." THEY DID WHAT!"