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I was walking with Sirius listening to him complain about his parents when I saw it. Red. A bright flash of red. I realized it was someone's hair. Her hair. I stared at her for what had to be a least a minute when I realized that her red hair made her look really pretty. She had green eyes too.

We went and talked to her for what seemed like most of the train ride but Sirius swears it was only an hour. I just can't believe it though. The time went so fast. I swear when I fell into her compartment I stared at her like an idiot. I think I did because Sirius agrees. Either way I knew I liked her right then. A lot.

Then we were on the boats about halfway to the castle and I heard her talking. I said something too and she got mad because I was listening in on her conversation. I saw that red hair sparkle in the light and her hair ribbon was blown away in the wind, and it was floating towards me. I knew I had to get it. Even if she wouldn't ever like me I had to get it. So I did the only logical thing. I jumped out of the boat. Of course I didn't say what it was about and she started yelling at me because I got her wet. I grabbed her hand and dragged her in too. That made her mad. Then of course, Sirius felt left out so he jumped in too. I think that's when she started hating me. But I didn't hate her. Not at all. When I finally got on solid land, I smiled and opened my hand. I had that green hair ribbon that matched her eyes right there in my hand.

I talked with Sirius about how I liked her and he told me that I had to show off and play a prank on her for her to notice me and like me. So I looked down at the table in front of me and acted on instinct. I grabbed the chocolate sauce, walked over and sat across from her. I asked if she liked chocolate and she nodded so... I threw it at her. She wiped her eyes, yelled at me, and then ran out of the Great Hall. I knew right then I had done something wrong. She was supposed to laugh, not run away.

That night I fell asleep in my new bed at Hogwarts and couldn't fall asleep. I just layed there for a while and then looked at the clock. It was midnight, but I went downstairs to the Common Room anyway. I stopped in my tracks just halfway down the stair though. She was sitting there on one of the couches. I walked over to apologize and was about to say something when I noticed she was asleep. So instead, I walked over and grabbed a blanket to put on her. Then I walked upstairs to my room. Before I went to bed, I grabbed the ribbon off of my desk and tied it around my wrist. I climbed in bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

The next morning we were walking to our third class of the day when I realized something. I think I loved this girl. So that's exactly what I told Sirius.

"Hey... Sirius? Can I ask you something?" I said. He nodded so I continued.

"Well... you know Lily? I really like her. But... I don't know what to say or... like my mum and dad love each other. And from what I can tell... that's how I feel about her. But... I've only known her a day. And like... I feel like I should just forget it."

"Mate... It only take a minute to get a crush on someone, and hour to like someone, and a day to love someone. But it takes a lifetime to forget someone." He said. It sounded really smart, so I decided I wouldn't give up. I'd be nice to her now!

"Thanks, mate. You know... I always seem to be falling for this girl. Falling in her compartment. Falling out of my boat. I even fell out of bed this morning. And I'm falling in love with her too. You know what I get out of that? Bruises, a cold, a twisted ankle. Oh and don't forget her hair ribbon. No way she's getting that back. That's the only good thing that came out of this.

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