Crazy for This Girl
by pari106

Disclaimer: I don't own Rafer or Max…but I've made up anything about Rafer's life I didn't know.
Rating: PG-13
Code: Max/Rafer

Summary: Rafer's thoughts. Right before "Boo" (which I haven't seen, by the way. I just know Rafer was
supposed to have asked Max out for Halloween night.)

A/N: I don't know about this. It took me forever, and this is so past the fact, but I wanted to do something
with Rafer so I finally did. What do you think?

Crazy for this girl…
by pari106

My mom called again the other day. Same old thing.

"When are you gonna come home and see the family?"

"Soon, Mama."

"Are you eating enough? How's work?"

The same three questions every pone call:

1) When am I coming home?
2) Am I eating enough?
3) How is work?

1) I probably won't be able to afford a trip home for another month.
2) I eat pizza every other night.
3) Work sucks.

But I don't tell her that. She asks because she loves me and she worries, and I lie because I love her and I
don't want her to worry. I tell her I'll visit soon. Yeah, I'm eating alright. Work? Work is good; it's
work…what else can I say? I don't tell her I've got three jobs; she only knows about the one. Sometimes I
get to tell her things to cheer her up.

"I heard from Sarah the other day."

It's true. Sarah's my baby sister; the one that lives in Detroit most of the year. I do hear from her now and
then, and I tell mom about it when I do. I don't tell her Sarah's just looking for money again…or that's
she's got another boyfriend I don't like. Or that she's still drunk half the time. But I do tell her when she
calls, and I pass along the 'I love you's Sarah's too scared to give herself.

The other day I got the urge to tell mom something stupid.

"How are you doing, baby?" she asked. I told her I was fine.

"What's new with you?" came next.

"I don't know…"

I suddenly felt like telling her I'd met someone. Why would I want to do that? Maybe I should have.
Maybe Mama would have been able to talk some sense into me.

Maybe I should have just told her. "I'm crazy for this girl…" Crazy is the operative word.

"I must be crazy," Max said that night. The night we… Well just that night. All those months ago when
we ran into each other on our bikes. We raced each other for, like, ever, it seemed, and the looks she kept
giving me made me forget where we were going. In fact…it took me about an hour just to find the way
home. But first we came to this intersection. We were on a bridge, and the moonlight and the streetlights
were reflecting off the water below... And I kissed her. I knew it was crazy fast, and didn't make sense at
all. Just the day before I'd been tearing myself to pieces trying to figure out what had gone wrong with
Melissa. And there I was, making out with a stranger in the middle of the street.

But I'd never had a more exhilarating ride in all my life. And I'd never needed one so badly. And Max
was so beautiful… I just couldn't help myself. I kissed her.

"I must be crazy," she said.

*She* must be crazy? Chasing after her has to be the craziest thing I've done in my life.

"Why?" I asked.

"Otherwise I would have slapped you by now," she told me. And then she'd smiled. That smile just lost
me, man. There was no hope after that. And no looking back till the morning after, when I woke up alone.

Crazy. I'm the crazy one. Crazy for not having walked away when she'd said that. Crazy for kissing her
again, instead. Crazy for being there in the first place. Crazy I didn't run the other way when she walked
back…well, crashed back…into my life. Why didn't I?

I don't know why I wanted to tell my mom about her. What could I possibly say? Well, for starters: "Her
name is Max…"

Oh, yeah, Mom would love that. She's old fashioned, you know. Girls are "Sarah" or "Susan" or "Lucy".
Girls are not "Max". And why the hell do I feel like smiling when I say that? Max just isn't like most girls
– I've figured that out.

I couldn't tell my mother anything about Max. If I had…if she knew how we hooked up, Max's name
would be the least of her worries. And I'd probably get my ears boxed when I visit next month.

Why didn't I just walk away? Why didn't I just blow Max off the way she obviously wants to do with me?

Why the hell do I care? Why do I bother?

"I must be crazy…"

I should have taken the hint when she'd said that. But I'd kissed her again anyway. I should have taken the
hint the night I ran into that boyfriend of hers. I know how she feels about him, and why wouldn't she feel
that way? He seemed like a real nice guy. But I asked her out anyway. For Halloween night.

Max acted like I was crazy when I did that. Hell, she looks at me like I'm crazy most of the time. Like
she's afraid of me or something. Why the hell would she be? *I'm* no threat to her resolve. She's
demonstrated that quite clearly. Or am I?

"I must be crazy…"

You and me both, Max.