Sanada Ryu was not an ostentatious person.

He was not loud.

If I speak, I might miss something she says

He took life slowly.

If I go too quickly, I will not be able to take in everything she does

he was not pushy or imposing.

If I force myself on her, I will deny her the chance to come to me in her own time

Most of all, Sanada Ryu did not mask himself with many faces.

If I do not allow her to see my heart, I will deny her the ability to make the correct decision

Because that was how much he loved Yoshida Chizuru.

In some ways, Chizu was exactly Ryu's opposite.

She was loud.

If I speak loudly all the time, nobody will hear what my heart says

Little knows she that her words are the wellspring of her heart

Chizu lived life like she planned to be all through with it before she was even old enough to drink.

If I don't try everything there is, I might never find the one thing I was meant to discover

Does she not believe that such a thing will come to her?

With fiery loyalty and itching curiosity, Chizuru made anyone's business her own.

If somebody doesn't get under my friends' skin when they need it, who will?

It would be obsessive to admit this the reason I never volunteer information. So I shan't.

Unlike Ryu, Chizu will wear faces.

I must protect my friends from my own unwelcome pains, fears, confusion, and disappointments

Ah, Chizuru, but your faces always fail. For this I am glad, because I know that this is how much Chizuru loves Me.