Starformers chapter 2

So last time ahsoka ran or should I say flew into the atuobot ships and was hit by a blast and pulled inside the ships well here's chapter 2 two more things R7 is a triple changer (changes into a alien car and a astromech) and every characters (Ahsoka Obi Wan Anakin Rex and Cody) will become transformers and turn into the vehicles from the toys.

Ahsoka pov

Ahsoka was just waking up she found herself in what looked like an infirmary she felt weird like she was here fighter. She noticed R7 was not where he was last time. R7 R7 where are you? Ahsoka called she then saw him lying down and looked liked a robot and not a astromech a full robot with arms and legs. R7 wake up I said

Then he woke up and made his usual beeping sounds then we heard something.

Hello I said scared. Well I see you're awake said a voice. who's there I yelled

Come down then a figure came form the shadows who are you I said I am optimus prime who might you be. The names Ahsoka and would you care to explain to me what happened to me. Then he explained to me that these things called the cyberplanet keys had formed a light somehow infused my body with my starfighter and gave r7 and me a cybertroian (other word for transformer) upgrade. Also he told me about the transformers and how they have been at war for who knows how long and that the decepticons who what'd universal domination and the autobots who's goal was to bring universal peace. Well you have a long way to go, said Ahsoka

What do you mean asked Optimus confused? Well my galaxy is at currently at war that I have to get back to right now so see ya and she ran and transformed into a starfighter (lets just say that Ahsoka gained some knowledge when transformed) R7 followed transforming into a r7 unit and landing in the navigation spot. They quickly made a get away to hyperspace unknowing a tracking becon place under her.

Optimus pov

Scannershot is the becon on. Yes sir replied Scannershot the we follower lets move out and quickly made the jump to hyperspace