Chapter One


I sit in my bedroom. She sits across from me, the same as always. Her flaxen hair flipping out at the bottom and her bangs parted with her hair clips. She was so beautiful to me, if only she knew how I felt.
"What'd you get for number two?" I ask trying to stick to math homework. I toss my green hair over my shoulder.
"Huh?" She looks up at me with her big bright blue eyes.
"What'd you get for number two?" I repeat. I'm flustered.
"Oh," She looks for two on her paper. "Seven." She responds.
"Seven." I say.
Her phone goes off. It claims she has a new text message. She looks at it. "Oh my god," She states.
"What?" I ask. I tear my eyes slowly off of my paper.
"Do you know that guy with the blue hair," She thinks of another way to say what she is about to say. "He just moved in and stuff and is at the high school with Miku and Meiko."
Of course I knew. "Yeah," I say. "What's his name Kaito?"
She nods.
"What does this have to do with the text?"
"Well," She says. "We started talking today and we swapped numbers."

I knew where this was heading. "And?"

"He just asked me on a date." A grin starts to play on her mouth
"A date!" I yell. I bit my lip. "W-what are you going to say?" I start to become jealous.
"I'm going to say 'yes.'" She states. "It might be fun and I might get free food out of it."
"If Len finds out…" I say.
"That's it!" Rin yells.
I tilt my head to the left.
"You and Len can come with both of us!"
I let out a giggle. "Len and I?"
She nudges me in the ribs. "You know that Len has had a thing for you since we first moved in."
I don't have a thing for Len. I think to myself. I love you. I let out a sigh. "I guess I'll go." I was probably only going to see her all dressed up.
"Gumi, I love you so much!" She hugs me.
"Ditto." I say. I hug her back. I let my nose linger in her hair. It smelt of bananas and strawberries.
She lets go. I pick up my pencil and continue my work. "When is this date?"
"Tonight…" She says.
I become slightly annoyed. "Tonight?" I say in disbelief.
"Seven, he wants to meet for ice cream." She starts to text a response. It sends. She then begins with a message to Len. We receive a phone call. We put the phone on speaker.
"Do I really get to go on a date with Gumi!" He yells.
"Yes…" Rin says. She tucks her hair behind her ear.
"Are you sure it isn't Miku again?" He sounds slightly annoyed with the idea of going on another date with Miku. "The last time…"
"No," Rin says biting on her pen cap. "It really is Gumi, she promised she'd come."
There is a squealing noise of joy into the phone. I burst out laughing.
"Rin?" He says. "Are you laughing?"
"No," Rin says. "That was Gumi."
The line goes dead immediately.
The two of us laugh loudly. I swear to God that I'm about to piss myself. Len was a sweet boy, but I wanted his sister. I was only doing this for her.