Chapter Three


Hours pass and I'm still here. It had started to rain. I let out a sigh and decide it's time to go home.
I open the door and here a girl sobbing. I look around and see an awful sight. Her white dress is dripping wet and she is shaking. Two of her white clips were missing.
My only thought:
What the hell happened?
"Rin." I whisper to myself. I walk over and pull open my bag looking for my umbrella. I find it and open it. I place it above our heads. "What happened?"
She sniffs and wipes tears out of her eyes. "H-he has a girlfriend." She says.
"Girl," I say. "You can do so much better then him."
"I swear I was falling for him."
Should I? I think. No, I couldn't. What if she pushed me away? It was a perfect moment though. You may never get a chance like this again. A voice assures me. I lean in.
Her lips were turning blue, they were freezing against my own. The umbrella falls to the ground. Now we were kissing here in the rain. I pull away.
"G-Gumi…" She stutters.
"I love you." I say directly into her blue eyes.
She shakes her head. "You do?"
"Ever since I first saw you," I say. My own tears start to sting my eyes. "I knew you were the one."

"The one?" Rin's face turns bright pink, almost the colour of her lipstick. She kisses me back fast.
I manage a smile.
"Let's go home." I take her hand and in the other pick up the umbrella and place it over our heads.