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Meikyuu : The new characters here are my sister Yumi our brother Mitou Kimi and Kami The Twins Natalie Tina Pin Alex Mint (Sorta from Tokyo Mew Mew but if you play Wonderland Online and see Eva's hair but blue color then that's Mint) and many charas! :D
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"Hey guys!" I said sliding over to the eating table "Hey Meikyuu! COOK US BREAKFAST!" They all shouted in my ears "Alright! Alright! But you'd better behave yourselves my Big Bro and Big Sis are coming to visit!" I told them as I started baking a Choclate Cake along with several other foods such as Pancakes, Honey Buns, Chips, Yogurts, Soups, Cookies etc. "Hey Miku-chii! Yaya wants to know if we're going to Utau-chii's mansion still!" said Yaya "We're still going Yaya and NO BOYS you have to WEAR those SHIRTS!" I said as the boys were about to throw away the white shirts I gave them expect Nagihiko and Ikuto "And since Nagihiko and Ikuto weren't going to throw the shirts away, I'll let them not WEAR shirts!" I said going upstairs to change... Man hell's for boys all right I put on a butterfly necklace with an orange dress and pink flats my violet hair combed and straight down with a purple headband and I went downstairs to finish the stuff I was making and then I finished serving to them "Well hope you like it!" I said going to the table picking up my car keys (Nah! Just made up! I don't really have a car! Just for the stories ! :3) "I'll be right back! I need to go pick up my brother and sister! Anybody need anything?" I asked "Hey Miku-chii! Bri-" Yaya was interuptted by me "Sure Yaya, I'll bring you the candy! Anybody? No? OK." I said exiting... I went into my car and turned on the CD and started playing He said, She said by Ashley Tisdale and finally got to the Candy Shop buying 300 pounds of candy and then went to pick up my brother and sister