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It wasn't his fault.

But it felt like it was.

He watched as the flames leapt into the sky, consuming the building he had fought so desperately to save. The flames licking at the building had streaks of green playing through it, clearly showing the cause and effect of the fire.

Police and fire fighters had evacuated everyone in the surrounding buildings, declaring the building too far gone for them to try to save; they concentrated their efforts on keeping the flames from jumping to surrounding buildings.


He wished he was with them; a paramedic had placed a blanket around his shoulders and pushed him down onto a gurney. The ambulances that had his family had already taken off for the hospital. The voices buzzed around him. Voices cooed trying to calm him down, get him to drink some water, trying to do something to pull his eyes off of the fire.

The white coats finally moved in front of him, blocking his view of the building. He didn't blink. "..son?" He looked up realizing they were talking to him and having some of the words break through the fog in his numb mind. The paramedic, recognizing the blank look on his face spoke slower, pronouncing each word harder than normal. "What's your name, son?"

What was his name? His jaw worked and his muscles moved, trying to form words, but none came to mind. He knew it started with a D, but what came after the D?

Oh, right. "Danny." He managed to croak out, looking up at the paramedic. Just then a beam broke in the burning building and it collapsed, causing a loud crash and sparks to fly everywhere. Fire fighters screamed at everyone to get back. The paramedic consulted with his partner, and they got Danny to lie down on the gurney.

They pushed the mobile bed inside of the ambulance and the emergency response vehicle kicked into action, driving away from the building. "Wait!" Danny sat up, staring out the small window in the back doors at the fire that was growing distant. "My family's in there!"

No, they're dead.

Shut up!

Danny wouldn't listen to the small voice of reason in his head as he turned to the man in the ambulance with him. "You have to go back- I have to save them!"

Danny didn't like the way the man watched him. It was a mixture of pity and sadness. Danny frowned.

"They've already gone ahead, Danny," he assured, gently forcing the panicked boy to lie down again. "They're going in for treatment," The man couldn't bring himself to tell Danny that his family had been killed in the explosion.

Danny coughed and rolled onto his side, squeezing his eyes closed and trying to forget the explosion that ravaged his home. He tried to forget flying home to see the flames lapping at the sky, tried to forget zooming in there to find them, tried to forget floating down to the lab and finding nothing but a raging inferno. He tried to forget passing out in the living room and changing back into human form, his flesh tingling as the flames licked at him.

He blacked out in the ambulance.

"Danny boy!" the voice was familiar, deep and tinged with child-like eagerness. Danny looked up from his bowl of cereal to see his father bumbling up the stairs and holding out a box. "Look! I call it the Ghost-Napper!"

"Why, what does it do?" Danny put down his spoon, apprehension gnawing at his stomach. His father had a bad tendency to start creating anti-ghost weapons that work only when Danny was home. And then he insistedon trying it out on him.

Danny was surprised his dad hadn't figured out he was half a ghost yet. His father really was an idiot. "It shoots out a net, electrifying the ghost until their power is gone, and then they're ripe for the picking!"

Danny gulped, his cereal forgotten as he stood up quickly from the table. That did NOT sound like something he wanted to stick around for. "I uh, I'd like to stay and watch dad, but I'm late for school! Uh yeah, haha, bye!" Danny grabbed his school bag off of the back of the chair and backed out of the kitchen.

"But, Danny! This one works! I promise!" His dad's disappointed face haunted Danny's mind as he turned around, waving his hand in farewell. Jack wanted to prove to Danny that he wasn't a crazy fool with a laboratory in his basement. Jack felt that Danny was embarrassed by him, and he vowed to change that.

He waddled down to the basement to work on something Danny would be proud of.

The beeping was boring into his brain, slowly driving him insane. No matter how he tried to turn, it wouldn't stop. There was something wrong with his arms. When they moved, something tugged on his skin. It was irritating to not be able to move them without the sickening feeling of something moving under his skin.

Danny harshly sucked air in through his teeth, cracking his eyes open to see unfamiliar white washed walls and a tilted ceiling. Danny gasped and sat up quickly, several wires attached to him popped off and the machine next to him set off a blaring alarm.

Several people rushed into the room and Danny's eyes went wide. They slowed down when they realized he had just pulled out the sensors instead of coding, and all but one left. The one walked over to him and smiled kindly. "I'm your nurse." She smiled, "May I put those back on?" She gestured to the wires hanging out of the now silent heart monitor. "You inhaled a lot of smoke, and we're worried you're going to go into an arrest."

Danny then noticed the uncomfortable tubes in his nose, and realised he wasn't exactly breathing himself. Arrest? What did she mean by that? Danny's mind fought the fog that had settled there since… yesterday? Had it just been a day? It felt like a life time.

"We're worried about your lungs," she explained as she gently reattached the monitor. "Danny… There's something I have to tell you." God this part of the job was never easy. "Your parents and sister didn't make it. I'm sorry."


Danny looked at her through eyes long clouded with the haze that had settled over his mind. So that was it. They had died, just like he thought. The building was gone too. Fenton works burned to a crisp, like overdone bacon.

"Do you have anyone you can call?"

Danny licked his lips. There was his aunt who lived out in the middle of nowhere. He had only seen her a handful of times over his life, however, and knew she wouldn't want to take care of him. Who was left then? His father didn't have any relatives left alive. Danny looked at her. "Danny Fenton, that's my name." He didn't know what he was saying, but felt he needed to say it anyway.

The nurse looked taken aback by this and blinked a few times. "Y-yes," she confirmed, "That is your name."

"I don't have anyone to call." Danny whispered, staring at the far wall. Unless…


He would not grovel to that man.

The nurse smiled kindly at him before leaving him to his thoughts. She knew from years of experience with trauma patients that she would get no more out of him at this point.

Danny licked his lips, his eyes widely flicking around the room, darting from each corner and to the ceiling, unsure about what was going on.

There was no way he'd ever call him. Never. He'd just rub his nose in it. Danny's eyes stung with tears that begged to be let out. His parents were gone. He'd never see their smiling faces at they brought up yet another invention that might or might not work.

Never eat his mother's delicious breakfasts again. Never see her smiling face as she explained how she had come up with the latest ecto-firing weapon, unknowingly scaring her son senseless.

He'd never hear Jazz's psychological rants again (not that that was an entirely bad thing.), she wasn't all that bad. She just liked to stick her nose where it most really did not belong.

And his dad… that obnoxious orange jumpsuit of his was something he would miss. It always announced his arrival, even if he was miles away. Danny depended on it during some of his ghost hunts. He loved his dad dearly; the man was an oaf, but he was his oaf. He always tried his hardest to protect his children- from both tangible threats and intangible. And he never did apologise for that last fight…

"Danny Fenton, fourteen, caught in an explosion that destroys his house, killing his family, and he doesn't have any next of kin?" The papers ruffled as the head of the hospital took them away from his face. "Have you checked the files?"

"Of course, sir, many times over," His assistant stared him down, not flinching from his gray gaze. "He has an aunt, but no one can get in contact with her."

"Any godparents?"

"Not on file, sir."

The man behind the desk sighed. Cases like this were always hard, he hated putting children through what he now had to do to Danny, but he had no choice.

"Well, I suppose we have no choice now, then." He said, running a hand over his face dejectedly. "We're going to have to put him in foster care. He's too young to be on his own."

His assistant nodded, "I'll alert the staff and get the paperwork set up."

He didn't know why he did it, but several years ago he had put his name in the pool, and had been approved by the state to be a foster father. Maybe it was his want to have a child that drove him to do it. He'd never really know.

He denied them always, claiming he was too busy at that moment to look after a troubled teen. The phone calls started to slow down, and eventually they became almost non-existent.

But for some reason, that stormy, blustery night, he was restless. He had dragged his phone over to his arm chair and watched the fire he had set up in his fireplace. The flames danced and he suddenly felt something other than the normal comfort he got from fires.

Somehow, the fire felt wrong.


He was contemplating this when his phone rang. It's normally familiar ring causing him to start and his heart to race. Why did it feel like answering that was going to be the end of whatever normalcy he had left?

He answered anyway, almost as if compelled by an outside force. "Hello?"

"Mr. Masters?" The voice on the other end sounded young.


"That's me," The man replied, watching the flames.

"We have a new child up for foster," she began and Vlad opened his mouth to deny it, but decided to let her continue. "He's fourteen years old, and his family died in a fire last night." A pause, "He has no next of kin. His name is Daniel James Fenton."

Vlad's heart stopped when he heard the name. This was his chance; his chance to get Danny as a son, his chance to prove to the boy that he was not what he seemed to be.

But that meant that Maddie was dead.

But this was his chance…

"Mr. Masters?"

Suddenly, something came over Vlad's heart, something he had not felt since Jack stole Maddie away from him, destroying his pleasant emotions.

His heart was overcome with joy at this divine opportunity.

"I'll take care of him."