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Another day inside my world

Im married to you and this road

A road that never lets me sleep

Theres no way to escape these demons i am forced to keep

But then i find ...you here

Through your eyes everythings clear

And im home inside your arms

But im alone for now

I mean the best with what i say

It doesnt always sound that way

I never learned to work things out

Cause in my family all we ever seem to do to is shout

But then i find ...you here

Through your eyes everythings clear

And im home inside your arms

But im alone for now ...alone for now

~Safe Place by Staind

Two weeks later and the pain had lessened considerably. I was still sentenced to minimal manual labor once I went back to work at Giraldi's despite how eager I was to return to normality. Robyn flew home to take care of Dad after many tiresome hours of convincing her I was physically and emotionally competent enough to be on my own again.

Technically I wouldn't be alone, having more visits from neighbors and wellwishers than I ever expected, which quite frankly was exhausting. Only when Adrian came to see me did I feel some peace.

I would let him in with a smile, blushing at the chaste kiss he'd place on my cheek as a greeting. The visits were short- he was busy and I knew that, but with each passing day I found myself craving his company even more.

He came over late that night so I started to boil some water in a kettle for tea, leaving him for just a moment with Lucifer whom he had grown uncharacteristically fond of. I daresay I was a bit jealous but I wasn't about to dwell on it.

From the cabinets I took down my two favorite tea cups just as the water began to bubble. I stepped back to close it up again when a paralyzing wave of sheer terror washed over me for I swear on my life I truly believed I saw Alexis looming over me once again with a cold, mocking cruelty that I never knew existed.

The cups slipped from my trembling hands and smashed to the floor and I began to cry. I never remembered when Adrian instantaneously appeared at my side, swept me up bridal style and carried me to my room where he held me gently without saying a word as I wept into his chest.

The tears eventually drained away and I could breathe steadily again yet I clung to his form, afraid to pull away. The salt water had dripped on his shirt, staining the soft material.

"I saw her." I croaked miserably. "I could feel her there with me-"

He began to gently stroke my hair. "She's gone, Jack. She can't touch you anymore. It's just you and me now."

I didn't answer. She may be dead but the horror she wrought was far from over. Years from now, the psychological damage dealt would wake me from gruesome nightmares, screaming at the top of my lungs no matter how much therapy I underwent.

"Jack." he said ever so softly, yet it almost sounded strict, as if he was commanding me to listen.

I looked up at him, damn near ready to cry again but the idea was quashed when his lips met mine. I returned the advance with tears still clinging to my lashes and we fell unceremoniously back onto the bed with an unfamiliar heat between us.

There was so much much sweetness in this gesture, so much comfort that for s long as this moment lasted, there was no Alexis. Every kiss proved that she never existed- there was no possibility of it.

His kisses trailed to my throat and I bit back a moan, arching my body to be closer to his. He paced both hands on the curve my hips and slowly ran them upwards pulling the cotton dress over my head and tossed it aside, forgotten.

Blindly I fumbled with the buttons on his own shirt, trying not to let the taste of his skin distract me, but my buttoning skills proved inadequately slow for him when he effortlessly ripped the material away, exposing his bare chest. It was too much.

I rose up hungrily and pulled myself into his lap, feeling him hardening in response to the slow grinding of my hips. A roaming hand found my hooked latch of my bra and unclipped it to join the other discarded clothes, no longer offending our mutual desire to be closer, to feel the heat of each other's desperate lust and the need to satisfy it. My arousal spiked

He rolled me on my back again, a little to roughly for my still-unmended ribs and I winced at the mild pain. Adrian saw my reaction and was ashamed. "Forgive me."

He began to pull away and I panicked and snatched his wrist to stop him. "I can't... not if you don't finish what you started."

Without hesitation he was on top again, kissing me deeply, harshly, pouring all his want and need into his sweet touch. Within moments we were both completely bare, nipping and scratching at tender flesh and soothing the sores with a flick of the tongue.

His swollen head brushed against my slick womanhood and I moaned. God, I was so ready for this, so desperate to have him I would given anything if the son of a bitch would just take my-

Wish granted. With on motion he was inside me, thrusting slowly, torturously at first, then quickened his rhythm, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I was on the edge of an orgasm for what seemed like hours, like he was purposely holding me there just to watch me squirm. When I finally climaxed I cried out, practically singing my beautiful release to him. He immediately spilled into me and shuddered into my arms, breathing ragged.

Adrian rolled over and pulled me close to his chest, placing feathery kisses on my lips and whispering to me in German until he fell asleep with his arms around me.

I didn't surrender to slumber quite as easily. For a while I just stared at the ceiling and thought about many things, both good and bad, all the while stroking Adrian's hand which was resting on the curve of my hip. I gave him one last look before I let go of my thoughts and allowed myself to rest.

For the first time in a long time, I really smiled.