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Chapter 01:

Not without a price


That morning she had no intention of leaving her bed.

She had her heart set on sleeping in for hours. It wasn't one of those mornings were she had too wake up at five o'clock in the morning dragging herself unconsciously out of her bed too prepare herself for school.

Unfortunately this lovely Saturday morning wasn't one of the sleep in till twelve days.

" Luuce" A voice yelled " Wake the fuck up"

She groaned turning in her bed, Lucy subconsciously pulled a free pillow over her head in attempt too block out the annoying voices.

" Lu-Chan" Another voice said " Come on .. Wake up"

" Fine." I yelled throwing the sheets and pillows on the floor " I'm up"

" Told you we could do it" Levi said. Levi McGarden was my best friend since grade school, she had sky blue hair that went just past her shoulder , her eyes were a deep light grey. Levi work a bright orange headband rapped around the front of her hair. She had a matching orange thin sweater on with dark black skinny jeans finishing of the look were a pair of darker orange ankle boots.

" Please… she probably just got annoyed " Cana said. Cana Alberona was also my best friend since grade school. She has long dark brown silky hair that went just below her hip. Her eyes were suck a dark blue that they appeared blue sometimes. She wore a dark blue tank top with red Capri pants her red heels were kicked up on my night table as she balanced her chair on the two hind legs.

Levi huffed "Bitch" She mused, she stuck her tongue out at Cana before turning too me" Hurry and get dressed Lu-Chan" She said pointing at my bathroom door.

"W-w-what are you talking about" I yelled " I'm not going anywhere …when I close my eyes, I'm going too lie back in bed and when I open them in …I drawled my eyes switching too the clock ..four hours maybe, just maybe I'll go with you"

"Listen Lucy" Cana said removing her feet from my night table " Hurry and get dressed, quick." she snapped loosing patients.

Lucy scared of what Cana might do if she didn't move reluctantly got out of bed. She wiggled her toes as she stood on her blue soft carpet.

" What now" She asked, suddenly feeling like venturing out this morning too whatever crazy place her best friends would drag her too.

" Shower" Cana said opening the bathroom door.

"Then get dressed" Levi continued

I rushed into the bathroom closing the door calmly behind me too leaving Cana and Levi too terrorize what ever part of my apartment they can attack.

After taking a shower, I stood in the mirror raking out my dishevelled hair so it could be fit into a ponytail. When I finished the thirty minute task I pulled on a black tank top with the face of a lion on it.

I pulled out two different pairs of bottoms out from my closet holding them up close too my body I admired both in the mirror before sighing. I through my skinny jeans on a chair and pulled on a short pair of white shorts.

Liking what I saw, I then bend down too the floor picking up a pair of black low topped converse.

" Lu-Chan " Levi called " Are you done?' She asked.

I grabbed a pair of black and white hoop earrings before leaving the bathroom. Cana was back in her position this time with a glass of red wine in her hands.

I have red wine? I thought

" Ugh Cana" I snorted " Where'd you get the wine from?"

She smiled as she looked me up and down " Perfect" Cana replied completely ignoring my question

"For what?" I muttered

" No questions, time too boogie" She said her voice ringing as she danced out of my apartment Levi and I followed at heels.


" Natsu are you ready" A booming voice called

" Put a sock in it, droopy eyes" I yelled back

" Buut we have too leave" Loki yelled

It was a Saturday morning. I was hung over from last night. Pain killers weren't doing shit.

And with only a door too separate the loud annoying voices belong too my friends, wasn't pretty great. This morning Ezra, Loki and Grey had invaded my apartment, Dragging me out off bed and stuffing many pills down my throat I was unwillingly dressed.

After two hours of torture I'd managed too convince the idiots too leave my room for a bit … HA! I locked it as soon as they left.

And know I h -


I looked at my door too see that there was no longer a door there.

" What..the..fuck.." I drawled.

Before I could move Ezra had me by the ear and was dragging me out my apartment steps and down the steps with a giggling Grey and Loki following behind.

She stuffed me in the backseat of the car (A/N no motion sickness) before making her way too the front were Grey sat in the drivers seat.

"Uh huh, no way, I refuse too be in a car were Grey's driving" Loki yelled

" Well suck it up" Ezra said

" I second that" I pitched in, not too keen in the idea of Grey driving

"Fine." Ezra sighed, "switch with me"

"We're are we going" I asked

" Too a locale club" Was the only reply I got


Hours later, driving at top speed. We had reached a club.

The club was blazing bright colors mostly blue and gold, It resembled one of the clubs you'd see in the action movies. Ya know, the ones the bad guy or his dad always own. The big glassed slick black ones.

Well that's the one we ended up at hours after leaving my apartment, guess who pick it out.

Yeah that's right Cana.

" Who's ready too parttte" Cana cheered, pronouncing 'party' as 'part-e'

"By the way, were are we" I asked

" Chicago babe, the clubs called 'Que sera, sera' " Cana said, then she snorted " I know cliché right?"

Levi nodded her head in agreement " Ahh." I growled " Let this night end quickly"

"Try not too get too drunk, your driving back" Levi said before we all parted our separate ways.

The music was loud and there were a lot of lights flashing, it made me kind of sick. I sat down on a table after grabbing a drink.

" This may just be the longest night of my life" I groaned, sipping my drink

I heard the seat beside me move and looked over too see a tall man with black hair and cat like green eyes sit down in the seat beside me, He wore a Nirvana shirt and dark jeans. He was well built, he was ripped on both arms and I could clearly see his abs through his white shirt.

Long night indeed. I thought as I smiled at the figure.


" I'm leaving " I yelled as I stalked towards the exit door.

I heard it before I felt it, the cold nights winds hit me like a hammer. Almost throwing me back inside of the club.

I pulled my leather jacket together; zipping it up before I continued down the street.

I thought about what had just happened in the club forcing me too leave the shelter of the warmth.

Ezra was almost passed out drunk, Loki was passed out drunk and well Grey was fully convinced that he was gay. And too make matters worse his stripping habit doesn't lay low while alcohol infest his body.

I sighed as I crossed a four way road.

I noticed it had just rained and smiled, for the smell of rain was my favourite thing too smell.

The air smelled clear, and the more I walked the less colder I got. There was no nose too my relief allowing me too drown away in my head, just thinking about were I was going … and nothing else.

"AHH! GET OFF MEE, LET ME GOO" a voice yelled, dragging me out of my thoughts "SOMEBODY HELP!" I walked faster towards the voice.

"SOMEONE … HELP… PLEEAASSEE" It yelled almost sounding as if it were crying, I ran down an ally were the last of the girls voices were heard from.

I had a heart attack when I came upon the girl who yelled the plea's . On the ground was a blond haired girl, she was crying her face streaked with tears as she gasped for air.

On top of her a barley visible man laid with his hands clutched tightly on her neck.

I had the urge too run and pry the man off him, then beat him too a pulp for doing something like that too such a fragile girl.

No Natsu you know you would never win. My conscious yelled

My fist clenched, as my mind and heart had a mental battle over wither I should go or not. I watched as the mans dirty hand slid under her black tank top, going way farther up then I'd think she liked it too go.

My heart won.

I snapped running over too were they were on the ground. I took the man by the hair and pulled him head level too me.

He had cat like green eyes and black hair, he might had had a foot over me but I didn't give a shit. I pulled back my arm and let it fling forward punching him in the face.

" That's for making her cry" I said

I pulled my fist back once more and flung it at him again twice " And that, that was for whatever girl you have done this too before her" I snapped

I removed one hand from his hair and grabbed his shirt, flinging him at a wall knocking him out unconscious " And that" I said breathless "Was for your mom."

I looked at the girl on the ground, her blond hair was half in - half out of it's ponytail, her black tank top with the tiger on it was partly ripped, her white shorts now a dark brown. I picked her up of the ground sitting her gentle on a bench as I called 911.

" Your…not…going to..hurt me?" She asked once I was done

I looked at her shocked, then my expression fell as I saw her big round chocolate brown eyes shake in fear " No, I would never"

" But .. You don't… know me" She whimpered

" Don't matter, my mom raised me too treat a lady like a queen" I said, smiling hoping too shake of some off her fear.

It wasn't in vain, because after a few seconds she laughed, a laugh of a thirteen year old school girl, not the sadistic laugh of a girl who was almost raped.

" What's you name?" She asked, too my surprise her voice didn't shake.

" Natsu Dragneel " I said

" Thank you for helping me Natsu" She said with a heart warming smile

" What's yours?" I asked

" Lucy, Lucy heartfilia" She said " I'm really gratefully for your help, really" She said yawning.

I smiled " Don't sweat it " I said as I moved forward, allowing her too rest her head on my chest.

" Wake me when the ambulance comes" She said

" Stop talking and rest, you don't want too loose any blood in that cut" I said

" What cut?" She asked sounding slightly alarmed

I laughed a little " How could you not feel it?" I asked

I felt her shrug against my shoulder "I'm a little drunk" She said " Guess I'm immune too the pain "

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