Okay, I have watched Nobuta wo Produce and I loved it! So much friendship, yet so sad and cute at the same time. So, I decided to create a fanfiction on my favourite couple in that show. If you had asked me who I thought was a good couple in the show 3 days ago, I would have said 'Nobuta and Shuji' but now 'Nobuta and Shittaka' is my answer. This is my first Nobuta wo Produce fanfic. Not to mention that I thought of this while laying in bed a couple of nights ago. So, please bear with me.

I came into school and got my shoes. When I came in today, Mariko told me that I was actually smiling. I wanted to show Shuji and Akira, but then I remembered… "Shuji and Akira don't go here anymore." I told myself heading towards my class. 'It's sure going to be different without Shuji and Akira around' I thought as I looked at their empty desks and then out the window.

After class ended, I went up to the roof of the school. This was one of my favourite spots to hang out in because it reminds me of Shuji and Akira. "Yo," I heard a voice call to me. Turning around I saw Shittaka.

"Hey," I returned the hello, forcing myself to smile. I couldn't, even if I did not too long ago. I just couldn't do it because I missed Shuji and Akira, a lot.

"You miss Shuji and Akira, don't you?" Shittaka read my mind. I nodded.

"Not to be rude. But, what are you doing up here? Don't you want to hang out with your friends?"

"Shuji is one of my friends and I promised him something before he left."

"What did you promise?" I asked as Shittaka came beside me.

"Before Shuji left, he told me and Akira to watch after you. He was really concerned about you. Then, I overheard that you told Akira to go with Shuji. So, there was only me left to watch after you." I smiled at what I heard.

"He really was worried about me, huh?"


"That's just like Shuji. He really cares about people. That's why he lied to all of you all the time. He didn't want to hurt your feelings by the truth."

"Ah, that's why."

"Yeah, but be honest, Shittaka. You're also worried about me right? You want me to be happy, even without Shuji and Akira." Shittaka nodded.

"I am worried about you." I smiled remembering how Shittaka had fallen down the stairs because of me. I decided to tell him what really happened that day.

"Shittaka, do you remember when you fell down the stairs?" I asked.

"How could I forget that? It was so painful and there were so many Band-Aids to be used."

"Sorry," I apologized.

"Huh? You don't need to apologize for anything."

"Yes, I do. It's my fault that you got hurt that day."

"How so?" Shittaka asked me.

"Well, I was working in a shrine because Akira told me to," I started.

"Why would you work at a shrine just because Akira told you to?"

"I told Shuji that I would listen to whatever he told me to do and Akira was giving an example. So, to prove that I would do whatever Shuji had said, I did what Akira told me to do."

"Now it makes sense." I nodded.

"Anyways, I was sweeping up near a important tree and a kid was being chased by some other kids. The kids knocked me down and I broke a branch off the tree. The caretaker of the shrine said that if the branch were to break, something bad would happen…"

"To you?" I shook my head a no.

"No, to the person that was most important to me. I first thought it was Shuji and Akira. But, something bad didn't happen to them…"

"… It happened to me. I'm the one person that's the most important to you?"

"I suppose so."

"Can't be. Last time I checked, you were mad at me from the failure date that we had." Shittaka pointed out. It was a while back, so I didn't remember it that well.I tried to remember. I remembered what a great time we had on the date. I also remembered how it ended…

"That's right, the date didn't end well," I said out loud. Shittaka nodded. "But, you can't really control feelings, right? The date might have ended badly… but, I still like you."

"I still like you too. Truth is, I've always liked you." Shittaka said pulling me into a hug. It was a nice hug. I felt my heart beating fast.

"The branch was right, you are the most important person to me." I said.